Finest jewelry repair shop near me

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The finest jewelry repair shop near me is 14 Karat. We are your one top solution for jewelry repair. With many years of experience in jewelry repair service and using the latest and advanced technology, you can leave your expensive jewelry in the safe hands of our staff. As an expert jeweler, we provide for all of your jewelry repair needs. Due to our excellent service, You don’t have to leave your expensive jewelry for longer period. We understand how important your jewelry is for you and handle each jewelry as if it was own. For many years, we've repaired numerous jewelry pieces for our customers. We can make sure that your valuable items are in good hands. We have expert staff who can repair different types of jewelry. We repair various types of jewelry such as necklaces, rings, earrings, chains, bracelets, and more. Jewelry is crafted with different methods to deliver a unique finish and appearance to the end product. Now you can find designs that you can wear with anything and help you to feel more confident for you to wear your jewelry more often. If you find something that you like is broken, you should make sure that you visit a jewelry repair shop near me to get it repaired to wear that piece of jewelry. For more details:-

14Karat Omaha
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Finest jewelry repair shop near me

14 Karat is a family-owned, luxury jewelry store in Omaha, Nebraska. We are Omaha’s best kept secret in fine jewelry. We have been delighting our customers since 1979.

We ARE Nebraska’s premier engagement jewelry store. Our selection of engagement rings and wedding bands can’t be beat. Stunning shine and instant sparkle, we have jewelry in white, yellow, and rose gold as well as sterling silver. We feature an exclusive assortment of fine jewelry including an array of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Our gemstone collection includes rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and the entire spectrum of birthstones and other gemstones.

Stop in to our store at The Shops of Legacy, 16950 Wright Plaza, suite 127 in Omaha, or call us any time at (402) 397-9550. We’d love to meet you. We offer value you won’t find anywhere else.

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