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Why Marie Forgot to Smile

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Don’t Forget to Smile follows 17 year old Marie on her journey to remembering what she didn’t know she forgot. Smiling is easier said than done. Sometimes we simply can’t move.

Other / Humor
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Introducing Moi!

Welcome to my book!

My name is UNIXIS (well...you probably already knew that...that’s kind of awkward) - and this is “Why Marie Forgot to Smile”. This book does get intense, and I recommend it for MATURE audiences. I do think it holds lessons for everyone. And every now and then, the writing isn’t entirely terrible...

Yes, yes. I know. I probably shouldn’t be trashing my writing in the intro. WHOOPS.

But, enjoy the novel, and please give it a chance! I love every single one of my readers even though there’s probably only one of you right now...and for the next few years. But it doesn’t matter to me!

If I can help even one person with this book, then I am more than happy! So, thank you!

Now, I’m all for keeping introductions short. So, I’m going to shut up and let you get on with the story.

Adios muchachos! I can’t wait to see you again at the end of this story.

I hope I will have forever changed you.

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