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CONTAINS ; female domination,
orgasm denyal, overstimulation,
oral ( giving ), handjob, rough sex.


YOU push out your lips in a pout, watching Kenma as he talks to Hinata, his eyes occasionally drifting over to you.

It had been hours and Hinata was still at Kenma's, it's not like you didn't care but you had been brainstorming many ideas in the past hour that you desperately wanted to try them out.

Of course, the ideas consisted of sexual things.

You lock eyes with Kenma and tap your arm, noting the time and he inches his head to the side in slight confusion.

Kenma then looks to Hinata and continues their conversation a crinkle between his brows.

You sigh and cup your face in your hands, cheeks mushing together.

"Kenma," You say aloud, first time speaking ever since you said your hello to Hinata when he arrived.

Kenma hums softly in response and you stand from your position on the couch.

"Can you come with me for a second?" You ask and Kenma raises a brow but still stands and goes with you.

You grab his hand and pull him to the bedroom, turning yourself around as soon as the door shuts and pushing him onto it.

Kenma's eyes widen as he hears the click of you locking the door, his hands frantically trying to pull you up as you get onto your knees.

"No! Not now, Hinata's here. He'll he-" Kenma stops midway, a moan falling from his lips as you put him into your mouth.

"S-Stop!" Kenma whisper-shouts, trying to pry you away as you suck his member.

You look up to him with wide innocent eyes, your tongue swirling over the tip of his member.

Kenma breathes out shakily as his eyes roll into the back of his head as he repeats "Wait" on a loop.

You hum, his hips bucking upwards, his length hitting the back of your throat.

You gag as Kenma groans, his fingers tangling themselves into your hair.

You pull his hand away, pressing his wrist to the door and follow with the other one.

"N-No, let me... let me touch you." You graze your teeth along him lightly and he moans shakily, his hips automatically bucking to meet your mouth.

"So warm..." Kenma groans out, biting his lower lip as he looks down to you.

You watch him, his chin trembling slightly as he tries to be quiet, his brows furrowing as he nears his climax more by the second.

You liked watching this, watching as he struggles to be quiet and as he can do anything you want without you asking.

You open your mouth, allowing Kenma to see your tongue as you lick him, tongue flat against his member as you pretend he was a popsicle.

His eyes roll into the back of his head, his body twitching as he softly moans, his cum on display all over your tongue and chin.

Kenma looks back to you as his orgasm settles, eyes wide as he watches his liquid drip from the end of your tongue.

"L... Let's clean you up." Kenma goes to move but you distract him by pulling off your baggy shirt, breasts falling as they're free from the material.

You push his member between your breasts and put him back into your mouth.

You could hear his moans more frequently this time as he couldn't keep quiet, still sensitive from his recent orgasm.

"I-I'm sensi-tive," Kenma whines, scratching at the door as you take him between your breasts.

His breathing becomes heavy, his hips thrusting into your breasts, member twitching slightly as he climbs his high.

You squeeze him more with your breasts, making him let out a high pitched moan as he coats your breasts and chest with his orgasm.

You get up and sit him in his chair, pulling down your shorts and panties before you reach into his desk drawer for cuffs.

You cuff his hands to the armrests, smiling as you watch him buck his hips in the air, his member springing up from the entire view of your body.

You could tell he wanted to touch you, to slam you onto the bed and make you whine into the mattress but today you wanted to have a turn.

You were intrigued by listening to other girls share their experiences with this online, your imagination always running wild as you imagine even once you having control.

You knew that Kenma wasn't going to allow you to get away with this, that soon he'd plot his revenge and make you endure what you've made him go through but 10x worse.

You pull his pants and boxers down all the way, sitting down onto his length, your arousal coating him.

Kenma makes an annoyed sound, the clink of the chains heard in the room as he shakes his arms.

You grab your panties off the floor and wrap it around his head, using it as a gag.

Kenma shakes his head furiously as you make a soft movement of your hips, his member pressed between your slit as you rub against him.

You bite your lip and close your eyes, the wet sounds hitting off of the bedroom walls.

You could hear Kenma's shaky muffled moans, his fingers digging into the arm of his gaming chair.

Kenma's moans become louder but you knew they'd be much louder if you were to remove your panties.

He was so sensitive that he could cum at any moment despite only starting this mere seconds ago.

Tears prick the corners of his eyes as he shakes, his white liquid once again spraying all over you.

It was everywhere between your legs and you raise yourself to allow him and yourself to take a look.

You grab him with your hand, jerking him off quickly with both hands.

His tears now streamed down his face, his eyes clouded as he was consumed by overwhelming pleasure.

Already he was trembling, his member twitching as his orgasm sprays against your lower stomach.

You were dripping in his cum but you didn't mind, you liked it, liked knowing that he was practically painting you.

You take off your panties and you hear him gasping, cum still leaking from his tip as his shaking calms.

"P-Please," Kenma stutters out, eyes opening. "C-Can we stop n-now."

You smile and rub his tip along your entrance and he whines.

He was very sensitive from his last four orgasms as you never allowed him to have more than a minutes break.

You slam down onto him and felt his cum instantly coat your walls.

You watch his face as he groans, his knuckles turning white by how tightly he was gripping his chair.

You then begin to move, wanting to at least get one orgasm in for yourself.

"N-No!" Kenma moans out, his tears falling down his face, his eyes shining as he watches.

You knew he was still cumming and that you were milking him out but you enjoyed this side, enjoyed how much power you held at this moment in time.

You stop, watching as his mouth opens with no sounds escaping, body twitching as he falls from his high.

You watch as he slowly comes back to normal and begin to bounce again.

Kenma was moaning loud now and you were sure Hinata and his neighbours could hear him.

You moaned with him, smiling through the euphoric feeling.

"How much orgasms is that now?" You ask Kenma as his fresh cum oozes out of you, running down his member and the chair.

"I d-don't know," he whines and you grab his face, forcing him to look at you.

"Think," you order and watch as drool runs down his face.

"F-Five," he moans out in a strained voice.

You moan in response and you could feel him cumming more into you.

Your legs tremble and you stop, pulling him out as his cum starts leaking rapidly from inside you.

Kenma watches, his sixth orgasm ending.

You hum and slam back down, him once again coating you more.

You wait for him to stop trembling and go extremely fast, both of your moans increasing to screams of pleasure.

You squirt all over his thighs and seat.

Kenma cums the longest this time, everything spraying out from inside you.

His vision clouds, his mind fogged as he's only paying attention to you and him.

You fall onto him, exhausted from you one heavy orgasm.

Kenma closes his eyes and you hear a knock at your door.

"U-Um, are you d-done?" Hinata calls through the door.

Kenma's eyes snap open instantly and you laugh, taking off the cuffs.

Kenma stands up and rushes around the room, looking for a towel to clean you.

You watch him with a smile, knowing that soon you were to get something much more worse in return.
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