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Chapter 5

I should have told Drew no. I forgot how annoying he can be in the morning. To be fair, he doesn’t do it on purpose. He is just a morning person and I am not.

What annoys me the most is how much he talks in the morning. His non-stop talking annoys the fuck out of me.

“Good morning, all!,” he slid into the backseat beside Caleb with a smile on his face. He offered me a sip of his coffee and I scrunched my face up in disgust.

“Ew, get that shit away from me,” I started driving towards the school again and heard him laugh.

“Sorry, I forgot you’re a tea drinker,” he chuckled again. “Oh, I’m Drew, by the way,” Drew introduced himself to the other two in the car.

“I’m Caleb,” Caleb responded and I saw him smile at Drew through the mirror. “That’s Atlas. He just moved here.”

Wait, so Caleb isn’t new too? How have I not seen him before, then?

“Hello,” Atlas said and I could hear a smile in his voice.

“Ah, so I’m guessing Elliot’s mom had you over for dinner? She does that when new people move here,” he said, “I’ve always wondered why she did that. Elliot do you know why?”

“No, but she has someone over for dinner at least once a week. Over time it’s gotten kind of annoying,” I responded simply.

“Remember that dinner when I came over and your cousin was visiting?”

Oh, shit. I knew what dinner he was talking about and it was one of the worst nights of my life. Of course, Drew didn’t know that. He though it was kind of funny because of how I almost choked on a piece of beef from my dad’s lasagna.

“Yeah, I remember and I’d really prefer to not talk about it,” I gripped the steering wheel tighter.

“Don’t be a baby,” he chuckled, “Elliot choked on meat when his cousin came out as gay to Elliot’s parents. I almost made a sexual joke, but held it in so his parents didn’t kick me out too.”

It always seemed like Drew never actually took the situation seriously and I had always wondered if he was slightly homophobic. It kind of seemed like he was totally fine with the LGBTQ+ community, but at the same time it seemed like he was fine with someone in the community being treated that way; like it was something that was okay to do.

That’s why I never talked to him about how I’ve been questioning my sexuality. After that night, things changed. I began distancing myself from my parents, and I decided to never speak a word to anyone about it. I refused to accept even the possibility of not being straight and started trying to convince myself that I’m straight.

Drew always wondered why I reacted that way but I just told him it was a coincidence. He shrugged it off and moved on. To him, it was just a funny story about me choking on a piece of beef. To me, it was the terrible realization of my parents being homophobic.

After that night, I noticed more and more of their homophobic remarks and slurs.

I was brought back to reality once I heard Drew’s loud laughter. I felt eyes on me and glanced around to see who was looking at me. I noticed Atlas was staring at me with wide eyes and Caleb looking at me with a similar look. I could see they both understood why I actually reacted the way I did.

My thoughts drifted back to the night of the party and I shoved the thoughts away before my anxiety could build again. There was no way I could explain an anxiety attack to Drew from him just telling that story.

My grip on the steering wheel tightened more, my knuckles turning white, and I took a deep breath.

“Oh, relax,” Drew laughed at their expressions, thinking they were worried about my choking, “Elliot is alive and well. No need to worry. Right, Ell?”

“Right,” I muttered then glared at him through the mirror, “and I told you to not call me that. I’m not a fucking girl.”

He laughed again and started telling more stories about us. I wasn’t really listening but I could hear him telling football stories, funny stories about us when we hang out, and lastly, how many girls I’ve been with. He told them about Sora and I was glad when I pulled into the school’s parking lot. I wasn’t really sure how he managed to tell that many stories in just a ten minute drive, but I figured it was probably because of how much coffee he drinks in the morning.

Honestly, the drive basically ruined my mood for the day.

“Thanks for the ride! I’ll see you later, Elliot,” he ran off once he saw his football friends. I gave him a fake smile and grabbed my backpack and jacket from the trunk. I slipped the jacket on and started walking towards the school after locking my car.

Caleb and Atlas walked on both sides of me and I sighed.

“So your parents are homophobic? Is that why you haven’t came out to them?,” I heard Atlas ask and I glared at him.

“Yes, they are homophobic, and there’s no reason for me to come out to them. I’m straight.”

I heard Caleb scoff and say, “And I’m a fucking unicorn. Elliot, I know what happened Friday night and I know you aren’t straight. You can’t deny it. I saw with my own eyes you and Atlas grin-,” I slapped my hand over his mouth.

“I’m straight and you will keep your mouth shut about Friday night. I’m only warning you this one time,” I gritted out and walked away from them.

I grabbed my books from my locker and walked to first period.

I felt kind of bad about snapping like that but I didn’t need this bullshit. My life was going perfectly fine before Friday night and I wanted to just forget about what happened.

Right before my free period I texted Celine and asked her to meet me in the janitor’s closet. I needed to get my frustrations out so I could get through this day.

She accepted and locked the door behind her once we were both in the room.

“You seem a little tense, Elliot,” she bit her lip seductively and approached me.

“I am and I just couldn’t wait for later. Is that okay with you?,” I ran my hands up and down her waist as I pulled her closer to me.

Before fucking someone, I always made sure they were sure they still wanted to. Consent is important.

She nodded as she pressed her breasts against me and went to unbutton my jeans, “I’m sure.”

I leaned in to kiss her and explored her body with my hands. I squeezed her ass and slid my hands up her body to cup her breasts. I trailed kisses along her neck and gently sucked on her sweet spot. She moaned and slid her hand inside my boxers. She wrapped her hand around my erection and squeezed. I moaned against her neck and pulled off her shirt. I pulled her breasts out of her bra and squeezed them before pinching her nipples.

She started stroking me with one hand and pulling down my jeans and boxers with the other. We both moaned and I started playing with her tits with my mouth and tongue. I swirled around her nipples with my tongue and gently nibbled on them.

I pulled down her skirt and slipped my hand inside her panties to rub her clit. She moaned louder and I kissed her to muffle her sounds.

“As much as I love hearing your beautiful moans, baby, we can’t be loud right now. We don’t want to get caught,” I pulled away long enough to say and then kissed her deeply again. She nodded slightly and I slid one finger inside her wet pussy.

I added another finger after a couple minutes of pumping my finger in and out of her. She began trembling and could feel her cum on my fingers. I smirked and pulled my fingers out of her.

She immediately dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. Her mouth felt amazing as she took me to the back of her throat. Since we didn’t have much time, I pulled her off after a few minutes and pulled her up to her feet. I turned us around, pressing her against the wall with her front facing the wall and grabbed a condom out of my wallet that had fallen on the floor beside my backpack. I ripped open the package, slid on the condom, and used some of my saliva as lube. I slid my hard cock inside her and had to cover her mouth with my hand to muffle her moans. I began pounding in and out of her tight pussy and sucked another hickey on her neck to muffle my moans as well.

We both finished at the same time and I came inside the condom while still inside her. I pulled out, carefully taking off the condom and tossing it into the trashcan. I helped her redress and pulled my boxers and jeans up. I zipped and buttoned them and made sure I looked presentable before grabbing my wallet and backpack off the floor. I looked at her, kissing her gently, and ran my fingers through her hair.

“Are we still on for after school?,” I asked her against her lips.

“Yes, of course,” she responded and I smirked.

“I’ll meet you at your house?,” I asked and she nodded. “Alright, just send me your address.”

She nodded again and unlocked the door. We exited the janitor’s closet and separated to go to our next classes since the bell was about to ring.

I felt so much better after fucking her, but frowned when I saw Atlas exit his classroom down the hall. He didn’t see me, but for some reason I still felt guilty.

Why? It’s not like we were together or anything.


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