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CONTAINS ; masturbation,
biting, rough sex.


YOU lazily move onto your side whilst opening your eyes and there he sat, Saeran, mouth covered as he hacks into the RFA system but continues to struggle because of his twin brother who was denying his access.

You rub your eyes and sit up slowly, your shoulder lengthed hair falling down in soft waves and your fringe tickles your cheek ( not bangs more like the side one's but split and up to your jaw with more hair added ).

You yawn and Saeran's head snaps to you, his eyes turning soft instead of the annoyed glare he wore before.

"Did I wake you?" He asks and you shake your head in response.

"I just needed to pee," you mumble and stand from the bed and Saeran rolls his eyes and turns back to his computer.

You blush softly and walk to the bathroom to do what you had just old him; to pee.

You sat on the toilet, dazing off at the wall as you thought about your dream.

Saeran was giving you everything you had ever wanted from him; sex.

Saeran was always too preoccupied with hacking to give you all his attention, sure, he was quick to notice whenever you woke up or whenever you needed something but he was always giving his attention to the screen instead of you.

You sigh and wash your hands, looking at your face in the mirror.

Several times Saeran had called you beautiful hut you still didn't believe his words, it's not like everyone else loves their looks, right?

You hated your body the most.

You hated how chunky your thighs and hips were, how your breasts were always larger than the average size of every girls, how your curves were so prominent in tight clothing. It was impossible to wear somehing on your hips since they went in so much so your pants or shorts never wanted to stay in place.

Once your hands were dried you pulled your jumper sleeves over you hands.

Baggy jumpers, that was your style. The most baggiest you could find, you'd get it and everytime it covered your thighs up to your knees and you were constantly pulling them up over your hands.

You liked it, the warmth as if someone large was hugging you but you loved wearing Saeran's jumpers the most ( let's just act like he wears something other than suits and such and actually has normal clothing ).

You wore his jumper right now and he hadn't noticed just yet, always too focused on your eyes or face to pay attention to your clothing.

You walk into the room and move behind Saeran, peeking over his shoulder to see how far he had gotten in the hacking.

Saeran hums in acknowledgement of your presence and you wrap your arms around his shoulders and press your cheek against his.

"Stop hacking for a moment," you whine, pouting.

"I can't, I need to get in the system." You sigh.

"Maybe having a break and refreshing your mind would allow you to hack in?" Saeran doesn't respond and continues to furiously tap his keyboard.

You huff and sit back onto the bed, your sexual tension rising by the second.

You lay your head in the pillows and close your eyes, thinking back to the last time you had felt anything from him.

Saeran's head was between your thighs as he ate you out, your hands pulling at his dyed roots as you moaned at him in pleasure.

He knew exactly what he was doing, how to pleasure you, how to make you unwind in the quickest way.

He watches you as you bite your lip with your head thrown back, overpowered by the pleasure you had felt.

You meet his eyes and let go onto his tongue, your juices covering his face and he cleans you, wanting to taste every last bit of you.

Before you realised what you were doing, you were rubbing yourself, moaning out into the bedroom with a quick buck of your hips.

You quickly cover your mouth and snap your head to Saeran, to see he had stopped everything and turned toward you, his eyes wide with surprise.

It had been over a month since that day, a month since you felt his tongue, his member sliding through your walls.

You blush and look away from him.

"Maybe I can take a break," he speaks out and catches your attention once again.

You look at Saeran as he stands from his chair and gets on top of you, his eyes hungrily raking down your covered body.

"I don't remember telling you that you could wear this." Saeran bunches up his jumper and pushes it up, revealing your hips and thighs.

You were ready, only in your panties so you could feel comfortable before bed ( his jumper is your pajama's ).

Saeran runs his hand up the jumper and feels your hips, holding them and then pressing his lips roughly against yours.

You moan into the kiss, the passion pulling you to the brim.

Saeran pulls his jumper off of your smaller body, throwing it to the ground and looks down to your chest.

"I should of known you were practically naked under that." He latches his lips onto your bud and you instantly arch your back to his touch.

He had you wrapped around his finger, the slightest touch brung you to immense pleasure and never once has he not given his all to you.

"I don't have time for foreplay." Saeran diconnects his lips from your breast with a pop. "I need you," he groans and pushes his pants doen, revealing his member.

Instantly his hips crash into yours and you scream out in surprise.

Soon the pain had became pleasurable, giving you everything you needed.

Embarrassingly, you were a masochist so no matter the amount of pain Saeran caused you during your sexual interraction had you begging for more.

You buck your hips to meet his as he bites into your neck and sucks your soft pale skin, leaving hickeys in a dark purple and red scattered amongst every part of your skin.

You grab the sheets below you, your toes digging into the mattress as the pleaure becomes overwhelming.

"Oh, fuck!" You scream out, your legs shaking furiously as your liquids coat Saeran's length.

He slams into you once more before his cum coated your walls.

Saeran puffs above you, white hair falling into his eyes as he stares down at you.

Your eyes were lided as you stared back at him, slowly climbing down from your high.

You whimper as he pulls himself out, still overly sensitive from your previous orgasm.

Saeran softly presses his lips against yours, passionately making out with you before he pulls his pants back up.

"Go, hack." Saeran pecks your lips once more before getting off of the bed and going back to his desk.

You fell asleep again and Saeran constantly checked you, looking at your beauty as you slept.

Saeran was never giving you up or letting you go and you were forever his, even when you're not alive.
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