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shatted me pants i have uh this is just like me being ya kno 🎷 knee n all but yuh

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coochie scout
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chapter one ouoooou*spooky ghost noises*

this is gonna be like my own podcast but in line on tree form yah know but im just going to vent since wattpad got like kid frendly so yea.

uh whatup babes my name is C BANDZ RESPUCKFULLY jkjk my name is kelly and im addicted to mirror traits so i dont even know who i am πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ. i physically am nothing without someone else if i dont have someone to copy i will die of lack of human humaness. uhh im not going to be like those other ppl coz ioum noet loik other gorls and put my socials on here because im trying to quit social media like the mainstream ones so thats why i made this.

but i shall share some of my every day minor inconveniences that grind my gears and make me want to commit a felony. like rn my back hurts cus i sit like a 🍌 do do do yuh. also i was like *to myself* "you know what ur not going to write an entire story because u dont have the mental capacity to continuously stay on topic", THERFOR i will probably be writing little mini stories as chapters but other chapters will jusy be like be ranting nd stuff. i guess u could follow along if u want but there will be ppl in these stories that i know for a fact u dont know so each person i mention i will probably put like a little info on. or not i might forget or get too anxious of them to find this my friends are stalkers. also rn im under my blankets completely like head and all because rn in central/eastern u.s.a. it is 22°F so yea im a lil colde but we good.

so this is a lil introduction chapter i hope u will enjoy my time on here and i look forward to literally blasting everyone on here because i can't do it irl }:{
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