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My eyes slowly fluttered open as I woke in a foreign room in a foreign bed. I was confused at first until memories of the previous night resurfaced.

Holy shit! I had sex with my best friend's mentor.

I lost my v card at the age of twenty one. On my birthday. To my best friend's mentor. And I had not a single clue on what possessed me to that.

Well, I can forget about losing it on my honeymoon in a hotel room in Paris with a bed with silk sheets and rose petals and two glasses of red wine.

I sighed at my thoughts. I really needed to stop reading too many romance books on Wattpad and stop watching too many K-dramas.

I turned over to my side only to see Matthew still asleep. He must have been tired after a long at the gala and with me. I blushed at the thought.

I'm not a virgin anymore. Me? Beverley Anne LaVaughn is no longer a virgin.

I didn't know if I should have been happy or scared at the thought of it. It was just so weird and surreal.

I checked the time on the digital clock on the nightstand beside me. 4:50 am it read. Maren should have been back from the gala already probably too wasted to notice I wasn't in the suite. I should probably head back before she wakes up. I really don't want to be discussing my whereabouts with her. At least not at the moment.

I turned back to Matthew. I debated on whether I should wake him up and tell him that I needed to head back, but he looked so peaceful. His lashes almost touching his upper cheekbones, his dishevelled dark hair, his lips tightly closed.

I slowly reached for his face and gently caressed his cheek with my thumb. I felt his squirm a little, making me panic but soon calmed down when he relaxed and melted into my touch with a sigh escaping his nostrils. I felt my lips tug into a smile at the beautiful sight before me.

Without warning, I let out a gasp when he moved on top of me and buried his face in my neck. "How long were you up?" he groggily asked.

"Not too long," I blushed and felt the butterflies in my stomach go wild the moment his lips started nibbling my sweet spot. Oh, God! "I-I was j-just about to get up and l-leave." I tried to keep my voice steady but the sensual pleasure of his lips against my skin betrayed me.

I gasped as he continued kissing my neck. His hands cupped my bare breasts and his fingers pinched and teased my nipples. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back, giving him more room to explore my neck. My body grew warm. All my thoughts seemed to explode into one big mess of colour and incoherent images. His lips and tongue continued stroking my skin softly, delicately, and tentatively. My insides felt like they were going to dissolve as his scent washed over me.

"Please stay, Lenore."

The moment those words left his lips, I was broken out of whatever spell he had put me under. The butterflies in my stomach suddenly disappeared. The warmth radiating through me turn into unpleasant cold chills. My whole body became numb to his lips. I suddenly felt suffocated and the strong urge to leave right there and then.

With all the strength I managed to muster, I gently pushed him off me and quickly got out of bed.

"Hey, are you okay?" I heard him ask. I didn't answer him. I just gathered my dress and my garments. "Beverley." He called out, now getting worried. But I didn't answer him still nor did I even look at him.

After getting dressed, I took my heels and my glasses and left.


I walked down the corridor leading to the suite Maren and I shared. By the time I got there, I yelped surprised the moment the door flew open revealing Kevin, who was as equally as startled as I was. "Jesus Christ! You almost gave me a heart attack." He said, sighing relieved.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, noticing that he was dressed in a plain black t-shirt and a pair of shorts.

"I was just checking on Maren." He told me, gesticulating towards Maren's comatose like body. "She had a lot to drink last night and got wasted."

I let out an exasperated sigh. "Of course she fucking did."

"Wanna come in?" he moved to the side and allowed me in. "Where were you last night? I didn't see you in here when we got back?"

"I slept over in Claire's suite since I didn't have the keys to this one." I lied, carelessly tossing my heels on the floor.

"Oh? Well, okay." He furrowed his eyebrows. "You good, though? You kinda look a little agitated and tense."

"I'm fine."

"Are you sure "

"Kevin," I cut him, forcing a smile. "I really had a long night and I don't want to talk about it. You maybe Maren's boyfriend but that doesn't give you the right to be up in my business, okay?"

He stared at me, taken back by my snappy response but got the message, nonetheless. "Uh, yeah...my bad." He mumbled, rubbing his neck awkwardly. "I'll just leave."

With that, he left and closed the door on his way out. I let out long ragged sigh as I sank down on my bed.

Please stay, Lenore.

I swallowed the lump in my throat. What was that about?

Who was this Lenore person?

Is she the girl he was talking about?

Why did he think that I was her?

Was he projecting his memories and feelings of her onto me when we had sex?

So many question I didn't have answers to started making my head hurt. I looked over to Maren.

How am I going to move forward from this?

As much as I wanted to avoid Matthew, didn't want to risk raising any suspicions to Maren. The moment she picks something wrong she would make it know and with continue to pry into it until she got answers and that was the last thing I need.

I groaned, running my hands through my hair feeling a waterfall of dread and stress wash over me.

End Of Part One...
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