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CONTAINS ; rough sex.


YOU watch Yoosung as he pouts at the book in front of him, frustrated with all the words he didn't understand.

He would constantly ask you what a word meant or what the paragraph was explaining.

In a way, he was learning more from you then the books yet he was still beyond confused.

"Oh my god," he groans, pressing his head into his hands, "how did teenage me endure this." You smile and take the book and flick through it.

"You're acting like you're older than you actually are and besides, how can you not get this, literature and english is literally the easiest subjects in the word." Yoosung huffs out.

"To you they are but some people don't have a specialty in words and writings." You purse your lips and grab his wrist and once his hand was pried away from his face, you smile at him.

"You can bother to read the words on the screen from LOLOL," you note and Yoosung stares at you with a shine in his eyes.

"That's because it's a game, not a book." You press his palm against your cheek and lean your head into his hold.

"Books are interesting," you say to Yoosung and he furrows his brows.

"They're not," he disagrees, shaking his head.

"They are, you're just too lazy to waste your time on something other than your game." Yoosung pouts and you blow a raspberry at him.

"I would be more interested if you..." Yoosung's cheeks turn a shade of red as he makes a movement with his head, somehow expecting that to finish the rest of his words.

"If I what?" Yoosung looks down in embarrassment.

"Y'know, read the book out to me as I fucked you from behind over the desk-" you were quick to cover Yoosung's mouth, your eyes wide and cheeks a pink shade.

"Yoosung, we're in a library," you remind him in a hushed tone, slowly peeling your hand away from his mouth.

"Well, you asked..." You watch Yoosung as he looks down, thinking intently about something.

You wait silently, staring at his eyes which were covered by his dyed blond locks.

"Yoosung," you bend over the table to reach him and tap his forehead.

Yoosung blinks and looks at you and his eyes instantly look at your chest, where your breasts were revealed to him.

You notice his distraction and sit back into your seat, covering your chest with a soft disapproving scowl.

"Can we just check out these books and go home, please?" Yoosung asks, desperately wanting to get into your small shared apartment.

You sigh and stack up the books, half for Yoosung and the other half was just for your joy to read.

You both check out your books and walk home.


YOOSUNG was once again preoccupied with LOLOL but you didn't mind.

The times where he played his games finally gave you some silence without his constant affection, to read.

You didn't enjoy nagging him all the time about studying but you wanted to help him to reach his dreams.

"Yoosung," you call out, your face buried into the words of your book.

After five minutes of no response, you furrow your brows and put your book down.

Usually Yoosung ran to you as soon as you spoke of him but why wasn't he here?

You purse your lips and stand after a few more seconds and walk to your shared bedroom.

You open the door to see Yoosung staring at his screen, his eyes wide and glowing.

You tip toe over to him and peek over his shoulder as he sat at the desk and your eyes widen.

Yoosung was watching porn.

Of course, this was a normal thing for boys to at his age but never once have you seen him watch porn.

"Yoosung," you say and he jumps in shock and instantly slams his laptop screen shut and removes his headphones from his ears.

"Um... I wasn't doing anything," he quickly defends himself and you nod your head slowly.

Yoosung sighs and slumps in his seat.

"I just wanted to see other positions I could put you in..." Yoosung drifts off and stares at the wall in thought.

"Haven't we... done every position there is to do with sex?" Yoosung blinks and looks back at you.

"Well yeah but I feel like you need more." You roll your eyes and cup his head in your hands.

"I'm perfectly fine with our sex life." Yoosung stares into your eyes and pulls you onto his lap.

"I'm sick of being soft and careful," Yoosung tells you and places a strand of your hair behind your ear.

"O-Oh," you breathe out, shocked by his honesty.

Yoosung looks up to the ceiling and hums softly.

"Can you read my English book out to me as I fuck you over the desk?" You clear your throat and blush a bright red.

"What's with the curse words..." Yoosung places a finger underneath your chin.

"You didn't answer me." You look down to your lap and wrap your arms around Yoosung's neck and move your hips in a circle over his crotch.

Yoosung sucks in a breath and stands up from his seat with you in his arms and turns you around.

Yoosung pulls your skirt up and pulls down your underwear and hands you a book of Shakespeare.

Yoosung kisses your neck and shoves his length into you and you moan out in pleasure.

"Thou - ngh." You press your head against the book and Yoosung slams into you from behind, much rougher then he ever has been before.

"Thou shalt - fuck." Your arms fall down and Yoosung mercilessly pounds into you from behind.

"Language," Yoosung whispers into your ear and bites your lobe.

You moan out and tense, your mind clouding and your vision blurring.

Yoosung pulls your hair and you look at him, your tongue out as sounds of pleasure rolls fluently from your mouth.

Yoosung moans and slams into you with more force and you whimper.

"I've barely been in for long and you're already tightening around me." You close your eyes tightly and moan at Yoosung.

"I suppose that's what I get for suddenly changing it..." You grip onto the book as Yoosung slams into you, his member hitting places inside you that you have never felt before.

You flinch as his tip brushes against something within you softly.

Yoosung takes in your reaction to him hitting that area and slams into you again.

"Yoosung-" he slams his lips against yours, stopping your moan of pleasure.

You kiss him back and moan into his mouth as your release over his member.

Yoosung licks your lower lip before pulling himself out and cumming all over your ass.

You fall down onto the desk in exhaustion.

"Mm," Yoosung hums out and cleans you.

"Next time, I intend for you to last much longer."
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