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“the best memories are the ones we can’t tell in public” ╭────༺♡༻────╮     in which i try to write whatever your heart desires ╰────༺♡༻────╯

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‧₊˚✧ *req& rec info :

1. character(s)name

2. situation(i don’t want to come up with a situation most of the time so pls give me one)

3. if i don’t feel like doing a request, then i won’t

‧₊˚✧ *other info :

1.i’ll publish whenever since i still have school and other stuff, basically i’m busy so again i’ll publish when i can

2. i genuinely don’t think i’m a good writer, i haven’t wrote in a while so i’m kinda rusty, so please be nice and everything

3.i’ll also be posting some one-shots i found on tumblr or ao3 so yah. it’s only if i have writers-block or i haven’t written in a while

‧₊˚✧ *my socials :

insta : @kk.kyrie (main)

twitter : @bunny-chan

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