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A collection of short stories I wrote that are similar in someways but different all together

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Part I: Seeing the Shadow

Man of earth knows not of the intrigue and horror of the unknown. What it is like to gaze into the void of the infinite nothingness. To feel the cold embrace of the eldritch puppet master that in turn controls the minds of all. To smell the abominable, distasteful stench of emptiness. To hear the unspoken truth of mankind’s insignificance. For mankind was not meant to travel from the garden of creation, we were not meant to venture towards the utopia of enigma, but humanity has always been wrongfully curious. The muse of Ghorth grows near, the awakening to cause rapture is close. The play of the Yellow Sign is leading the yellow clad king our way to lead the fight against curiosity. The ever emcomposing fear of The Crawling Chaos killing the hope and love of ours. Azathoth cometh.

All I can muster to remember is the smoke-like nothingness I awoke to in the dreamlands. This time was different. For I have been to the Utopian nightmare that is the dreamlands but never have I appeared in a void-like state surrounded by black smoke, or at least that is what my feeble human mind comprehends the questionable substance to be. An entity came to me, or more like I went to it. A shadow of the void. An object or humanoid of nothingness darker than the surrounded darkness. I approached the creature of the void and it spoke and its voice was that of an unknown being. Not that of a man or woman, not that of any animal that evolved on the mother of all that is good, Gia. It stated to me that the great old ones will rise and we will be sent back home. That the creators of all that is unholy, all that is not meant to be, the embodiments of all encompassing fear will come for our damnation. But should I believe this source of information? Should I revel in the mystery of the unknown? No. I should not hold my intellect and intrigue above the lives of my fellow man. But will I do just that without even a second thought or even a thought at all? For I might not mean to harm my fellow man but I may do just that without the idea going into my head. This is NOT just a dream, for as I previously said, I know the dreamlands, I have stroked the felines that can speak through mental messages. But this was not that. Nor was this the great race of Yith transporting my mentality into one of their own.

I call to those who question reality. To those who know of the unquestionable truth of our being. For all who are listening that do not believe in the same truth of unbeknownst chaos. A great war comes to our front door and we must be prepared to fight for all we know and all we dont. Or rather than fight, let us revel in the insanity of all others and use it to our advantage. Use it to help us save all that is ours. Save our history for those who come after. Smoke your last bit of tobacco from the poisonous plant of relaxation. Embrace your wife, husband, and children for i do not know if you shall return to your loved ones. But I can promise that all will be safe with your sacrifice. With our sacrifice. This persona of smoke-like void will bring us to the promised land like the Moses of the past. But this promised land is not what was promised at all. This promised land is in fact a land of anomalies created for the betterment of the destruction of mankind. The reasoning of this is due to those said abominations will be at and will have taken control of our mother planet. Perhaps we will travel back to the garden of creation, or to the point in history where all went evil.

Like I stated I call to all those who are aware of the dangers of curiosity driven instinct. To those willing to fight for our Earth. For I can confidently say that the promise land promised to us by the persona of the smoke-like void is not going to be the same as the grass, sea, and sky we have evolved to love. But then again, we have proved time and time again that humanity is not worthy of the planet we have been given. But it doesn’t belong to the great old ones either. For perhaps we were birthed from the Blind Idiot God himself alongside the monstrosities we have grown to fear as the unknown. Help will not come. No one will save us. Not the god of our feeble beliefs. Not the ones from the outer rim of space, for those individuals are as scared as we, but in the opposite way. For their fear has aligned them to the side of the great old ones instead of being on the side of the wrongful ape known as man. These accusations of horror will be our downfall or our rise. But it is up to humanity itself, the insignificant gnat of being will be the downfall of the eldritch beings that are older than time itself, or we will give up all we have ever known to these takers of all that is.

As I stand witness to the end of all we know and love, as we stand on the brink of the domination and damnation of the human realm, as the universe sits in wait for the collapse of stars, I wait. I wait to see if there is an answer that comes. If there is a being of nothing but good. A being made of all that is holy, a light to fight the dark. But I am worried and terrified that that entity, our answer, will never come to fruition. But it must. For it is up to this entity and us to bring the end to the great old ones, the ones that came before in shadow. For the cosmic insignificance of humanity will just grow weaker and weather. Our light is growing dimmer and dimmer. May God take pity on us all, although im not sure that God survives this conflict or not.

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