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CONTAINS ; masturbation,
BDSM, punishment, rough sex.


YOU watch Seven in silence as he does his work, his eyes never moving once away from the computer and in a way, that annoyed you.

You sigh softly as you lean slightly forward, your chin resting in the palm of your hand as you look over each feature on your boyfriends face.

"Seven," you say softly, trying to catch his attention but he was too preoccupied with hacking.

You pout and lean back in your seat, biting your lip as you find his concentrated face attractive.

"Seven, I'm horny," You whine out and he only hums in response.

You pull your jumper off, revealing your breasts. You were much too lazy to add a shirt so then you only placed on a jumper.

You breathe out and pinch your nipple, your hand slowly creeping into your shorts as you watch Seven.

You mewl out, your hand instantly attacking your clit and rubbing in rough circles but still Seven hadn't noticed because of his headphones blasting music in his ears.

Your eyes roll into the back of your head as your fingers enter you, your right hand roughly massaging your breast.

Your legs shake as your orgasm quickly appears.

Your back arches off of the chair as you reach your climax.

You sigh and rub yourself a few times before pulling your hand out of your shorts.

You stand from your seat and move behind Seven and press your fingers against his lips, the fingers that had your cum coating them.

Seven opens his mouth, most likely expecting it to be some sort of food that you wanted him to try.

You pull your fingers out and grab your jumper and chuck it on and then you start running for dear life to the bedroom.

"Y/N!" Seven yells out, finally catching on to what you had made him taste.

You slam the door behind yourself and lock it and you slide down, closing your eyes and waiting for Seven's yelling and banging to come.

You hum softly as Seven bangs onto the door and you were sitting on the side of the bed, watching the shadows of his feet underneath the gap of the door.

You had a list of things that would happen if you opened that door:

One: he fucks you hard for hours, not listening when you beg him to stop.

Two: he gets angry at you for distracting him and punishes you.

Three: he eats you out, wanting to taste more of what you gave him just before.

Four: he decides today was the day of BDSM.

Five: he doesn't allow you to cum.

And then worst one of all.

Six: he does all of the things you put onto the list.

You clench your thighs together in excitement, his yelling and banging making you horny once again.

You pull your jumper and shorts off, leaving you only in your wet panties.

You pull at your nipples and moan out and all sounds of Seven yelling and banging had stopped once he heard you.

"Y/N-" Seven whines "-open the door." You pull you panties off and lean back onto the bed and open your legs, so if he were to open the door in some way he'd see you wet and ready.

You push your fingers in and moan out in pain and pleasure and you could hear how desperate Seven was to enter.

Seven suddenly becomes quiet and you stop moving your fingers and pull them out.

Confused, you stand and walk to the door and unlock it, slowly peeking through and then you saw him, Seven, his cheeks a bright red and his eyes wide in fury.

He pushes the door open and slowly walks to you as you walk back, now scared instead of curious to what he's going to do to you.

Seven grabs your hand and shoves your fingers in his mouth and you watch in shock as he moans, his eyes rolling into the back of his head.

He wraps his tongue around your fingers and sucks and lightly pushes you onto the bed and climbs on top of you.

You move a finger in his mouth and he opens his eyes.

He removes your fingers with a pop.

"Have I ever told you how nice you taste.." Seven whispers, grabbing your thighs as he moves down to your area, where you needed him the most.

"Ten minutes, I was banging and yelling at you for ten minutes and I have you open the door to... this." He licks up your slit and you moan.

"Mm.." he moves away and you watch him with hooded eyes. "If you opened the door earlier I would've allowed you to feel my tongue inside you but no, you made me wait - I hate waiting."

You watch as he opens the drawer to where all your toys, whips, collars and ropes were, your BDSM drawer.

Seven flips you onto your back and bounds your hands behind your back, tying your wrists together tightly so you couldn't move no matter what.

Seven places a black material over your eyes, not giving you a chance to see anything at all.

Seven looks at you in this position and rubs your ass softly, your skin so soft and clear, perfect for Seven.

Seven slaps your ass and you jerk forward with a moan, the stinging sensation turning you on instead of hurting you.

"Such a dirty girl," Seven presses his chest against your back and bites the lobe of your ear. "I guess that's what I get for making you like these things, hmm?" What Seven said was right, never once before you met him had you thought about these things but once you were his, he claimed you in every way possible.

He was your first with everything. First boyfriend, first kiss, first time. Of course it had shocked him to found out this information, who wouldn't be, you were over 20 years of age yet very inexperienced.

You moan as he rubs his clothed crotch against your wetness, the roughness a stimulating sensation.

"More.." you moan and Seven grabs you by your hair and yanks your head back, still rubbing against you.

"I like you better with short hair," Seven compliments and bites your neck, "but its a pain when it always slips out of my hand during sex." Your legs shake and you beathe out moans like it was almost natural to you to do so now.

You open your mouth and pant as Seven pulls his hips away from you.

Seven watches as you fall forwards and smiles.

He climbs off of the bed and pulls off his clothes and walks back to the drawer and pulls out a black tie.

Seven had this tie given to him for his birthday by Jumin but instead of using it for suits, he used it for times like these, to put into Y/N's mouth and tie behind her head alongside the cloth for her eyes.

Seven picks your head up and puts it into your mouth and ties it behind your head.

"Mmph," you say incoherently.

Seven flips you onto you back and sucks onto your clit and you moan but the sounds were muffled.

Seven moans into you at the taste and pushes his tongue inside, giving every to you at this moment, allowing you the pleasure for only a second.

Seven licks your clit and you buck your hips onto his face.

Seven pulls you up and lays down, holding your hips and pushing you onto his face.

You puff as you ride his face, your hips moving up and down, moving his tongue all along you.

Your legs shake as you orgasm onto Seven's face and he cleans you up before placing you onto your knees.

Seven pulls off the material covering your eyes and pulls down the tie, allowing you to see and speak.

"Don't make me regret my decision," Seven warns.

You scream out as he slams into you without warning, stretching you out.

"Shh," Seven silences you as he slams into you continuously and soon that pain become euphoric to you.

Your eyes were rolled into the back of your head as you tongue is rolled out of your mouth.

Seven pushes your cheek into the mattress.

You drool onto the sheets, the pleasure you felt was too hard to describe in words all you could say was that it was perfect, so perfect no sounds could escape your mouth.

Seven watches you as he slams into you from behind, one of his hand holding the rope around your wrists and the other holding your waist.

The sight before him was beautiful and he would forever have this moment imprinted in his mind since the end of his days.

You suddenly scream out as your legs shake furiously and your liquid comes squirting out of you, spraying onto the sheets and Seven.

Seven moans and thrusts once more before his climax coats your walls.

Seven pulls out and unties the bindings behind your back and you instantly fall, too exhausted to move a muscle.

Seven lays down beside you and moves your short hair away from your eyes so it doesn't stick to your skin and so he could see you.

You stay back at him, cheeks and nose a bright red and Seven smiles and kisses your lips.

"If I were any normal person, I would say sorry, but I'm not." You hum and close your eyes.

"If this was me a few months ago, I would be in pain right now."

"Oh, you might be later." You peek up at Seven and poke his cheek.

"Hush." Seven pulls you into him and you close your eyes, instantly falling asleep.

And Seven, well, he stared at the wall, his cheek leaning on the top of your head as he savour the moment before he has to go to work again.
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