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CONTAINS ; rough sex,
grinding, masturbation.


YOU were known as the silent type in your class, never speaking and always minding your own business.

Occasionally a boy would tease you for not having any friends but usually, you'd shut them up with a glare, since you also had an easy worked up temper and annoyance level.

Teachers tended to call you out in front of the entire class for not listening and staring off into nowhere, of course, you hated whenever people looked at you.

The true reason why you never listened in class was because you never understood anything, everyone thinks it was because you thought you could do anything you wanted when really, that was beside the fact.

"Today, I'm going to need you guys in pairs of two to finish your monthly assignment." Everyone looks at each other, already knowing who they were going to choose as their partner.

You sigh and lean your chin into your palm, staring out of the window beside your desk, once again knowing you had to do an assignment on your own - one that you wouldn't even begin.

"Y/N, you need to choose a partner." You look over at your teacher, standing at the front of your desk.

"Everyone already has a partner," you mumble quietly, your hand gripping your skirt, a habit you did whenever you spoke to someone.

Alongside being silent and having an easily acquired anger problem, you were awkward and shy and your anxiety made it almost impossible to speak to anyone.

"Kenma, can you please work with Y/N for this assignment?" Kenma slowly looks up from where he sat, eyes slightly widening as he looks at the beautiful girl in front of their teacher.

You turn you head to look at Kenma and watch as his head quickly snaps to the side.

He nods his head and slowly stands from his seat, walking over to your desk with his bag in hand and sat down next to you.

The teacher smiles and walks back to her desk, explaining what your assignment was on and what you were going to do for the remaining of the class period.

Everyone begins to speak loudly and decide on topics they were going to do for the assignment.

"Um, hi." You peek at Kenma from the corner of your eye, your two hands furiously fiddling with one another underneath the desk - away from Kenma's line of view.

You nod your head in acknowledgement and look down to the desk, thoughts racing through your mind.

Kenma looks at the other side of the class, his friend Kuroo raises a brow and waves his hand, indicating for him to make more conversation with his partner for the month.

"What's your name?" Kenma decides to ask and silently waits as Y/N looks at him, her eyes hard and guarding.

"You already know," she responds quietly, her fringe falling into her line of vision.

Kenma watches her, his eyes looking over the colours of her hair.

The front of Y/N's hair was a bright red, whereas the rest was a Y/H/C.

Her hair wasn't too long yet not too short so it flowed in waves at the top of her back.

Y/N looks at Kenma and he quickly looks away like earlier and she continues to stare at the side of his face.

Kenma could still feel your glare on his face as he tried his best to prevent himself from looking at you.

You look away from Kenma and slump more in your seat, your face almost touching the desk.

"Do you want to study tonight?" Kenma suddenly asks.

You look up again and search his face, making sure he was being serious.

"Uh... yes?" You question your response, your voice only a few octaves higher than a whisper.

"My house is pretty loud so-" you nod your head before Kenma could respond.

"You can walk with me to my house," your voice drops into a soft velvety sound, eyes looking around the room so you don't need to look at Kenma.

"Good idea." Kenma gives you one last look before staring at the front of the classroom, respectfully giving you your privacy.


YOU wait at the gate at the end of the day, hands in your overly large jacket as you stare at your feet.

You weren't entirely sure if Kenma was going to come right away since he was in Nekoma's volleyball club and so he had to practice every day.

Your thoughts were answered once you saw Kenma walking towards you.

"Hey," he says in a slightly monotone voice and you nod.

You turn and begin to walk, Kenma following at your slow pace.

The cold air hits your face, causing your hair to fly in all directions before it settles down, now your head looking windblown.

You had a headband on, splitting your dyed front and natural hair from one another.

Kenma watches your back as you walk, his eyes looking over your jumper that reached the middle of your thighs and covered your small hands.

He took note of the fact that you probably had the jumper at such a large size for your own comfort, much because there were a lot of hormonal boys at Nekoma high.

Kenma looks down more, looking at your legs as you walked in the calming spring air.

Kenma shakes his head, forcing his eyes away from you.

You look behind your shoulder, looking at Kenma as he stares to the side, looking at all the trees moving in the afternoon air.

"You can walk beside me," you say, loud enough for Kenma to hear.

He looks up to you, watching as your face was soft instead of guarded like usual.

Kenma blinks and then speeds up, now walking entirely at your pace.

You look at him for a few more seconds before looking ahead of yourself again, your house only a block away.

The walk to your home was silent the rest of the way, both you and Kenma comfortable.

But soon when you reached the street of your house, you started to feel uncomfortable.

You never brought anyone to your house since you always decided your privacy was to remain yours and no one else's to invade.

You opened your front door and walked in, kicking off your shoes at the side of the door and taking your jumper off and placing it onto the rack next to the shoes.

"Make yourself comfortable," you mumble, walking over to the kitchen.

Kenma takes his time taking off his shoes and jacket, looking around the front of your house.

It showed all traces of you and who you were, lights and posters hanging up on the wall, flowers and air fresheners making your home smell nice.

Kenma walks to where you went and sat at the kitchen counter, watching you as you make a pot of tea.

"Do you live with anyone?" Kenma suddenly asks, breaking the silence.

"No." Kenma watches you in confusion as you turn towards the pot, taking it off the stovetop and pouring it into two cups.

You place one of the cups in front of Kenma.

"Oh, I just thought..." Kenma drifts off, not wanting to force you into answering his questions.

You shrug and take a sip from your cup.

Kenma picks up the warm cup of tea and tastes it.

You lived on the 7th level of the apartments, by yourself.

Your parents decided to get you your own apartment last year since you never spoke to them and acted as if you lived in your own room all the time, they got sick of your silence and got this apartment.

You didn't like to think about this since the thought "mommy and daddies money" flows in your mind, it makes you uncomfortable.

You put down your cup and walk to your bag, pulling out your school book and pen, placing it onto the kitchen counter.

"I wasn't going to do anything because I thought I was going to be by myself for this assignment so..." Kenma looks up, slightly shocked that you had finally said more than five words.

"Oh um, yeah." Kenma puts down his cup and slightly leans over the kitchen counter, looking at the blank page of the book in front of the two of you.

"To be honest, I wasn't even listening," You say quietly and Kenma smiles slightly.

"Neither." You look at Kenma, his eyes staring deeply into yours.

Your cheeks turn a light pink and you clear your throat, looking away from him.

"I'll be back." You quickly walk out of the room and down the hallway to your bedroom.

Once the door was closed, you slide down the wall, your head between your knees as you sit on the floor.

You felt something different in you from the way Kenma had looked at you, you were flustered and... horny.

You get up and unbutton your school shirt and pop open the two buttons on your skirt.

"I have an idea-" the door opens and you turn, your eyes wide as you stare at Kenma.

Kenma pauses, mouth slightly popping open with his eyes.

"U-Um." He swallows thickly, blinking a few times to make sure he wasn't imagining this.

You stood in embarrassment, your bra visible and your skirt slightly hanging on your love handles.

Oh god, I didn't think she'd be changing, Kenma thinks to himself, still too shocked to even speak.

"Yes?" You ask, trying to keep your composure.

"S-Sorry, I-I didn't know," Kenma apologises, still not exiting the bedroom.

You look at Kenma, noting that he didn't look sorry at all.

You watch as he quickly looks down to his crotch and covers it with the bottom of his shirt.

"B-Bathroom?" You stare at him with wide eyes and point to the room just beside yours.

Kenma laugh nervously and waves, slamming the door closed and running into the bathroom.

You stand there and look down to your body.

You look at the mirror on your wall, your face looking up and down each curve on you.

This isn't pretty, you think and pull off your shirt and skirt, walking over to your closet for a change of clothes.

Oh god, oh god, Kenma frantically thinks to himself, looking down at his very noticeable erection through his school pants.

It only seems to pain him more at the picture of Y/N never seems to want to leave his mind.

Kenma pushes the toilet seat down and sits on top of it, pulling down his pants until he was in his boxers.

I'm such a perv... Kenma reaches into his boxers and begins to slide his hand up and down along his member, his eyes fluttering closed as he leans his head back.

"S-Shit," he stammers in pleasure, quickening his pace.

He knew this wasn't a good thing to do, especially in someone else's home, to said person just because he walked in on them changing.

"T-That's it," Kenma moans out, his hand now moving quickly as he thinks about Y/N's breasts overflowing in her black lacy bra.

Two knocks on the door make him jump.

"Kenma? You've been in there for a while." Kenma furrows his brows together and picks up his phone checking the time and realises he actually has been in here for longer than he thought.

Was he really masturbating for that long? He hasn't even reached close to his climax...

"Are you okay?" Kenma could hear her voice more clearly now, instead of just hearing her whisper or respond quietly.

"I'm fine!" He quickly pulls his hand out of his boxers, grabbing his school pants and yanking them back up.

He flushes the toilet and rushes over to the sink, dosing his hand in soap.

Once his hands were cleaned, he quickly pulls the door open, revealing a startled Y/N.

"Sorry," he apologises, his cheeks a bright red.

Y/N cocks her head to the side. "It's fine," she now responds softly, back to her quiet voice.

Kenma follows the shorter female to her living room, trying to act as if he hadn't seen her undressing or that he was masturbating to her in her bathroom.

Yet the one thing he was most confused about was how she was so calm about it. Surely she'd be embarrassed or awkward since a boy had walked in on her changing.

Unless she liked it? Kenma shakes his head to his thought.

Kenma takes his time to look at what she was wearing now.

He gulps as he looks over her curves.

She wore a white tanktop with high-waisted tight black shorts, both pieces of clothing showing her body perfectly.

Kenma sits on the couch, grabbing his book quickly and putting it into his lap, feeling the discomfort as his erection painfully hits his school book.

"Are you okay?" Y/N asks, her face innocent.

Kenma shakes his head quickly, eyes wide and cheeks red.

Y/N furrows her brows and looks to his lap, watching as his knuckles turn a white from how tight he was gripping his book.

"Are you... sure?" She asks again.

"Yes," Kenma squeaks out, indicating clearly for Y/N that he wasn't okay.

Y/N frowns and grabs the book.

Kenma tries to fight for it back but she manages to snatch it away from him as he gets distracted by the position she was in.

Her body leant over, trying to grab the book, her ass pointing up in the air and her breasts on full view.

Kenma's erection becomes more painful by the second.

Y/N eyes widen as she pulls the book away, his erection finally revealed to her.

"O-Oh," she breathes out almost silently, shocked by her sudden discovery.

You blink and reach out, placing your hand over the large tent in Kenma's pants.

Kenma shakily moans and you snatch your hand back, startled by his pleasured response.

You look up at Kenma and he almost breaks, his erection becoming harder to your most innocent expression.

You look back at his tent and begin to rub it, focused on hearing his continuous moans hitting your ears, bringing you to want to hear more of him.

You pull at his belt and then work on the buttons of his pants, pulling them down as Kenma pulls upwards for you to drag them off.

You look at the wet spot on his boxers and sit up, pulling your shorts down to reveal your lacy black underwear.

You climb onto Kenma's lap, placing your hands on his shoulders and sit down onto his erection.

Kenma huffs out and places his hands onto your love handles, looking at you as your face becomes flustered.

You begin to circle your hips over Kenma's and you moan softly, leaning forward so your face was besides Kenma's.

Kenma moans along with you as you grind down onto him and his sounds makes you want to hear more.

You move faster and moan quietly in his ear.

Kenma shivers and thrusts his hips up.

You pull your shirt off, once again revealing your overflowing breasts in your black lacy bra.

Kenma breathes out a moan, latching his lips onto your neck and begins to suck hickeys all over your skin.

You moan louder this time, roughly moving up and down over him as he thrusts up, your body taken over by pleasure.

Kenma pulls back, his lips swollen and red from kissing all over your neck.

You slam your lips together, yanking roughly at his hair and he moans into your mouth, causing you to automatically moan back at him.

Kenma digs his fingertips into your love handles, moving you more furiously over his crotch, your lips fighting for dominance.

You unbutton Kenma's shirt, still kissing him and moving your clothed crotches over each other.

Kenma pulls his shirt off and throws it to the floor and disconnects your lips, a string of both of your saliva between the two of you.

"You're so hot," Kenma whispers to you and your eyes widen.

You shake your head and look down, pulling your body up and continuing to move against his erection.

You throw your head back and moan and Kenma watches your face as it contorts in pleasure.

Kenma bites his lip and reaches behind your back, struggling for a few seconds before he unclasps your bra.

Kenma pulls your bra off and instantly starts to suck on your breast, one of his hand cupping your hips and the other kneading the breast he wasn't paying his utmost attention towards.

"K-Kenma," you moan out, breathing heavily.

Kenma moves his lips to the other breast, sucking hickeys onto your skin before paying attention to the tip of your nipple.

You buck your hips over his and Kenma moans against your breast, the vibration causes you to moan more.

Kenma moves back, letting go of your breast with a pop.

Kenma watches you as you grind against him, your lip in your mouth, your eyes closed and fluttering whenever you moan, your cheeks flushed red in pleasure, your tongue coming out every so often to lick your plump lips.

Kenma noticed everything small about you.

Kenma slams you onto your back on the couch, now above you.

You watch as he pulls your panties off, his hands never stopping to roam over everything you had to give him.

"You're perfect," Kenma whispers before latching his lips onto your clit.

You moan out loudly, one hand reaching out for his head and the other holding the back of the couch.

You throw your head back and buck your hips up and whine when Kenma pins them down to the couch.

"Don't move." You look down at Kenma, watching as he stares at you and works on you down there.

Kenma swore he saw the most goddess of a lady right now, in this position he was in, he could see your body perfectly as you wither beneath him because of him.

What he was doing was pleasuring you and Kenma didn't want anyone but him to ever do this.

You gasp when his wet muscle enters you and your back arches for more.

Kenma moans into your heat and the vibrations add more to the bliss you were feeling.

Kenma pulls back and you look at him, your lips pouting out in defeat.

"Bed?" Kenma asks and you nod.

Kenma picks you up and rushes over to your bedroom.

He kicks the door open and throws you down.

You watch as he pulls down his boxers, showing his member.

You breathe out shakily to his size.

"Scared?" You look back at his face as he slowly climbs onto the bed.

"Remember-" he pushes your legs wide open, sliding his hands up the curve of your hips "-you started this," he whispers into your ear and thrusts in roughly.

You scream out in pain and Kenma looks at you, rubbing your cheek soothingly.

"Tell me when to move," he forcefully says, breathing heavily as you clench tightly around him.

You close your eyes as your mouth pops open.

"Now," you whisper softly.

Kenma wasted no time in thrusting into you roughly.

You moan out and arch you back so that your breasts were touching his chest.

"This doesn't feel right," Kenma says and goes onto his back, pulling you with him.

"Dominance... seems more like your thing." You furrow your brows at Kenma and cock your head to the side.

You place your hands onto his chest and begin to slowly bounce on him, increasing your speed the more time that went by.

You grab one of your breasts and bite your lip down at Kenma.

Kenma moans out at you as he watches your bodies connect with hooded eyes.

You hum out in pleasure and move harder, your ass slapping his thighs.

You wince as he hits the part deep within you.

Kenma notices and grips your waist, slamming up into you in that same place with all his thrusts.

You moan loudly and fall onto his chest, allowing him to do all the work this time.

Kenma groans loudly as you tighten around him, not needing words to tell him that you were close.

"Almost there," Kenma puffs out and thrusts up more quickly.

Your legs shake as Kenma thrusts into you, your climax dangerously close.

Suddenly Kenma pulls out and you whine loudly to the loss of contact.

"Ass in the air," Kenma orders and you obey.

Kenma gets onto his knees behind you and teases your slit with the tip of his length and suddenly slams back into you.

Your elbows instantly give out and you fall face-first into the mattress.

"Fuck, you're so hot," Kenma moans out, gripping tightly onto your hips as he thrusts more deeply.

"Oh fuck!" You scream out, fisting your mattress.

"I'm gonna cum," You warn Kenma and he moans in response.

Your legs furiously shake as your climax hits into you like a wave, overflowing your senses.

You clench around Kenma as your liquid coats his member.

Kenma grunts and pulls out of you, quickly wrapping his hand around his length to finish himself off.

Kenma's cum hits your back and you sigh, the liquid somewhat calming to the sweat covering your body.

You fall down as Kenma does and look up at him.

Kenma looks into your eyes.

"Nice study session," you mumble and close your eyes.

"Yeah," Kenma agrees and closing his eyes beside you.
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