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CONTAINS ; oral ( receiving ),
rough sex.


YOU lay down in your bed, eyes closed as you imagine Zen holding you in his arms. Since he went off to his set early today, you weren't able to feel his arms around you as you woke up in the morning.

You sit up and rub your eyes, looking around your room, seeing everything perfectly neat and clean, as if Zen had cleaned it for you before he had left.

You crawl out of bed and tie your Y/H/C in a messy bun, walking from the room to the kitchen, searching for a bowl to have your breakfast in.

"He must've gotten up early today..." You say to yourself as you grab the box of coco-pops and pour it into the bowl.

You look at the clock that hung on the wall in the kitchen and it read 9 am.

You purse your lips in thought as you put your milk into the bowl.

You walk with your bowl and spoon in hand as you enter your bedroom again.

You grab your phone off of the bedside table and check your messages, a small amount of hope that Zen had at least texted you today.

You frown but right on cue, you had received a message from Zen. 'Goodmorning' You smile to yourself and type in a reply. 'Thank you. How is work?' you sit onto the edge of your bed and eat your cereal, texting back and forth with Zen.

'I'm picking you up at 12:30 for lunch' You stand from your bed with the bowl in hand. 'Can't wait!'

You exit your bedroom and place your bowl and spoon into the sink and turn on the water, watching as it fills the bowl.

You turn and press your palms against the stone kitchen counter, shifting through outfit ideas in your head for lunch.

"Maybe I should surprise him," You say aloud as you go into your bathroom and turn on the hot and cold water, waiting until it turns warm.

You sigh and look at yourself in the mirror and frown, your insecurities screaming themselves at you.

You pull at your cheeks as the mirror fogs up, wondering if going out with Zen was worth it, to be seen with such a handsome man when you were just... simple.


YOU watch Zen as he sits in front of you, his smile wide and complimenting his handsome features as he tells the waitress what the two of you want.

The waitress smiles at him but glares at you and walks away.

You look down to your hands in your lap, your shoulders slumping as you shy away from everyone's stares at your boyfriend.

"Are you okay?" Zen asks and you look up, watching as his large smile had vanished to a concerned expression.

"Did you get any shoots in," You ask, changing the subject between the two of you.

Zen then smiles and goes into a full-blown conversation, telling you about how easy his scenes were and how his co-star had struggled with their scenes several times.

You smile and nod your head, listening to every word he says to you.

"Here are your orders." The waitress smiles and winks at Zen which causes him to shoot a glance over to you.

You blink once, silently watching the girl as she keeps her eyes on him as she places down your food and drinks.

She walks off, swaying her hips, expecting to grab Zen's attention during the process but fails miserably.

Zen watches you the entire time as you both silently eat your lunch.


YOU walk beside Zen, your hands interlocked and your attention focused on the green leaves rustling in the wind.

"I know you changed the subject when I asked you if you were okay," Zen says and you look over to him.

You don't answer yet look to the ground.

Zen steps in front of you and slightly bends down so your faces are at the same height.

"Are you embarrassed to be seen around me?" He asks and you instantly snap your eyes to him.

"No! Of course not!" You quickly reply, your eyes wide. "I have never been embarrassed to be seen with you." You shake your head and Zen grabs your hands.

"Then what's the problem." You bite your lip and look to the ground again.

"It's just that, look at you compared to me. You're so handsome and everyone notices you yet whenever you look at me, I'm nothing but-" Zen covers your mouth and sternly shakes his head.

Zen walks quickly, you clumsily getting pulled behind him.

Zen walks into your shared apartment and closes the door behind him, grabbing your face in his hands and presses his lips against them in a kiss.

"Never, ever, call yourself ugly. You shouldn't even be thinking it," Zen says, grabbing you and walking with you to the bedroom.

Zen puts you down onto the ground and pulls off your dress, trailing kisses down your body until he was to the top of your panties.

He licks over the material, making a wet patch appear and you bite your lip, watching him.

He then sucks onto the material and you shakily moan, grabbing his hair and pulling it.

Zen hums into your and pulls down your panties with his teeth, watching your face.

Zen kisses your hip before standing up and walking with you to the bed.

You lay down and Zen pulls your legs until they were at the edge and gets onto his knees, licking up your slit, collecting your wetness.

You grab the sheets and open your mouth in pleasure, your chest rising up and down rapidly.

Zen pushes his tongue into you, pushing in and out to make you feel pleasure.

You throw your head back and moan aloud, your legs faintly shaking in pleasure.

Zen pulls his tongue out and you whine to the loss of contact.

He smiles and pulls his shirt and pants off, crawl over you and pushing your legs up.

He pulls his member out and slams it into you, making you moan in surprise to his member entering you.

"Look at you.." He says, pounding you furiously. "Your beautiful mouth letting out moans for me." Zen leans down and sucks your neck, slamming up into you roughly.

You were a moaning mess as Zen gave you all the pleasure you needed, alongside him whispering how beautiful and precious you were.

You mewl softly as your stomach tightens, feeling your orgasm approaching quickly.

Zen flips your positions so you were on top and instantly, you started bouncing onto him.

Zen watches you whilst biting his lip, his hands on your hips, occasionally squeezing whenever you tighten around him.

You throw your head back and moan loudly, moving quickly.

Your legs shake as your liquid coat his member, your insides squeezing him.

Zen moans and pulls you up and cums onto your inner thighs.

You lazily smile at Zen and fall onto his chest.

"You're beautiful," He tells you, running his fingers through your slightly tangled hair.

You mumble incoherent words and close your eyes, exhausted from the previous event.
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