The Abandoned

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The pain of being abandoned is indescribable. In this story, you will meet a boy who was abandoned by his own parents at the age of ten. Although he understood the pain of being abandoned, he didn't give up in his life. Hey readers, this is my first story in inkitt. Sorry for the grammar mistakes, if any. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Nayana Thresia
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Chapter 1

Everybody in the class was happy to get the test scores that day, except for him. He was very nervous and stressed about the exam results.

He always gets very low marks in the exams. He thought it was the same this time. When the outcome was announced, his grades were too weak for him as he expected.
He feared his father.
Everybody returned home. He uses the school bus. On that day, everyone in the bus was talking about their exam marks.

Peter, his best friend approached him, “Hey, Christen. What are your scores like?”
“Well, I'm fine with it.” He said.

He knew his parents would never be satisfied with low marks and would get angry on him.
When he reached home, he saw his mom cooking in the kitchen, and dad working on his laptop.
He silently climbed the stairs, and went to his room and thought about his marks. He thought, ‘How will I present my marks in front of mom and dad?’
Meanwhile, downstairs.
Mom's phone rang. It was Christen's teacher. Mom attended the call.

- Hello, good evening, ma'am.
- Is this Christen's Mother.
- Yes, ma'am. What's it?
- I hope you were informed about the test last week.
- Yes ma'am. Christen told me about it.
- Did he told you his marks?
- No ma'am.
- Today, everyone got the result. Christen too. Just check his marks.
- Ok ma'am.
- Ok then.

The call was cut.
Christen's mum approached his father, who was sitting on the couch.
“Philip, have you ever noticed any of Christen’s exam results?” She said.
"Yes. I have, dear."
"And are you satisfied with it?" She asked.
" What's the matter, Jane? Who called?"
"It was Christen's teacher."
"Any problem?" He asked.
" It was about his marks. He didn't informed us about it."
On hearing this, his dad called Christen, "Christen......"

He came downstairs. "Did you call me?" He asked.
"Come with your scorecards.." His father ordered.
Christen obeyed.
When he came back with his marksheet his mom snatched it from him and give it a look.
Her facial expression implied that she was fed up with him.
His dad asked, “How is his marks, Jane?”
“As usual” She replied as she handed the paper to Philip.
Philip got angry at the moment he saw his mark.
"What can you achieve with these poor mark?" His father shouted at him.
“Even forth standard is part of becoming a doctor and these marks are not enough for that.”

Philip shouted very loudly as his window seemed to break.
Christen cried out of fear.
"I don't want to become a doctor. I like sports." Christen said.
His parents got angry again.
'Oh! This damn football is making this child more worse." His mom said.
"But football....." Christen cried.
"Stop it, Christen. Don't talk back. Get off from here and go and study for your annual exams." His mother shouted.

Christen was weeping and crying very badly. He went upstairs to his room and cried a lot.
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