Emily's Quest

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"I don't know as I'd take Ilse's leavings," remarked Aunt Elizabeth.

Emily flashed on Aunt Elizabeth one of her old starry looks.

"Ilse's leavings. Why, Teddy has always belonged to me and I to him. Heart, soul and body," said Emily.

Aunt Elizabeth shuddered. One ought to feel these things—perhaps—but it was indecent to say them.

"Always sly," was Aunt Ruth's comment.

"She'd better marry him right off before she changes her mind again," said Aunt Addie.

"I suppose she won't wipe his kisses off," said Uncle Wallace.

Yet, on the whole, the clan were pleased. Much pleased. After all their anxieties over Emily's love affairs, to see her "settled" so respectably with a "boy" well known to them, who had, so far as they knew at least, no bad habits and no disgraceful antecedents. And who was doing pretty well in the business of picture-painting. They would not exactly say so, but Old Kelly said it for them.

"Ah, now, that's something like," said Old Kelly approvingly.

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