Worth living for

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A collection of self-contained short stories in various different genres. The main through-line among them being the protagonists figuring out the way they want to live and spend their time on this plane of existence.

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Without a care

Aleron was late for work.

He advanced through the crowd as fast as he could. Not because he was worried about being late, but because he was fearful of getting trampled.

Each and every portion of the city was illuminated. Reapeated sounds of variety of horns and then newspaper men advertising by screaming at the top of their lungs surrounded him.

But the thing that caught his attention was the smell of some freshly cooked chicken coming from a nearby stall. Too expensive.

To his right, vehicles passed and he did his best to avoid getting hit by them. Suddenly, a bus near him sounded a rumbling horn.

Aleron immediately covered his ears and then glared at it. As if the red painted metal in front of him was a stray dog that he could intimidate. Finally, it departed.

But Aleron still kept staring.

An aged man. Probably twice his age, was sitting at a corner, and pushing his hand forward to anyone who crossed him. His eyes barely open. His face decoloured to the point where you couldnt even call it human skin. He had a long beard. But it was as filthy as his garms. “Please...please” he whispered every time. Hoping someone would stop and listen.

Aleron was pushed and he stumbled forwards. He had forgotten that he was still in the middle of a crowd. He kept walking. But that sight had already been planted in his mind.

He started asking himself questions.

What was that old man’s purpose on this world? What did he achieve with all the time he was given? Was this how it ended for all of them? Nothing to show for all of the hard work you’ve done. Is this how it would be for him too?

The blue clear sky now screamed of lies to Aleron. Distracting from the darkness that surrounded it above and below. Same with everything else.

But discarding the thought altogether was easier. It made his life peaceful. After all, the road was straight if you closed your eyes.

He heard a beep and then the elevator door opened. After changing to his work clothes, Aleron grabbed his broom and continued on working. Forgetting all of those useless questions he had asked himself before.

And he kept on living without a care.

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