I'm Kept - (mxb, Mature)

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Taehyun, a fifteen year old boy with a rough childhood, was kidnapped by Jameson, a mysterious rich man in his 20s. That's all that you are getting because I genuinely do not know what write in descriptions especially when the book isn't finished. Thank you for accidentally clicking this book.

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Preview & Warnings

“So you mean to tell me to tell me,” Taehyun had paused squinting his eyes in disbelief, “You kidnapped me because you thought I was a girl?”

The strange man nodded wordlessly. Taehyun sat back down on the soft chair he woke up in, rubbing his temples as his mind filled with questions.

“Do I really look so much like a girl?”

“No,” The taller man shook his head from the spot he was standing against the wall, “Not especially.”

Taehyun sighed and pulled his legs close to his chest, “What becomes of me now?”

ALRIGHT... so that's that. Uhm. So hey. I'm A.K.D. Nice to meet all you lovely people. Onto the Warnings!

1. BXBXB (because apparently... this needs to be in the warnings section)

2. Kidnapping


4. Blood

5. Abuse

6. Language

7. Pedophilia

8. Self-Harm

Alright, that's all there this loves...

See you in the first chapter!

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