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The world is full of bothersome things, but Sebas will try to keep living as a normal working human being.

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Chapter 1: Hello, I am Sebas

Hello there, my name is Sebas Tian. First name's Sebas, last name is Tian. Sebas just woke up from bed and went to the kitchen to eat breakfast. Boiled eggs and rice with chili sauce splattered on rice, Sebas' favorite breakfast meal.

Sebas eats on Sebas' bedroom, even though the dining room is empty and the living room too. Sebas likes to eat in the bedroom for Sebas feels more comfortable when Sebas is in isolation. Sebas looks in Sebas phone, even though Sebas has no notifications received, no signal and yeah just some apps and a badass wallpaper.

Pretty bad reception around here huh...
Welp Sebas finished up eating and went to clean the dishes.

*chains jangling*.


Boy, Sebas sure is quite tired of all of this. Sebas likes to clean Sebas' dishes because the sound of water gushing down the dirt off the plates is very relaxing in Sebas ears.




Annoying sounds coming from the outside, Sebas ignored the sounds because it is a bother. Sebas finishing drying Sebas' dishes and prepares a bath towel to take a bath. Sanitizing Sebas' body is very important to feel fresh, smell good, and so Sebas won't get sick.

"Ahhhhh~, much better" said Sebas. Sebas dries Sebas' self up with the bath towel and went to Sebas' bedroom to wear some clothes.




Sebas looked out the window,
And took a deep SIGH~.
Sebas thinking that the outside world sure is loud.
"the outside world sure is loud" said Sebas.
followed by

"if only I could just die right now"...

Woah there, can't let Sebas get negative thoughts jumble up his head. The psychiatrist said that Sebas should not let any bad things influence Sebas. Think happy thoughts and drink a dozen of oxytocin pills.

"ahhhh, much better" said Sebas. Sebas feels so happy now that Sebas' deepest thoughts comes out of his mouth. Sebas feels like laughing...

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.... Haaaaaa....

Ohh it feels so good, words just tries to come out of Sebas mouth. Even the air coming out of Sebas' windpipe is tickling Sebas' tongue.



"Welp, time to go to school" said Sebas. Sebas bringing with him his bag, water bottle, snacks, wallet, and his favorite knife.

*Sebas opens the door to leave for school*

Sebas closed his eyes and...


*Thugs beating up his neighbor*

*Worthless piece of shit drinking at the side*

*Abusive father pointing his gun at his son*

*Woman cries and begs the man to stop"

"OI". said by asshole, who's been waiting at the door. "Hurry up or I'm gonna kick your fucking ass". followed up by asshole.

Sebas puts on his best smile and said "I'm ready now, let's go". And off Sebas and asshole go while dragging Sebas going to a dark alleyway.
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