Her Chosen Family (On Hold)

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Follow along the journey of the girl who's family were untimely taken away. Can finding and creating new friends lesson the memory of that day? Will her mate accept her and help her with the pain or will he do further harm?

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Liz's Prov.

BOOM…. Thunder was heard all around and the little girl woke up with fright thinking that the monsters are coming out of the shadows.

She franticly looked around in her bedroom hoping to see a sign of peace and muster any courage she could find within herself.

Yet as she thrashed around in her bed the hope was diminished with the lack of light from under her door to the dark, cool night as seen from her window. But most of all her falling hope was due to what happened nearly a month ago now.

The only people she near all her life were gone. Her mother as beautiful as she was, is now gone, not even enough of her was left to bury, along with her dear and brave father clutching the arms of her lifeless 4-year-old bother. She had witnessed what any being should not have seen, especially a 9-year-old incident girl. The brutal, lifeless and bloodied bodies of her family after just barely surviving the harsh and cool blooded attack of the rogues.

That day not so long ago flashed before her eye while she was trying to calm herself down to try and get some sleep.

Yet as the thunder strikes through the night and the rain falling like there is no tomorrow images of that day kept in the front of her mind. The screams mixed along with her bother. Her parents shouting for them to run. The air now getting mixed with sweat and blood. Her heart beating like the ribs in her body was a cage and it wanted to escape. Fear and panic were everywhere she looked. The heart acing howl that escaped her mother mouth when her brother was struck down. The plea and desperation in her parent’s eyes for her to continue running and be safe.

Tears were now indelibly seen in Elizabeth Michaelson eyes, dripping down her soft and sensitive cheeks, staining her now half socked pillow as she cried herself to sleep form the exhaustion once again. Yet the faint thunder can still be heard.

Elizbeth or Liz as she likes to be called woke up the next morning with the day’s new sun shining through her window. She could hear some noises from downstairs indicating that people were already up and going about their business.

For as long as she could remember, she was astonished by how seemingly unaffected the sky and environment were the next day after a thunderstorm. Her mother voice crept through in her head saying what she always said when Liz expressed this thought “well my beautiful, brave daughter the sky was very sad that’s why it was crying last night. But then it got some courage when the sun started showing through the dark and mustard all it might and decided to face the new day with a smile.”

A small smile crept up on the little girl’s pale face as she remembered her loving mother words. It gave her enough confidence to get out of bed and start preparing for the day. She thought maybe just maybe today was going to be better than the days that passed this week.

Liz has now been an orphan for 30 painful, empty days. No relatives came forward to claim this young child. No forgotten siblings, grandparents or best friends of the parents took this 9-year-old almost 10 in 15 days, under their wings.

Alpha Anderson of the Suncrest pack, her pack, her home, search for anyone who might be willing to take Young Liz under their care.

As the days fly by and the weeks continue to pass young Liz has not had a primary guardian. She had all her possessions moved to a room at the fairly large packhouse and the adults around have taken turns to see how she is doing.

Her once beautifully and loving home is now an empty house, echoing with memories of her family. Her family’s possessions and life wrapped up in cardboard boxes, stored in the pack garage, to gather dust as they remain untouched.

The alpha thought it better to allocate a newly mated couple expecting their first child to her previous house. To give the house a chance of being cherished and someone else’s.

So, Liz stood in front of her mirror, freshly showered and changed. Braving a small smile that never is quite seen any more she grabs her bag and making her way to school. The pack organises transport to and from school as it is a 30minute drive from the packhouse and usually both parents start work or their pack duties at around the same time as the school does.

Her family was never the most know or social. They were nice and kind to whoever the encountered, be it neighbours, fellow pack members or everyday service workers (A/N like the cashier in a store).

The Michaelson’s family kept to themselves, that the way they liked it. Which was spending time as a family and bonding through family games and activities.

Liv had acquaintances her age thought her class but never really clicked with anyone be it human or werewolf. The occasional ‘hello’, ‘how are you’ or small questions about the homework given.

As she rode to her school, listening to the chatter of the fellow students, a book in her hand, her mind kept wondering about her family. But as she watched the sky, she remembered her feelings this morning and that gave her enough to keep an open mind.

The school, both students and faculty were a mix of humans and werewolves. Her teachers and any related personal were told about the death of her family. Since then they look at her why pity and sadness and treat her like a China doll.

She does not get called upon in her lessons and gets excused when is seen not paying attention in class.

This in turn is seen by her fellow classmates. In turn, jealousy is quite easily achieved with her seeming like the teacher’s pet.

Though that does not mean that it excuses her from the mean and rude size comments and glares that they give her about being an orphan and the teacher favourite.

As Liz goes to her class, she can feel some of the stares and glares, as well as hearing their comments about her due to her advanced hearing.

She is always the first to get to classes, sometimes before the teacher if she does not linger at her locker. She does not have any friends to chat with in the morning. Though she did try talking to a few individuals around her age, yet they all seen to have a horrid impression of this sweet and innocent girl.

As the bell rings and the class begins to fill up, she continues staring at the window, from her back seat. When suddenly a strong and powerful knock was heard while the teacher was explaining what they were doing today, grabbing everyone’s attention.

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