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CONTAINS ; rough sex.


YOU sat at a small table in Anteiku, looking out of the window with your cup of coffee in hand, admiring the scenery outside of the cafe.

It wasn't normal for you to come here during the day, usually, you'd be here at night, Yoshimura always needing to patch up your injuries due to you always getting in some sort of trouble with the ghouls.

"Y/N, what a surprise," Touka says, causing you to look up at her.

"Were you bored?" She asks, sitting down in front of you, watching as you look into the coffee.

"Not really, I didn't have anywhere to go." Touka hums softly.

"Yoshimura's been worried about you recently." You look over to Touka from the corner of your eyes.

"How come," You ask, voice monotone of all emotion.

"You've been coming here more often and we all know you wouldn't get beaten up that bad unless it was on purpose." You place down your cup of coffee and interlock your hands together, avoiding Touka's stare.

"What's going on with you?" Touka asks in a hushed voice, leaning closer toward you.

You look up at Touka, seeing her brows creased in worry.

"I'll be fine," You say and hesitantly take her hands in your own. "I promise," You add, holding back the bitter taste in your mouth from promising such a thing.

Touka smiles in relief and stands from her seat.

"Good." She sighs and looks over her shoulder. "I have to go back to work." She smiles and waves at you and you wave back.

You look down to the black liquid of the coffee and your shoulders slump, exhaustion sweeping over you from waking up so early.

You stand from your seat and put a bill down on the table, turning and walking out of the cafe.

You'd be back there later, you always were.


YOU walk out into the dark alleyway, you head down with your hood covering your face.

"Hey, Y/N!" A booming voice yells out from behind you and you stop in your steps, already aware of who it was without having a glance.

"How was Yoshimura last night, patch you up well." Rough hands grab your upper arms and forcefully turns you around.

The male you were met with had a sickening scar that ran up from his hairline down to his jaw and that scar had caused his eye to become a faint white, making everyone aware that he was going blind in that one eye.

And of course, you were the one who had given him such a sickly scar and every night he punched and kicked you until you couldn't move for revenge.

You had healed too fast for him to make any real damages so then he decides this was going to be an every night thing.

Of course, you could kill him in an instant but you didn't want to, you didn't want to open up the gates for that monster of you to escape again.

"No words today?" He asks, a cruel grin placed upon his lips.

"If I were to speak it wouldn't change anything, would it?" You yank his arms off of you and take a large step back, uncomfortable with how close the two of you were together.

"Hey, don't be scared." He tries to take a step toward you again and you take another back, clenching your fists to stop that lock within you from breaking in pieces.

He grabs your arms again so you were both face to face but this time it felt different, more fearful.

You clench your jaw and slam your knee upwards, hitting him in the balls.

He falls to the ground and you kick him in the ribs.

All the nights of him beating you flashed before your eyes and you kept kicking him, grabbing him and throwing him like a rag doll.

You smash his head continuously on the brick wall ane freeze as you feel a presence behind you.

You snap your head to the side, seeing a male with pure white hair standing there with a mask one covering his right eye.

You look down to the male, his blood smeared on the wall and floor, his face smashed until it was unrecognisable.

Your eyes widen and you kick yourself backwards, your chest rapidly rising up and down, your head racing with thoughts.

"It's not your fault," The male says, his quiet steps nearing you.

"He was going to do something instead of hurting you." He crouches and his head appears beside yours.

"He deserved it," he whispers in your ear as you shake in fear from the beast that had escaped you once again.

"Would you like to go somewhere," he suddenly asks and you look at him, your hands shaking.

"W-Where?" He smiles and holds his hand out to you.

"You'll see." You look over to the man on the ground, lifelessly laying there with blood spilling from his head.

You turn toward the white-haired male again and grabbed his hand, allowing him to take you anywhere he wanted, even if it was to your death.


YOU stand in the room, watching as the male removed his mask, back facing toward you.

"What is your name," He asks you, not yet turning around for you to see who he was.

"Y/N," You say softly, rubbing your hands together as your wall slowly builds itself back up.

"I've been watching you for the past few months, constantly getting beaten by that man. I couldn't exactly pinpoint why he was doing it or why you had allowed him to." You walk over to a chair and sit down, crossing your legs over one another.

"I had given him that scar on his face," You say, silently watching as he walks over to several spots to grab things.

"Ah, that was quite a nasty scar." He slightly turns his head to take a slight peek at you, only revealing the half of his face.

"Come here." You stand without any thought and walk over to him, your steps quiet in the silent room.

He grabs your hand and pulls you in front of him, placing your hand onto the pot of hot water.

"Have you ever been taught to make coffee before?" He asks, his warm breath hitting your ear.

"No," You whisper and he pulls your hand up with the pot and pours the hot water into the coffee beans.

The two of you stay silent, you watching as he directs your hand to certain places.

"You haven't told me your name yet," You say, not daring to look at his face.

He stops his movements. "My name?" He asks and you nod.

"Don't you want to look at me as I tell you?" You look down to the small table and shake your head.

He slams the pot of water down and turns you around, his eyes staring into yours.

He grabs your face and roughly presses his lips against yours, running his hands down your sides to grasp your hips.

You place a hand under his jaw to cup his neck, trying your best to keep up with his desperate tongue searching every inch of your mouth.

He pushes the coffee and pit of water until it slams onto the ground, grabbing your upper thighs and pulling you up onto the table.

You bite your lip as his lips trail down your neck, sucking hickeys and biting on every spot, making your insides tingle.

He runs his hands up your thighs, licking along your collarbone and pushing his hips up against yours.

You roll your head to the side and tangle your fingers in his hair, letting out small whines of pleasure.

He pulls his head up and looks at you and you almost melt.

He was undeniably handsome and anyone that would see him without his mask would know this.

He grabs your hips and pulls you closer to him, grinding himself against your shorts.

You pull at his pants, legs shaking softly from your desperation for more.

He watches you silently and pulls down his pants and then yours.

The two of you were naked on your bottom halves, but your shirts and jumpers remained on, as you were both much too horny to even remove the extra pieces of clothing.

He runs his nose up and down your jaw as he teases your slit with his tip, lubing himself up before he pushes in.

You breathe in and hold your breath as he slowly pushes inside of you, being careful to not hurt you.

You wince softly as he pushes past your walls to enter you entirely and once he was completely in, he stops his movements and watches you.

You grip the edge of the table, digging your nails into the wood due to the stinging pain inside of you.

After a few more seconds pass the pain numbs and it replaces itself with pleasure.

You wrap your arms around his torso and buck your hips, shakily moaning to the slight amount of pleasure.

He places his hands on your thighs and pulls out until his tip was just in and then slams right back into you.

You moan out loudly and pull on his shirt.

He now slams into you mercilessly, not giving you a break, endlessly making you feel on cloud nine.

"Tight..." He mumbles, gripping your thighs harshly. "So tight," he says again and throws his head back, biting his lip as he increases his speed.

He was rapidly slamming into you, your skin clapping loudly like a harsh whip in the room.

"A-Ah," You shakily moan, hiding your face in the crook of his neck as your legs begin to furiously shake.

He bites your neck and sucks, thrusting into you with all his strength and speed, desperately trying to reach yours and his high.

Soon his hips and movements become sloppy, indicating that he was almost there.

You tighten around him, your liquids coating his member.

He pulls out quickly and cums onto your upper stomach.

He puffs with you, his head down as sweat drops from his forehead.

"Kaneki," He says to you.

You laugh breathlessly and place your head onto his shoulder in exhaustion.


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