Dark Brown

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In which a homophobe and Racist White teen gets paired with Black Gay boy

Other / Romance
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Character Info

Name: Zion Butler

Race: Negroid

Ethnicity: Unknown (African American)

Skin Colour: Dark Skinned

Hair Type: Black, 4c hair

Body Type: Chubby

Height: 5'5

Age: 17

Features: Big brown eyes, chubby face, wears glasses

More info: sweet and bubbly


Name: Grayson or Gray Polibio

Race: Caucasian

Ethnicity: Italian

Skin Colour: Tanned

Hair type: Straight

Body Type: Toned

Height: 6'2

Age: 18

Features: Birth mark under his eye.

More info: Stubborn, rude, angry and annoying.


Name: Asher James

Race: Caucasian

Ethnicity: unknown (American)

Skin Colour: Pale

Hair type: Long and wavy

Body type: Slim

Height: 6'0

Age: 18

Features: Beauty marks on his face

More info: Sweet and nice


Name: Manuel or Manny Rodriguez

Race: Negroid

Ethnicity: Afro-latino

Skin Colour: Brown skinned

Hair type: 4a

Body Type: Slim thicc

Height: 5'8

Age: 18

Features: Has braces

More info: Calm and collected.


Name: Cameron or cam Hacker

Race: Biracial

Ethnicity: Italian and Ghanian

Skin Colour: Light skinned

Hair type: 3c

Body type: Slim

Height: 5'7

Age: 17

Features: has freckles

More info: Sassy.


Name: Spencer Butler

Race: Negroid

Ethnicity: unknown (African American)

Skin Colour: Brown skin

Hair type: 4c

Body Type: Tonned

Height: 6'3

Age: 20

Features: has a birth mark on his jaw line

More info: what Zion wishes he looks like, Zion's older brother


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Their parents


Principal etc

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