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I have always felt like life is like a Rolodex. It’s full of moments, you know...visions, sounds, tastes, smells, feelings, emotions. You can recover those moments if you can track down the right page. Have you ever had deja vu? It is defined as a feeling one has lived through the present situation before. Makes sense to me because it happens to me all of the time. Not just blurs that quickly pass along, but long distinct periods of time where I can feel as I did when it initially happened. I find the right page.
I also believe I have a form of something called synesthesia. I have the ability to taste and smell things just by thinking about it. I can also feel events as they were when they happened. Crazy huh? Maybe so, I’ve been called worse. I can be preparing food in my kitchen and smell something that is not food related, like incense or something that doesn’t belong in the time nor place. I’m not sure what triggers it. It will take me to a time that I was an altar boy working a midnight mass and holding the incense urn and swinging it. Feeling the steps I take, the swinging of the urn, the sound of my robes in movement. I found the right page again.
Going back to my Rolodex theory, did you ever say that something was on the tip of your tongue? Did you just sit on it all day until you remembered what it was? My belief is that we have experienced it in the past, one way or another, so therefore all we have to do is find that page that it exists on. All of a sudden, what was tediously eluding us becomes clear as day. There are what people consider myths out there that claim you only use around 10% of your brain at all times. I’m not a neurologist or scientist by any means. I don’t even play one on television, but I do feel that the mind can be nurtured to be more productive and work more efficiently that will even surprise you. Everyone has their own individual strengths which lead to their own life stories. Just my thoughts and beliefs.

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