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CONTAINS ; biting,
rough sex.


YOU sit on Kenma's bed, your phone in hand as you look through the pictures you have taken of him in the past few months of the two of you dating.

Kenma was sitting in front of his television with his controller in hand, eyes focused entirely on his game.

You didn't mind that he wasn't paying attention to you, you allowed him to do whatever he wanted since he had to always go through days of no rest for his volleyball practice.

Like Kenma, you enjoyed your silence and personal space, enjoying the comfort of your home or room so you don't have to be pulled into the discomfort of the real and social world.

Kenma peeks over his shoulder to you as you lay on his bed, phone raised up as you scroll through your photo gallery.

He purses his lips and taps his controller in thought, wondering if he should go onto the bed beside you.

You look over to Kenma as he looks to you and you both hold eye contact for a few seconds before you both look away with a light blush spreaded along your cheeks.

Kenma looks into his lap, his hair brushing against his skin as he looks down.

Kenma slowly peeks over his shoulder to see you in a different position.

You were sitting up, your back pressed against the wall as you pull and rub your lips, your large thighs in your short shorts prominent as the same with your breasts.

Your arms close together had caused them to push against another, making them more noticeable.

Kenma's eyes widen and you smile at your phone from a picture of him looking at you from a distance as you took a photo to post online.

Kenma looks back to his television as his game plays, gripping his controller roughly as he hardens.

"Kenma?" You ask and he looks at you, his lips pushing out in a slight pout as he zones out from your body.

You blush softly, looking down to your legs.

You weren't slim like most girls your age. You were chubby, a feature of yours that makes you always cover your frame with baggy pieces of clothing.

"Yes?" he says lightly and you turn your phone towards him.

"Can we take a photo? I want to update my camera roll." Kenma raises a brow softly to himself but doesn't question you and sits down beside you.

You look at him as he looks at your phone.

Despite being 5'6 he was still taller than you, sometimes his height gave him the advantages in your intimate moments.

You sit up and put your phone into a suitable position and smile, snapping yourself a photo, not wanting to take up too much of Kenma's time.

You look at the photo with a twinkle of light in your eyes, a small smile tugging at the corners of your mouth as Kenma smiles in the photo.

He was looking at you from the corner of his eyes in the picture and you look over to him as he watches you.

Kenma pushes your cheek lightly, indicating that he wants you to focus on him.

You stare into Kenma's eyes and he pushes you down, getting onto his knees as he pushes your legs apart, pulling them up to his hips as he leans down.

He grabs your phone and kisses your neck, taking several photos as he captures the moments of him sucking hickeys amongst your Y/S/C skin.

You close your eyes, hearing the faint snap as more photos are taken of you two.

Kenma sits up and takes photos of you beneath him. Your mouth slightly opened as he makes soft circles on your stomach, pressing his growing bulge into your front.

He pulls down your tanktop, revealing your lacy white bra and you hear the snap again.

Kenma drops your phone and bites onto the top of your plump breasts, his hands scratching at your lower back.

Kenma watches you as he sucks onto your skin, his tongue running over the fresh purple marks he makes on you.

A loud ring erupts through the room and your eyes snap open and you look over to Kenma's desk, his phone lighting up as the name "Hinata" appears.

Kenma looks at it for a few seconds before getting up, walking over to his desk and answering.

"Hello?" Kenma says into the line as he watches you with a blank expression and you look back to him.

You could still feel the faint sting and tinkle from all the marks he had already sucked onto your skin.

"Kenma!" You hear Hinata's loud voice boom from the speaker and Kenma turns his back to you.

Your legs fall onto the mattress as you look up to the ceiling, your thumbs pressing against each other as you wait patiently.

Last month was the last time both you and Kenma had done anything.

That day was great for you, even if it was caused from Kenma's frustration for losing in his game on his PC, it still gave you a lot in the process.

You hear a rip and a snip and look down, seeing Kenma's hands with a pair of scissors in them as he cuts your tanktop.

You look up to him with wide eyes and he smiles, Hinata still chatting to him.

You tanktop was cut in half and on the floor.

Kenma pulls at your shorts, showing you what he wanted without words.

You sit up and pull down your shorts and kick them to the floor, your matching white lace panties on with your bra.

Kenma runs his finger tip along your curve on your hips and torso.

"Are you busy right now?" You hear Hinata ask as kenma rubs a thumb along your lips.

You look up to him as his front was directly in front of your face.

"I'm playing right now," Kenma replies and your mouth opens as he shoves his fingers into your mouth.

"Oh, I was wondering if you wanted to come and practice with me." Kenma presses his fingers at the back of the throat and you gag softly as tears well up into your eyes.

"Maybe later?" Kenma suggests and you hear Hinata agree.

Hinata says his goodbyes to Kenma and hangs up.

Kenma looks at his lockscreen with his fingers still in your mouth.

His lockscreen was a photo of you looking down to your phone, your glasses sliding down your nose.

Kenma opens his phone and goes to his camera and takes a photo of you looking up to him, your drool running down your chin and his fingers, tears falling down your cheeks.

Kenma puts down his phone and pulls his fingers of your mouth.

Kenma taps your thigh and you get off your knees, your legs now hanging off the edge of the bed.

Kenma now was the one on his knees, pressing his lips against your panties in a soft kiss and your legs lightly shake.

"I should do this more often," Kenma says, his breath fanning over your front alongside the vibration of his voice.

Kenma rubs your lower stomach.

"I love how this part comes out, it shows how chubby you are." You look at him with your large Y/E/C eyes.

Kenma always assured you that he didn't care about how chubby you were and that you weren't as slim as most girls, always making you more comfortable in your own skin.

You watch as Kenma licks over the material of your panties and you gasp softly, your hands gripping the sheets in fists.

Kenma looks up at you as he sucks over the wet patch, his hair lightly brushing against your upper thighs.

"Don't... tease," you whisper whilst looking down to him.

Kenma smiles and pulls down your underwear, bending your knees and pushing you back more on the bed.

You wait with hooded eyes as you watch him take off his clothes.

Kenma pushes his hair behind his ear and climbs onto the bed, his arms on both sides of your head.

He leans down and bites your neck roughly, grinding against you.

You buck your hips, his member rubbing along your slit, the friction unbearable.

"I-In," you stammer, puffing lightly as he scatters bite makes along your neck.

Kenma looks up to you and thrusts his hips, making a loud whip-like sound echo in the bedroom.

"You're trying to rush things." You bite your lip as he scratches at your skin, red marks appearing.

"I'll give you anything, please just put it in," you whimper, legs trembling impatiently as he continues to grind against you.

"Anything?" You nod to his words.

"I don't want to use a condom," he tells you and look up to him.

You could see the hint of excitement in his eyes for your response, eager to try it without a condom for once.

"Then don't use one," You say without thinking, really not caring as to what the risks may be.

Kenma takes that as his cue and slams into you, not easing his way in or stretching you out.

You cover your mouth, screaming into your hand in surprise, a slight sting errupting from between your legs.

It hurt, to have him enter so abruptly without giving you any warning as he did so.

Kenma runs a finger underneath your eye, capturing a tear as it fell.

Kenma pulls your hand away from your mouth and kisses your cheek, slowly pulling out before roughly slamming himself back in.

Your head presses into the pillows, your mouth opening as a small moan escaped.

Kenma watches you as your face distorts into pleasure, your legs tightening around his waist.

Kenma grunts as he could feel you better than with the condom, his arms shaking lightly as he tries his best to contain himself.

You open your eyes a small amount, digging your fingers into his back.

Kenma flips your positions so that you were on top this time, his hooded eyes staring up at you as his hands grip your love-handles.

You press your palms against his chest and pull yourself up, your eyes fluttering closed as you feel the soft sensation of him moving inside of you.

Kenma bucks his hips roughly and your hands fall to the side of his head as you slightly fall from the strength of his thrust.

You whine softly as you go back into position, bouncing yourself onto him, your pace quickening each second.

Kenma's husky moans escapes from his mouth, making way to your ear and driving you to bounce with more strength, his moans activating a new part within you.

You suck onto his neck, his fingers digging into your soft flesh, the both of you faintly trembling as you already near your orgasm.

Kenma thrusts his hips up sloppily and you moan out, your legs trembling as you tighten around his member.

Kenma groans and pulls out.

You look at him and smile, your eyes dropping in exhaustion.


A / N ; hi ! thank you for your patience in waiting for me to update.

i'm sorry that it's taken me so long but i haven't been going through a good time lately.

i'll try to publish some smuts here and there, sorry if i disappear again.
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