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in which i write very explicit smuts about anime characters i desire . ( please do not steal my work ! ) Β©sugievs. ONGOING.

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! ! all gifs used in this book
are not mine , credit to the
owners ! !

hello horny weebs ,
my name is Emily and i am
the creator of this smut book.

i decided making this book
would be the best idea instead
of always reading others smut
books that do not contain things
i'd wish them to so , here we are.

if you do not have any nice
words regarding my writing
then i suggest you to leave
since i am not even going to
bother with your shit ('β–½ο½€)

all people are welcome here ,
this is a x female reader smut book.

im sorry but i do not write boy x boy
ships , considering i am a female and
writing those could put the wrong message
out there. i do apologise.

i update quite slow due to my
own personal problems and my
lack of ideas but other than that ,
we should be good.

i hope you all enjoy this book
of mine !

grab your bible and holy water
bitches , since this is one hell
of a horny ass fucking ride.
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