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Leah Smith
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Am i invisible?

Hi, I'm Samantha Williams and I live with my mom and my twin sister Clarissa. Our dad left us when I and my sister were born. I knew that mom felt guilty that we had to live without our father, but I never thought much of it. Well, that could be because I'm still young but even so I think that for my age I was pretty grown-up. When our mom was teaching or giving us math problems I always knew the answer. I always answered before my sister but...
mom never said I was correct. She always waits for Clarissa to answer and even if it's wrong she praises her. She never praises me, it's like she doesn't know I exist. At first, I cried in my room but soon, after a few months, I forgave her and even though she didn't change her attitude towards me. I still love her even if she doesn't acknowledge my existence.

One day she took Clarissa to the mall and when they came back I asked her why she didn't take me with them. She completely ignored me and proceeded with the conversation that she and Clarissa had. I was devastated, completely crushed. My mother ignored me. I was crying and to get some comfort and at least to get some things off my chest I went to my sister's room. I slowly opened the door and saw my sister beside the bed crying and saying my name. Even though she was saying it quietly I know I heard my name, but I might be wrong so I ran back to my room and just tried to ignore everything I just saw. Why? You ask me. Because I was confused I had no idea why my sister was crying and saying my name. So how am I supposed to respond to that?... Later that night I went to the kitchen. I think it was around 2 am. I was so surprised to see my mom who surprisingly couldn't sleep in the kitchen with some milk in her hand. She was crying and mumbling about something. I couldn't hear or understand everything clearly but I heard one thing loud and clear. My name. She was saying my name. I ran into my room and was scared of coming out again for some time.

Two days later I came out of my room because I heard my mom calling my sister and saying they are going somewhere. I followed them I was careful they wouldn't see me even though it doesn't matter because they are ignoring me my whole life anyway.. After 10 minutes of the walk they stopped they walked left right into the place where are all the graves. They stopped next to one grave and started crying and lighting up the candle. I looked closer and I was shocked. I couldn't talk. I was so confused and then finally realized that they didn't ignore me and pretend that I'm invisible. They actually couldn't see me because.... I was dead.

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