Worth living for

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“Next!” He shouted as he went to the sink and washed his hands sullenly and steadily, mesmirized into observing the red that was all over them, dissapearing.

The next one was brought into the room. He didnt even see her face before he straped her to the chair and resumed his experiments. Cuts on the arms, and then electrocution. Her agonizing screams of pure despair and horror were as normal a sound to him as the birds chirping outside, and he couldnt tell the difference between the two if you asked him.

“God punish me.” he whispered to himself.

It was over earlier than he had imagined. Fifteen minutes she had endured the pain. Well, he thought, she hadnt been fed for a few days, maybe that was reason.

“Next!” The next one was a kid. Nothing unusual. Strap him to the chair as he had done with the others and then electrocution followed. During that time, he thought about how many experiments he could perform before the deadline. He had to produce substancial evidences, or else...

And it was over before he knew it. That was the reason why he didnt like to do it on kids, they just couldnt survive for long. “We’ll take a break.” He called to his assistant who was about to bring another one.

He looked down to search for a place in the room that was still somewhat clean and not stained, he failed. So instead, he just took off his shirt, placed it on the floor, and then sat on it. Some thoughts came to him afterwards.

The supremacy of their race, it was true, and he knew it in his heart...but wasnt what he was doing...cruel? His unfocused eyes suddenly swelled up. His breaths became frantic and his chest started to give the feeling that it was about to burst.

He immediatedly grabbed a nearby hammer and smashed it on his hand. It was calming. It returned him back to normal. Distractions similar to those thoughts invited him to falter on his goal, and that was not something he could tolerate.

“God punish me.” he whispered to himself again.

Another train of thought, he believed in a god didnt he? Well of course he did. Or else how could he be punished for all of the sins he had commited in this world? Sins... another blast to his fingers finally made his left hand unusable.

He cried out in pain. Holding his deformed hand and looking up at the ceiling. “And what’s taking you so long?” he howled at the roof, an observation someone looking at him would make, but his eyes, were searching for something beyond it.

And then it came to him, maybe He was just taking his time. Well then, he thought, it better be worth the wait.


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