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CONTAINS ; degrading,
rough sex.


AS usual, you were seated on Tsukishima's bed, staring at his wall.

Earlier his brother had guided you inside their house to wait for him to get home and so, here you were.

You were always here before Tsukishima came home, due to his volleyball practice he was always unable to meet you here or walk with you.

Although you didn't mind, he was doing something he loved, even if he claimed he didn't love it.

You look at the Dinosaur plushie that sat on one of his shelves and stand from your place on the bed, walking over to his desk, where the shelf was above.

You had your school shirt folded neatly on your bag and of course, you had a tank-top on under it, not like you're just wearing a bra in his room when there's the possibility of his brother entering to check on you or ask if you wanted any food.

You hitch your skirt onto your hips and pull up your thigh high socks, getting ready to stretch and grab his plushie.

You stand onto the tips of your toes, pressing one hand on his desk as the other reaches for the arm of the plushie.

Once you successfully captured his Dinosaur plushie, it was then when you realised there was another presence in the room, beside yourself.

You drop onto your feet and turn around quickly, looking up to your 6'2 boyfriend who stood there with his bag dropped onto the floor and his eyes wide.

You blush and hug his plushie, looking down as your short hair escapes from behind your ears.

Tsukishima averts his eyes from your face and looks to your plump breasts as they squeeze against his favourite plushie.

Your cheeks turn an even brighter red, standing there silently in embarrassment as your boyfriend watches you closely.

Tsukishima then looks back to your face as your glasses slide down your nose due to you refusing to look up and meet his eyes.

Tsukishima then takes a step toward you, another and another until he's standing right in front of you, his tall frame hovering over your average one, well, for a female that is.

You peek up at Tsukishima over your glasses, remembering the last time when you snooped in his bedroom and at his stuff.

Last time he punished you and hadn't allowed you to climax and once you did, you blacked out from exhaustion.

Tsukishima bends down to your height, his finger underneath your chin, pulling it up softly so he could see you entirely.

You looked into Tsukishima's eyes, your legs slightly trembling as you think about all the possibilities that await you.

Tsukishima then pushes you over his desk, his bulge pressed firmly against your behind, his plushie now on the floor since you had dropped it in shock.

"Did you know how you looked when you were in that position," Tsukishima asks you and you didn't dare to respond.

"You looked like such a slut, with your skirt revealing your ass and your breasts on show for me, practically begging for me to fuck you." You press your thighs together as a sudden burst of arousal flows throughout you.

Tsukishima grabs your jaw and forcefully pulls your head to the side, making you look at him.

"Aren't you going to say something? Usually, you're begging for my forgiveness." You pout at Tsukishima and he smirks, running one of his hands up your thigh.

"I don't have any condoms since we've used them all," Tsukishima states, letting go of your jaw and begins to do the same thing as he's doing with his other hand.

"So you'll be getting a bit messy tonight," He whispers and moves his hands, putting them on your hips.

Tsukishima sends a hard thrust to your ass, making you gasp in surprise as your body jolts forward.

Tsukishima chuckles in your ear, sending electricity buzzing into your lower legs and to your front.

"Should I treat you tonight for that view... or should I punish you?" Tsukishima wonders aloud, roughly grinding against your ass, his hands squeezing your hips.

You whine softly, your wetness pooling into your panties.

Tsukishima runs his hands up the side of your body, moving it to your chest, holding your large breasts.

"You should start removing your bra whenever you come into my room from now on, since we already know I'll fuck you." He bites your neck and you whimper, your legs trembling once again.

"Maybe your panties too," he whispers into your ear, trailing a hand from your breast and under your skirt, his fingers hovering just above your clothed front.

You push your ass out more, moving it in circles over Tsukishima's crotch.

Tsukishima presses his face against the crook of your neck and pulls down your panties, letting them fall to your ankles.

Before you had time to kick them away, Tsukishima's fingers attack your clit, rubbing you in quick rough circles.

"I'm impatient today so I guess I'll treat you but I'm still going to make sure you can't walk." You moan, your head falling onto your folded arms.

Tsukishima removes his hand and you whine softly to the loss of contact.

After a few more seconds he turns you around, grabbing your knee and hooking it around his waist.

Tsukishima presses his tip against your entrance.

"Wait, wait," You say, your eyes wide as you look at him.

He stops his movements and raises a brow.

"Are you just going to put it in, no warning or foreplay whatsoever?" Tsukishima rolls his eyes and leans over you.

"You're already wet enough, so what's the point?" You open your mouth and close it, scrunching your nose.

Tsukishima smiles and presses his lips against yours, effortlessly sliding into you as you were distracted.

You moan into his mouth, placing your hands onto his shoulders.

Tsukishima grunts and thrusts in and out of you, breaking apart from your kiss.

You whine softly and look to his member, watching as it enters and exits you.

"Such a whore," Tsukishima growls lowly, his thrusts gaining more strength and speed.

You whimper softly, your legs trembling in pleasure.

Tsukishima grabs your thighs and you wrap your legs around his waist.

He moves from the desk and begins to bounce you onto him while standing.

"T-Tsukki," You moan, pressing your head against his shoulder, your eyes closing tightly.

"You like it, huh?" He asks you, knowing you wouldn't be able to respond.

You scratch at the back of his neck and he groans, his hips bucking furiously.

"We've barely done anything," You state, biting your lip to keep as much sound as you can in.

"I've been wanting you all day," Tsukishima tells you, grabbing your ass and kneading it roughly.

Your legs begin to shake, your eyes watering as your orgasm quickly approaches.

"That's it, cum on my cock..." Tsukishima whispers in your ear, biting your neck softly.

You moan, your hips bucking furiously as your legs shake.

You throw your head back in pure pleasure, a few tears streaming down your face to the euphoric feeling.

Tsukishima's thrusts become sloppy as he reaches his end, your constant clenching around his member almost unbearable.

Tsukishima sucks onto your neck and pulls out, his cum spurting onto his bedroom floor.

You slump into his arms and he sighs in content, holding you.

"I'm not done yet," Tsukishima says and you groan.


A / N ; yes, the sexual part may be quick and rushed but who cares - at least i updated for the second day in a row.

anyways, i just wanted to let you all know that i do not have any of my requests open and that i would appreciate it if you stopped requesting smuts.

not trying to come off rude or anything but, i have to write a lot as much as it is.

thank you for 37k+ reads ! i never expected to get this far.
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