Out With The Old,In With The New

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This story was based off of the saying "Out With The Old,In With The New". I only upload it because my friend encouraged me to do it

Dragon Lord
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“Relaxing jazz flowing through my veins, together with my human, what more could a pair of headphones want? A cleaning maybe but that can be left for another time. Then something unexpected happened… my human takes me out of his ears and flings me across the room while rushing to the door. I landed in a desolate corner, mildew all around me. It was gloomy and sad, it felt like I entered another dimension and the area where my human stayed was my warm and comfortable home. Although disoriented, I stood up and trudged over to a nearby sock to rest. Then a huge monster rushed out, it had almost a million eyes and had eight legs. Frightened, I ran away, I ran and ran until I couldn’t anymore. When I finally collapsed, it was then I met my saviour, a green soldier stuck in a pose. I remembered who it was, it was the missing soldier from a bucket of soldiers my human had. After I caught my breath he led me to the place where all the lost toys stayed. I told them my story and what my mission was and they told me the cold hard truth, I wasn’t lost and I probably wasn’t missed...I was replaced. Too stubborn to listen, I ran away until I reached the border of the two dimensions. I reached out my hand and felt the familiar warmth and sighed a breath of relief. Finally I was home, unaware of the thing sneaking up on me. Then it pounced, it’s paws outstretched ready to tear me apart. I was pushed out of the way by the soldier from earlier. He was captured but he looked at me and softly said, “Go.” and I did what I knew best to do, I ran. I reached the chair that my human was sitting in and I climbed up the side, slipping and sliding. Only to see my human reading while wearing bluetooth headphones. Then it finally hit me, I was replaced. After all that happened, everything that i saw and went through...only to see that I was replaced, the tiny flame of hope that I was holding onto...was extinguished..just like that. That was the last straw. I fell..I didn’t care where I landed, all I knew was that I had given up”.

“Who am I even talking to?”, the headphones asked. He looked up to the sky and closed his eyes, his life flame extinguished. Three weeks later, as the human was cleaning his room, he finds the headphones but he doesn’t even glance at the headphones. He just throws them in the garbage and puts on his bluetooth headphones and carries on cleaning.

Out With The Old,In With The New

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