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Just some random short stories I came up with.

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Chapter 1

There once was a girl who was born without emotions. It was a very rare disease. Over the years, some doctors figured out a way to help her. Technology had advanced, so it might work. They gave her instructions on what to do, but the one thing she needed most was luck.

“Just take this box,” said one of the doctors while handing it to her. “and people may come by and donate any emotion.” She nodded and walked out of the hospital and down the street.

She found a comfortable spot, where there were many people, and sat down. She placed the box down beside her and it read, PLEASE DONATE UNWANTED EMOTIONS.

Every day, she would wait. Wait for people to come by and donate their emotions. But, she only got sadness, anger, jealousy, hate, stress, and worry. She did not like these very much and wanted to see if there were more.

She would look around and see people with smiles on their faces, and she would wonder, what emotion was that? But, no one ever gave her that emotion, which led to her giving up.

Later that day, as she was about to head into the hospital with tears dwelling in her eyes, a boy passed by and read the box. He looked at her and then at the box. She turned around to see if someone was there, but no one was. She then felt this overwhelming feeling of joy. She never felt it before and she wondered where it came from. She never knew.

The End

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