Mia's Revenge

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Mia was only 6 years old when her parents died. Everyone tried to convince her it was in a car crash, but was it really? When she turns 16 she is put in a Foster home with all boys. She always thought she wanted revenge, but does that matter now that she has this family? Find out in Mia's Revenge.

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"Mumma! Papa! No!!"

A little girl runs up to her father and mother lying dead on the floor. She bursts into tears and falls down to sit by her mother's side. She grabs her mother's hand begging her to wake up. Her mother lays there lifeless with her eyes opened and tearstained cheek. The girl looks to her father, who is lying on the floor with a gun in his hand.

She crawls over to him covered in her mother's blood and reaches for her father mumbling, "Papa?.. N-No not you too!"

She cries harder and grabs his hand bawling her eyes out. She looks around noticing some men lying lifeless on the ground and she sniffles. She grabs the gun from her father's hand and looks at it confused. She is sitting there with the gun in her hand when the police come barging in through the already knocked down door.

The police take the crying girl as she screams for her mother and father. They interrogate her relentlessly and make it an unsolved case as they wonder if the little girl killed her own parents and those men. To cover-up, they tell the little girl that they died in a car crash and it was all just a bad dream. But, the little girl knows better, she knows that someone killed her mother and father, and even at the age of six, she knows that she will be getting revenge for them.

2 hours earlier

"Honey! Where are you dear?"

The same little girl comes running down the stairs, her light brown hair flying behind her like a cape and her green eyes bright with happiness. She runs to her father and jumps on him yelling, "Here I am papa!"

The father smiles and picks her up saying, "Let's go find mommy yea?"

The little girl smiles wide and yells, "Yes! Mummi we're coming for youuuu!"

She giggles as they look around and she spots someone under the table. She gets down from her father's arm giggling and jumps on her mother yelling, "Found you!!"

Her mother smiles and crawls out from under the table picking her up. The little girl asks, "Can we watch a movie mummi?"

Her mother, not being able to say no to her adorable six-year-old face, says yes. They start a princess movie and all cuddle up on the couch. As the time passes they are eating gummies and popcorn and the little girl is drinking her juice.

Then there's a loud knock at the door. The father gets up to go check it, and yells to the little girl, "Go hide where mummi and I showed you earlier okay?"

The little girl smiles and nods and runs to the closet. She opens it and puts her hand on a scanner and it opens. She runs inside and shuts it thinking it's all just a game.

She hears yelling and gunshots as she sits in the room. She plays with her dolls in there and watches a movie on a portable movie player. She eats some snacks and eventually falls asleep with her blanket on a pillow.

A few hours later, the girl wakes up to silence. She looks around confused as she remembers that she's hiding. She yawns and looks around for the exit. Then, she gets thirst and grabs her juice taking a big gulp.

As she wonders where her parents are she eats some more and it feels like forever before she's had enough. The little girl gets up and puts her hand on the scanner. It opens up and she crawls out of the room. Then she opens the closet door slowly and steps out.

Running downstairs the girl stops to see if she hears anything, but everything is silent. She gets very confused and wanders around looking for her parents. Then, the girl looks into the living room and sees them. They are dead on the floor. The little girl looks down and is standing in a pool of blood.

Present Day

That little girl, her name was Mia. Now she is fifteen years old, turning sixteen in two months. She was put in Foster care after her parents died and has been jumping from one home to another for the past 9 years. She still remembers what happened to her parents and made a vow to get revenge for them.

This. Is Mia's Revenge.

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