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CONTAINS ; phone sex,
masturbation, rough sex.


YOU sit in Jumin's home office, leaning back in his large leather black seat and occasionally pushing yourself round and round till you became dizzy.

You were bored and Jumin was at work for the day which left you here in the large apartment with no one here to accompany you.

I mean, yeah, you had Elizabeth The Third here but she really wasn't that interesting. All she did was sleep, eat and repeat, nothing more, nothing less.

You sigh and place both of your feet onto the desk in front of you and stare up at the ceiling, wondering about what Jumin would be doing at this moment.

You purse you lips and look at the clock on the wall above the door. He should be on a short break by now, you think to yourself.

You take your feet off his desk and shuffle forward in his chair and grab the phone on his desk and dialed his number.

You would've used your own phone but you were too lazy to walk to the other side of the apartment for it.

You wait for a few seconds, the line ringing in your ear as you daze off while staring at the wall.

"Hello?" Jumin's voice makes way to your ear and you instantly smile, snapping out of your daze.

"Hi." You twirl the cord with you finger and stare at the desk. "Oh, I should've known it was you." You hum and laugh softly.

"I miss you," you whine into the phone and you hear his deep chuckle through the other line and you press your thighs together to relieve some tension.

"As do I." You bite your lip and lean your elbows onto the desk in front of you.

"Are you in your office?" You ask curiously.


"Is anyone there... with you?" You wait silently until Jumin responds.

"No." You smile to yourself and place the phone down for a moment, pulling your shirt over your head to reveal your breasts and you pull your shorts and panties off with one another.

You pick up the phone and sit back into Jumin's seat and open your legs and press your fingers into your heat.

You moan into the line and you listen as you hear shuffling around you.

"Y/N!" Jumin whisper yells into the phone, frantically moving around and doing something.

You moan into the phone again as your fingers enter you.

"This isn't..." Jumin pauses and listens to your moaning for a few moments, "the right time." Jumin sighs into the phone and you buck your hips.

"Did I do something wrong?" You pout out your lips and then thrust your hips up to meet your fingers.

"Yes, you made me hard. How am I supposed to hide this from people at work?" You put down the phone again and click the button on the other piece, putting Jumin out loud.

You lean back in the chair and grab your breast, adding more to the euphoric stimulation.

"You relieve yourself." You whine and buck your hips.

"I can't do that! There are windows."

"Then close the blinds."

"Y/N, the entire wall behind me is a window."

"Go to the bathroom." You puff and moan out Jumin's name, nearing your climax.

"Please just do something, I want to cum," You whine and Jumin groans.

"You're acting like I'm there right now and teasing you."

"But you are teasing me, knowing you aren't doing this with me is teasing." Your eyes flutter closed and you move your fingers in a faster pace, curling them upwards.

"I can't reach my g-spot," you moan out and push your head into the seat.

"Of course you can't, I'm not there with you." You pull your fingers out and grind against your hand.

"I'm sitting in your leather chair with my legs spread... squeezing my breast and grinding onto my hand," You tell Jumin as you listen to him speak to people and rush past them.

There was a few moments of silence from him as you moan into the line for him to hear.

"I'm in the bathroom." You hum and rub your clit in rough circles.

"I locked the door so no one else can enter, but I have to hurry."

"Then hurry." Your eyes roll into the back of your head.

"I have to be careful, otherwise I'll be walking around with cum in my pants or walking around with a stain of my cum."

"How about take off your pants and underwear and place them where they can't get damaged," you say to him.

You wait as you hear slightly shuffles and as soon as you hear a soft deep moan you move forward and bend yourself over the desk.

You grab a dildo from one of his desk drawers, one where you had hidden whenever you decide to come in here when Jumin wasn't home.

You move your hand behind yourself and shove it into your entrance and you moan.

"What are you doing?" Jumin puffs into the phone and you listen to the sound of his hand moving along his member, the sound sparking a dark hunger within you.

"I'm using a dildo I hid in one of your drawers."

"A dildo?" You moan in response.

"Take it out." You shake your head even though he couldn't see it.


"Yes, take it out. I don't care if it's silicone or rubber but I don't want something penis shaped other than me in you." You take the dildo out and shove your two fingers in and the squelches makes way to Jumin's ears.

"Nice baby, do what I say." You moan and your legs shake furiously as you reach your orgasm.

"Oh, fuck!" You moan out loudly and you listen as Jumin grunts.

You pull your fingers out and slump onto his desk, puffing and sweating.

"Did you cum?" Jumin asks.

"Yes, did you get to your release?"

"Yes, I did, now stop, I need to walk back and do more work without an erection." You hum.

"Okay," you sigh out and pull your clothes back on.

"I love you," you say to him.

"I love you," he replies and you grin and hang up.

You stand straight and stretch your arms over your head.

You walk out of Jumin's office and all the way to the other side of thr house where your shared large bedroom was.

You plop down into the middle of the king sized bed and moan to the comfort and close your eyes.

You were exhausted from your previous orgasm and desperately wanted a rest.


YOU groan and open your eyes once turning to your side.

Jumin was crouched down to your height, his face centimeters away from yours.

You rub your eyes and yawn softly and place your hand onto his cheek and peck the tip of his nose.

"Hi," you whisper tiredly and slump back down, hand still on his cheek.

Jumin only stares at you silently, admiring your beauty.

"How was work?" You mumble loud enough for Jumin to hear.

"Originally it was boring but then became interesting after your call but you made the day go painfully slow." You smile lazily at him.

"Sorry." Jumin rolls his eyes.

"You're not sorry."

"Yep," you pop the 'p'.

You sit up and push his suit jacket off his shoulders and Jumin watches you silently.

You pull him by his tie onto the bed with you and he follows, watching as you move back and allow him to climb on top of you.

You yank his tie and Jumin leans down to press his lips against yours.

You let go of his tie and bury your fingers into his hair and he switches your positions, so that he was now laying with you in his lap.

Jumin runs his hand up the back of your thighs and grabs your ass firmly, causing you to moan into the kiss.

You break apart.

"What should today be... rough and fast?" You palm him through his pants and suck a hickey onto the revealed skin on his neck.

"Whichever you want," you whisper to him.

Jumin groans and pulls your shorts down.

You push them off your legs and sit back down onto his lap.

Jumin unbuckles his belt and unbuttons his pants and pushes them down.

You pull his boxers down for him and pull your shirt over your head.

Jumin pulls off his tie and unbuttons his shirt, revealing his toned torso.

You run your hands up his chest, biting your lip.

Mine, this gorgeous man is mine, you think to yourself in glee.

Jumin pushes your underwear to the side and pulls his hips up and you slide down effortlessly onto his member.

You both moan out to the first feeling, Jumin buried within your warmth.

Jumin thrusts up hard and quick as soon as the first moment was over, not giving you time to take over.

You grab his chest and dig your nails in, bouncing on top of him with your mouth open, screams of pleasure exiting your mouth with every movement.

Jumin moans at you as your walls squeeze him tightly.

You close your eyes tightly as your legs begin to shake already.

"Oh, yes!" You scream out as your liquid coats his member.

You fall lazily onto his chest as he thrusts up at him more before he cums into you.

"Ngh." Jumin pulls himself out and his climax falls from between your thighs.

"Let's have a sleep before we go again, okay?" You nod your head.

Jumin places you onto your back and as your head hits the pillows, he pulls your panties off.

You watch as he walks to the drawers and pulls out a fresh pair of underwear for you.

You pulls them up your thighs and you lift your hips for him.

Jumin pulls off his dresh shirt and pulls you up and pushes your arms through the large shirt.

Jumin bites his lip as he buttons up the shirt and looks up to once he was done.

He smiles and pulls on his own boxers and lays next to you, pulling the sheet over the two of you.

He grabs you and holds you and closes his eyes and you do the same.

"I love you," he whispers into your hair.

"I love you," you mumble in response before falling asleep.
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