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CONTAINS ; public sex ( ? ),
foreplay ( fingering ), first time,
rough sex.


YOU sat on the desk with your legs dangling, patiently waiting for your boyfriend Yamaguchi to come from volleyball practice and into your english class.

It may sound strange, you being a teenage girl in a english class all by yourself but it really wasn't when you get the full explanation.

You had asked the teacher if you could stay behind after school to write your english essay, in which she accepted.

You were trusted in being in the classroom by yourself, although it occasionally gave you jump scares because of your extreme paranoia of being by yourself.

You look out of the window and watch as the sky becomes a faint orange, the sun only now beginning to set.

You let out a sigh and look to your feet as they swing in the air, trying your best to occupy yourself through your boredom.

You sigh again and grab your bag, swinging it over your shoulder and walking out of the classroom, on the hunt to find your boyfriend Yamaguchi.

The halls were quiet and you hummed softly, trying your best to push your paranoia to the back of your head.

"Y/N!" You hear a familiar voice call out your name, you furrow your brows and turn your head, catching a glimpse of your boyfriends dark greyish green hair.

You stop in your steps and wait for him to meet you.

Yamaguchi grabs you by your waist and slams his lips against yours, catching you off-guard.

Your eyes widen before you begin to kiss him back, your hands slowly moving to his hair and tangling themselves into the strands.

Yamaguchi pulls apart from your kiss, pressing his forehead against yours as he puffs out heavily.

"Yamaguchi, are you okay?" You ask and he shakes his head in response.

"Can you do something for me." He leans slightly back so he could look into your eyes.

"Of course." He grabs your hand and pulls you back down the hallway to your english classroom, closing and locking the door behind him.

You stand at the door in confusion as he goes up to all the blinds, yanking them down so no sort of light enters the room.

"Yama-" You were cut off as his lips captured yours in a desperate kiss once again, him holding your elbows as he walks backwards slowly.

You were still confused to what was wrong with him but you didn't go against his actions.

Yamaguchi bumps into a desk and detaches his lips from yours, a line of your connected saliva stringing out between the two of you.

You stood in front of him, your Y/E/C eyes shining in innocence.

Yamaguchi blushes brightly and caresses your cheek with the tips of his fingers, his eyes admiring your beauty.

"I'm not saying I didn't like that makeout session but... why are you doing this?" You ask in confusion and Yamaguchi wraps an arm around your waist.

"In volleyball practice the third years were talking about u-uh, sexual interaction.." You raise a brow at Yamaguchi and look around in the room the two of you were in.

"And so you decided bringing me back to the english room and closing everything was going to..?"

"Make things more private for us so we can do those things." Your eyes widen in surprise.

"Sex?" You squeak, not believing what your so called 'innocent' boyfriend was saying.

"And... some oral giving." You look down to his hand as he rubs your hip in soft circles.

You look back to Yamaguchi and stare at him in silence, still not entirely believing this was all real.

"I was overheard them speaking about it and what to do and how it felt... and then I started imagining doing those things to you, having you beneath me, moaning out my name-" You cover his mouth, your cheeks a bright red due to being embarrassed.

Yamaguchi grabs your wrist and pulls your arm, moving your hand from his mouth.

"I then asked Tsukishima about it and then he explained some more, about how I can't go overboard and need to do some foreplay to make it less painful for you." You whine softly and cover your face with your hands.

"You talked to Tsukishima about doing it with me," You groan.

"He said I needed a condom though," Yamaguchi says, not paying attention to your words.

You peek at Yamaguchi from between your fingers.

"Then what are you doing now?" You drop your hands and inch your head to the side.

"Well... Hinata gave me one-"

"Wait, Hinata?!" You almost shout aloud and Yamaguchi hushes you, pressing a finger to his lips.

"Yes, Y/N, Hinata." Yamaguchi sighs and tils his head backwards.

You look at the exposed skin on his neck.

Yamaguchi switches your positions so that you were now on the desk, his hands on both sides of you, trapping you in.

"I'll be nice," Yamaguchi whispers, his breath softly brushing against your lips, his eyes bright in curiosity and soft in reassurance.

You watch him in silence for a few seconds, contemplating to yourself.

It would obviously hurt with the whole sex part and that's the one thing you weren't looking forward to, that's the only reason you hadn't done more with Yamaguchi.

"I guess..." You say, looking down to your dangling feet.

That was all Yamaguchi needed to do what he wanted because as soon as those words had escaped your mouth, his lips were instantly on yours as his hands rub you all over.

Your eyes flutter closed as his lips press against your neck.

Yamaguchi presses his bulge against your clothed front, pushing your skirt slightly up to reveal your upper thighs and the bottom of your panties.

You moan out softly, digging your nails into his arms.

Yamaguchi groans and pulls down your panties, yanking your skirt upwards and pulling you to the edge of the desk.

You watch his hands with hooded eyes as he rubs you softly, his fingers lightly brushing against your entrance.

He stops his movements and looks at you as he pushes a finger in, going slowly and carefully to hurt you the least he can.

Your head falls onto his shoulder, the pain not bad and unbearable yet just a slight sting.

Yamaguchi starts pumping his finger in and out of you.

At first it felt uncomfortable but after a few seconds the pleasure hit you.

You began to moan into Yamaguchi's ear, latching onto him tightly.

Yamaguchi pushes in another finger and begins to circle his thumb over your clit.

You throw your head back and buck your hips against his hand, your legs softly trembling.

"That's a good girl," Yamaguchi whispers, increasing his speed.

You felt a shock to his words but continued to moan, that was normal, wasn't it? Dirty words during foreplay and sex?

Your climax quickly begins to build up, your stomach clenching and your insides gripping onto Yamaguchi's fingers.

Yamaguchi watches you as you unravel, eyes rolling into the back of your head, hips bucking furiously.

He continues to push his fingers in and out of you until you climb down from you high.

You puff out heavily and Yamaguchi removes his fingers.

He stares at his two fingers and slowly pushes them into his mouth and as soon as he gets your taste, he hums in pleasure.

You pull at his belt and push his pants down, wanting more despite your recent orgasm.

Yamaguchi pulls a box of condoms from his pocket, reaching in the box for a packet and then dropping it to the ground.

You pull down his briefs, eyes widening to his size.

Yamaguchi pulls the packet open with his teeth and places the condom over his member.

He holds your thighs as he grazes his tip against your slit, his eyes fluttering softly to the feeling.

You mewl at him, running your hands under his shirt and scratching at his back.

Yamaguchi slowly pushes into your entrance and your eyes close tightly.

Tears instantly pricked the corner of your eyes, his member stretching you out more and more as he goes in all the way.

After seconds the pain becomes a numb and so you open your eyes, giving Yamaguchi a soft nod of approval.

Yamaguchi thrusts in and out softly and slowly, every few seconds gaining more speed and strength.

You watch as his chest heavs up and down, his hands digging into your thighs as he tries his best to restrain himself.

You quietly moan as the pleasure kicks in for you.

Yamaguchi's eyes widen and then begins to slam into you, causing you to fall back onto the desk, his arms wrapping around your legs as he throws them over his shoulders.

You moan out loudly, tears streaming down your face in euphoria.

Yamaguchi groans at your vulnerable state, everything about you at this moment beautiful and hot to him.

Yamaguchi penetrates you, your skin clapping like a whip in the silent classroom.

Your legs softly tremble, your stomach clenching once again.

You grip Yamaguchi, making him shakily moan to the feeling.

You whimper softly and grip the desk, your body getting thrown like a doll.

Yamaguchi spreads your legs as far as he could and buries himself inside of you.

The tight clenching in your stomach bursts and your liquids coat his member.

Yamaguchi closes his eyes as he orgasms, sweat droplets falling from his forehead.

Yamaguchi pulls out of you and puts down your legs, running his finger down your jaw.

"You're beautiful when you look like this," he tells you softly and you look at him, smiling in exhaustion.


A / N ; i love ruining everyone's view on the innocent characters in anime .

so , as i said in one of my chapters before , i update quite slow and i may update even slower now due to my constant state of avoiding everyone and having no energy despite doing nothing .

uh , yeah . i'm sorry if i someday randomly disappear or stop saying things and such .

i may have my first appointment for therapy either this week or next week and that's all .
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