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CONTAINS ; oral ( receiving ),
rough sex.


YOU were usually out at night, walking around in the quiet streets whilst putting up posters that you had made.

You were trying to make people see your art around the city and so far no one has even realised the art on the walls but despite that, you never give up.

The sky was filled with bright stars tonight, the moon shining behind the soft grey clouds and the wind was softly blowing the leaves on the trees.

You hum softly as you place up another one of your posters and shiver as you felt the wind hit your body.

You turn and look over your shoulder into the alley across from you, not seeing anything due to the complete darkness.

You turn back to the wall and pick up your other posters and walk off, your steps slow and calming, not even a step was heard.

You stop at another wall and place up the poster but before you could finish, a hand had placed itself over your lips.

Your eyes widen and you kick your legs but to no avail, your eyes become heavy and your lungs burn.


YOU open your eyes, confused and look around you.

You were chained to a chair and you were the only one in a dark empty room.

"Hello?" You call out, scanning every corner to see if anyone was there with you.

You shake your hands, the chains hitting each other and making a clinking sound. You were at the point where you were desperate to escape.

You close your eyes and clench your fists, trying to calm your breaths.

"Sorry about that," a voice says and you jump, your eyes instantly looking over to the tall figure that stood in front of a door, the smallest amount of light peering from his sides.

"Are you scared?" He asks, closing the door with a soft click behind him and his loud steps nearing you.

You don't answer and try to find him again in the darkness.

A blue flame was lit in front of your face and you flinch, your eyes tightly closed as you wait for the flame to hit your skin.

"Don't think so bad of me, I'm not going to burn that beautiful face of yours." You open your eyes and look at the man in front of you.

Scars covered his face and his hair was black. He wore a white shirt alongside a leather jacket.

"What do you want from me," You asked in a hushed voice.

He caresses your cheek with his other hand, admiring your beauty.

"Nothing." He stands up and walks away for a moment, shortly after returning with a lamp-lit with blue fire.

"I had seen you for the past few nights putting up posters of your work, each time your face was covered with a hood but tonight I had finally seen your face."

"So then you decided kidnapping me was going to be the best idea." A low laugh escapes from his mouth.

"It's not like you have anyone at home waiting for your arrival, from what I know, no one cares about you." You slam your feet on the ground and throw your arms, the chains clinking loudly as you shake furiously.

"Aw, did I hit a nerve?" He leans his head towards your face and you snap your jaw, attempting to bite him.

"You seem to not know who you're faced against." He grabs your face harshly, his eyes capturing yours.

"Go to hell," You mumble, your eyes full of fury.

He laughs and lets go of your face.

He then grabs your legs and pulls down your shorts and underwear, his face between your legs.

He blows onto your nub and you shiver.

"You're not fighting me," He says, looking up at you as you tightly close your eyes.

"That's- a-ah," You moan between your words as his lips connect with your nub, sucking harshly.

You tighten your thighs around his head.

"Mm," he hums into you, the vibration sending overwhelming amounts of pleasure through your body.

He pulls back and looks at you, at how flustered you were and how desperate you were for more.

"I don't think I introduced myself, have I?" You look at him with hooded eyes.

"The name is Dabi," He says whilst pushing your legs off of his shoulders.

"Y-" He covers your mouth and smiles.

"I know." You watch silently as he pulls off his jacket and shirt.

He watches you as he pulls off his pants, only in his tightly fitted boxers.

Dabi then walks up to you and pulls off your chains, already knowing you wouldn't run from him.

He then pulls your jumper over your head, leaving you in your tank top.

Dabi looks at your chest before pulling off your tank top.

"Ah, no bra?" You stand and look up at him.

"It was as if you knew what was going to happen." Dabi roughly presses his lips against yours in a heated kiss, grabbing your legs and pulling you up.

He kisses you while walking over to one of the corners of the room.

A light clicks on and a bed was revealed.

Dabi puts you onto the bed and pulls out his member, watching your face intensely as he crawls over to you.

He grabs your hips and drags you closer to him, his tip grazing your slit.

"You're wet," He acknowledges, his lips brushing against your neck.

He slams into you without any further warning and you moan, your head pressing back into the mattress.

Dabi instantly slams in and out of you quickly, his hips snapping harshly into your upper thighs, the sound like a whip in the quiet room.

"Slow!" You moan out, already unable to handle the speed he was going.

"Rougher?" He says, smiling down at you as you slowly break apart.

"N-No." You throw your head back and scratch his back roughly, digging your nails into his shoulders.

A raspy moan escapes Dabi's mouth and he bites your neck, leaving you even more breathless.

He trails kisses from your neck and to your breasts, swirling his tongue around your nipple.

"N-Ngh." You moan out continuously, each time the moans escalating in tone.

"Good girl," Dabi praises you and kisses your cheek, pulling himself back up to increase his speed once again.

Your legs shake furiously and you watch Dabi, tears welling up in your eyes due to the overwhelming amount of pleasure.

"Ah!" You scream out, bucking your hips furiously as you quickly reach your end.

Dabi slams into you, watching as you unwind, your eyes crossing as your orgasm approaches.

"That's it," Dabi almost growls and his thrusts become sloppy as you tighten around him.

It was like something had snapped inside of you and all of your liquids came out, coating his member.

Dabi moans into your ear and pulls out, cumming onto your inner thighs.

You puff heavily and Dabi looks at you.

"Who knew sex would stop you from being so whiny?" You glare at Dabi, not enough energy in your arms to hit him.


A / N ; hello everyone, thank you for being patient with my updates.

I know I've basically been dead for the past month or so ( maybe more, I can't
remember ) but I'm back and I'm going to try to update often.

I've had a really bad writer's block and didn't have the desire to write anymore ( I still feel this way but I'm getting there ).

I was also going through a hard time with my mental health but I'm to the point where I'm going to see a therapist to try and get better etc.

This may be very short and rushed but I tried my best.

Again, thank you all so much for being patient with me!
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