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CONTAINS ; public sex ( ? ),
rough/quick sex.


YOU watch Kageyama as he practices with his team after school, your chin placed into the palm of your hand as your eyes lazily dart across the room with the ball.

Kageyama would always look at you, making sure you were still interested with the practice since he didn't want you to be bored at all whilst watching him.

Although this time, you had met Kageyama's stare with a monotone look.

Kageyama's eyes widen once he looks you over.

You were seated on the outlines of the court, your legs crossed, eyes lided and your mouth opened the slightest and that look gave Kageyama all he needed to finish the practice as quick as he could.

You would watch Kageyama uncomfortably shift on his toes, pulling his shirt down occasionally to cover his crotch and sending weak aimed sets to Hinata.

You were confused like you normally were with Kageyama and watched in curiosity, wondering why he had such a drastic change in moods.

It was rare to see your boyfriend focused on something other than volleyball.

"Kageyama!" Y/N yells out, catching her boyfriends attention. "What's wrong?" Y/N asks with a softer tone when Kageyama is in front of her.

Kageyama looks over his shoulder at his teammates, all of then occupied and not paying attention to the couple.

Kageyama turns back toward Y/N and leans down to her ear. "I'm horny," he whispers softly and only loud enough for her to hear.

Kageyama pulls back to see Y/N's reaction and much like always, her cheeks were a red, eyes wide, mouth open and she wore her most innocent expression.

No matter how kinky the short female was she always remained to be the most innocent of them all when it comes to sex, even if she's done it several times.

"W-What am I supposed to do about that," Y/N whines softly, crossing her legs tightly as she becomes aroused with the thought of what may happen between her and Kageyama later.

"Well-" Kageyama leans back to her ear "-you can suck me off and ride me all night long." Y/N stiffens to Kageyama's words and stares off with a blank look.

"Um-" Y/N becomes more flustered by the second as she takes several glances to Kageyama's teammates "-how about we do a quick one in the storage room," Y/N suggests, pointing the room behind her.

Kageyama's eyes widens and he looks back to the team, seeing that all of them were much more occupied on what moves they should try.

"How quick is quick?" Kageyama asks Y/N and she shrugs.

"As quick as you want." Kageyama swallows thickly. His girlfriend wore a innocent expression with a shine in her eyes, ready to meet the thrill of having sex in a place with several people around to possibly hear it.

"What if somebody finds out." Y/N pouts at Kageyama and pokes his chin. "Aren't you ready for the risk?" Kageyama mumbles in response.

Kageyama swore that sometimes Y/N was more reckless than he was at times when it came to their hormones.

Kageyama grabs Y/N's hand and pulls her into the storage room whilst closing the door and he clicks on the small light so they could see one another.

Kageyama smashes his lips against Y/N's at once, his fingers softly holding both sides of her face as he furiously kisses her.

"Mmph, Kageyama," Y/N mumbles against his lips, her fingers tangled in his dark hair.

Kageyama pushes Y/N's skirt up and disconnects their lips, focusing on getting as much skin revealed without taking off her clothes entirely.

Y/N watches Kageyama while breathing heavily, her eyes wide and wild with the possibilites of what could happen in the next few minutes.

Kageyama turns her around and pushes her up against the wall, pulling out her hips so her ass is revealed to him.

Kageyama hums and pulls down his shorts and they drop to his ankles.

Y/N pushes her ass out more for Kageyama, her hands pressed against the wall as her head drops down, her eyes closed and ready.

Kageyama presses his clothed crotch against Y/N's ass and he grinds roughly into her, causing Y/N to let out a moan and Kageyama shoves two of his fingers into her mouth, muffling any sounds she makes so no one can hear them.

Kageyama pulls his hips away and pulls both of their underwear down.

Kageyama leans down, his chest pressing against her back, his lips brushing faintly against her ear.

"I need you to be quiet for me," Kageyama whispers huskily, his hands roughly grabing her hips and pulling them closer to him.

His shaft rubs up and down along Y/N's slit and she bites down onto her lip.

"If you keep teasing me, I won't be able to," Y/N threatens and Kageyama raises a brow and turns her head, their eyes now connected.

"Pardon?" He thrusts his hips up, his member pressed firmly against her clit.

Y/N bites her lip and hums in pleasure, her palms pressing against the wall with more force.

"P-Please," she begs, her legs faintly trembling as the teasing becomes almost unbearable.

"Tell me what you want and I'll do it," Kageyama says, holding onto the last few seconds of patience he has.

"I want you to be fast and rough, more than you usually are." Kageyama grabs her hips and lines himself up.

"Gladly," he whispers before roughly forcing himself in.

Y/N covers her mouth as she moans loudly into her hand, her moans endless as Kageyama begins to pound into her from behind.

The look of pleasure on Y/N's face was contagious and Kageyama wanted to see more of it and so he goes quicker.

The pounding and speed was too much for Y/N and so her hand drops and her eyes roll heavily back into her head as her mouth falls open, the only sounds is almost silent mewls exiting her mouth.

Kageyama huffs out, the sound of their skin slapping together like whips was intoxicating.

Kageyama bends so his chest is pressed against her back once again and grabs her breast over the material roughly and grabs her throat.

Y/N puffs out, her legs shaking furiously to the pleasureful stimulation and Kageyama moans quietly into her ear.

Y/N stiffens to the sound and pushes her hips out more, needing only a few more rough thrusts to reach her end.

Kageyama grunts out and Y/N's legs shake more than before as she reaches dangerously close to her climax.

Kageyama's movements become sloppy as he closes in on his high, the tight clench of her around him making it almost impossible to endure more.

Y/N whines and lets go, her liquid squirting out of her and all over the two and Kageyama pulls out, his cum spraying onto her ass.

Y/N and Kageyama bend over, trying to catch their breaths.

"Do you guys need towels?" Suga yells out and they both freeze.

"Don't worry, its just me - everyone left." Kageyama looks to Y/N and she looks back to him, the both of them deeply confused to why the team had left so suddenly.

"Believe it or not, you two have been in there for a while." Y/N's eyes widen and she stands straight, her legs shaking as she stretches her arms out.

So much for a quickie.
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