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It's a flash fiction on covid-19

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After traveling a long distance I entered a city and came across a park where I saw two girls. I sat on a bench near them and decided to listen to their conversation for a while. They were talking about school and the homework they have got that day. One of the girl said, “I wish I could get rid of homework” , “I wish I could get rid of school”, said the other and laughed.
I suppressed a smile.
After some time I saw a man in a formal suit with a briefcase passing by the park .
I stood up and started following him , he was talking to someone on his phone , I heard him saying, “you know I miss you too ,
but I can’t leave work right? I wish I could stay at home all day. Yeah you’re right , ok bye see ya " .

“How unaware these people are”, I said
scornfully, “once my friends join me here , I
will be the worst nightmare they could have
ever imagined. But I’m not that cruel I will
make their stupid and self-centered wishes
come true. I’m going to change everything, for I am the coronavirus. A frienemy , friend of the earth and enemy of all humans.
“HA HA HA HA” ( evil laugh ) .
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