Worth living for

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Wonted crime

“So, what’s the news with Jack?” asked Carolos, while pulling up the sleeves of his ill-fitting uniform.

“Same old, same old.” replied Warrane, about to kick the rock at his feet, and then in a flash lamenting it after doing it.

He wanted to bawl but didnt have the energy to, and as a result, only a weak “Ouch!” came out of his mouth. He held his foot in both of his hands to examine where he had been hurt, and as soon as he looked at it, he noticed the gaping hole in his shoe. “When do you think we’ll get new ones?”

“Let them take care of winning the war first. Here, take my bag...I think I have some spares.”

“You know what Barb said to me yesterday?” asked Warrane as he drew out the spares and pined with every fibre of his being that they would fit him.

“You haven’t seen her for a month.”

“I meant the letter.” He said before a beaming smile materialized on his face. “Mind using your brain for once?” And he then began to tie up the laces.

“Don’t foget who gave them to you.” Carolos said while Warrane was still engaged in admiring how much usable his “new” pair was.

“...she’s pregnant.” Warrane conveyed the news as if he was revealing to his superior that he had just lost his rifle. That actually happened once. He still wouldn’t shut up about how much hard it was to run around the acadamy for five hours, and how he was the only one to do it.

“Hope you get back to her in one piece, then.” Carolos said while pulling out his rifle from his bag and then scrubbing off the dirt on it with his shirt, after seeing the growing silhoutte of a truck far away.

Warrane was about to say something but then also stilled himself and primed his gear. Retroceding to his place on top of the huge boulder.

A few moments later and they could see the interned diplomats inside the truck. Both of them wearing sacks on their heads, and anticipating for it to be over.

“There’s no poles here?” The truck driver asked with a slightly raised voice.

“We’ll do it without them.” replied Carolos, while waving at Warrane to help him pick up the prisoners and take them outside.

“There...” Carolos said as he pointed to the boulder. He was quite astonished to see that the two men had nothing to say. Normally, by this time, they would be begging for forgiveness and all the what not, but all of it made sense when he saw their faces. They were drugged. “The command has enough money to spend on drugs?”

“They don’t.” replied the truck driver. And that’s all Carolos needed to know. A helping hand then.

The weight of taking an innocent life might have been too much to handle for someone not used to it, and if only that had been the case for Carolos and Warrane.

Three. They loaded their rifles. Two. Pointed them at their targets. One. And then pulled the triggers.

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