Worth living for

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Life of nescience

Tick. Tick. Tick. He was losing his grip on time. He could no longer continue to ignore his feckless existence. Days transitioned into days after, and then were scribbled onto the plate of his memories. Most of which, seemed to be dwindling as well.

Office and then home. Then repeat. Then repeat it all over again. An incessant routine. The result of which was him staring at his pen, and then contemplating jamming it into his fingers.

He imagined the ramifications in complete detail each and every time, but then he would abandon the prospect altogether. Just because going to the doctor would be a bother.

He focused on himself in the mirror, and saw a pitiful creature with a gelid expression on its face, standing out in any environment that had the bad luck to witness its presence.

He could turn around more heads than a dressed-in-gold model strolling around the streets of a third world country. He was the one sore thumb pointing out in the perfect society he had been blessed with.

Tick. Tick. Tick. The only thing that he could hear now were the blades of grass brushing with his clothes as the tender breeze flew over the field he was sitting in the middle of.

The smell of earth finally made him feel like his younger self again, and it also brought back some memories.

“What the f*** did you just do!”

“S***...s****!” Drops fell from his palms and then dissapeared into the revolting sea at his feet.

The ear-splitting sirens accompanied with the blinding lights that followed a while later pressured them into fleeing as quickly as they could. He would’ve never envisaged to be on the other end of the stick.

The gentle skimming, which at first appeared to be inviting him to revel in the serenity of the sight before him, now perturbed him, to the point where he couldn’t bear to remain there a second longer.

He briskly got up and took flight as he had practiced doing so for all of his life, and he finally figured out why a life of nescience, was a better life.

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