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Moans mixed with groans and lips smacking sounds filled the room.

His lips and tongue brushed along my jaw going down my neck. His hands explored my body from my breasts to my stomach, waist then my thighs. I let out a loud but soft cry mixed with a moan, arching my body towards his, begging him to touch me some more. My body grew hotter and hotter under his touch. I felt the butterflies in my stomach flutter furiously.

Please stay, Lenore.

And just like that everything shattered.

I gasped as my eyes flew wide open. I was staring dazed at the ceiling, covered in sweat, and panting as though I had just ran a marathon. My laptop was placed beside me, the screen black indicating that it was either shut off or on sleep mode. It was already past noon. How long was I asleep?

I was broken out of my dazed state when I noticed that my phone was ringing for what I could guess was minutes before I woke up. My body slowly relaxed from its tense state as I reached for my phone from the nightstand and answered it. Hello?

Bev, where are you? It was Zarya.

At my sisters place. Why? Whats up? I rubbed my eyes.

Were supposed to meet up and discuss the assignment, remember?

I frowned confused as I didnt recall making such arrangements until I ah-ed when it dawned to me that she and the others had agreed to meet every weekend and discuss the assignment given to us by the lecturer, then immediately flew into panic after realising that it was the weekend and they were waiting for me.

Shit! Sorry! I just woke up. Im on my way. I jumped out of bed hurriedly. Where are you guys?

At the library.

Alright. Ill be there in thirty minutes.


Sorry Im late. I said approaching their table.

Holy crap! What happened to you? Zarya asked as I sat down next to Saro.

You look like you havent fully recovered from I dunno three rounds of sex Ci-Ci commented with a cringe.

Really? Saro lidded her eyes unamused.

What? Im just sayin

I thought I looked decent. I wore a black and white striped woollen jersey on top of a white buttoned up shirt with a pair of denim jegging, a pair of white trainers and silver hooped earrings. My hair was brushed, parting it in the middle and hooking both sides behind my ears. I had put some make up to cover the dark circles under my eyes but I guess that wasnt enough to hide that I had been having sleepless nights ever since I got back from Eaglesvale.

I was up all night doing assignments. I lied, giving them a weak smile.

Maybe we should reschedule to next week. Zarya suggested concerned.

Yeah, sis. You dont look good at all. Ci-Ci agreed.

Its fine. Ill be fine. I said, brushing it off. Im better off getting this done now than later.

You sure, girl? Ci-Ci asked.


The three of them looked at me, then looked at each other as though they were a jury discussing their verdict before passing out their judgement, then looked back at me. Fine. I guess we can get started. Zarya said.

These were the people I was assigned to for the Literature group assignment for The Little Mermaid well more like they picked me to be part of the group. I remember I was making a sketch of a mermaid, waiting for the lecturer to come when they approached me with smiles and asked if I would like to join their group seeing that I wasnt in any group and I nonchalantly agreed.

Ciara Marshal, or Ci-Ci, was a petite Jamaican American girl with brown eyes, kinky dark hair and brown skin that glowed under the sun, who was majoring in the Fine Arts. She was extroverted, very sassy and bubbly, a bit too loud for my liking but very pleasant to talk to and have around.

Zarya Sharma, was a tall chubby Indian girl with almond shaped chocolate brown eyes, wavy silk dark hair that reached her shoulders and lovely tanned skin with a mole on her left cheek, who was majoring in English Literature, Language and Writing. I was surprised when she told me she was a year younger than me since she looked a lot mature for her age she looked as if she was at a year or two older than me. She was a little shy but as equally as outgoing as Ci-Ci depending on the crowd she was around.

Madeeha Sarosh, or Saro, was also an Indian with a curvy figure, light tanned skin, long dark hair with peach highlights at the tips and brown eyes, who was also majoring in English Literature, Language and Writing. Unlike Ci-Ci and Zarya, she was mostly quiet unless spoken to or if she felt the need to speak and honestly I liked that about her.

Not that I found Ci-Ci and Zaryas extroversions annoying. Both were good people, but for some reason I was a magnet for loud people who just ate a lot of sugar and smoked crack specifically Maren. So it was nice and refreshing being around someone who was more reserved and had the same level of chill that I had.

But despite their differences in personalities, they were really good to work with and they all displayed how serious, motivated, and dedicated they were to the assignment. They shared their ideas and thoughts while being open to new things not to forget it was interesting debating with them. I was worried that I was going to be the one doing most of the work while they were going to do their own thing

Okay. Thats it for today. I said, writing down the last point in my notebook before closing it.

Finally! Im starving. Zarya let out an exhausted sigh.

Same! The only thing I had was the bowl of cereal I had this morning and nothing else. Ci-Ci agreed.

Youre in the mood for some McDonalds?

Bitch, yas!

Fine by me. Saro shrugged.

Okay, so I guess Ill see you guys next week. I said.

Hol up. Youre not coming? Ci-Ci frowned.

I need to pack my stuff and go back home. I told her.

Cant it wait? Zarya asked. We never hangout outside of schoolwork since youre always busy with whatever.

Not to forget that there aint much we know about you. Ci-Ci added.

I let out a ragged laugh. Thats because there isnt much about me thats interesting.

How are you sure about that Saro asked. I can relate with that feeling but you cant assume a persons opinion and judgement based on what you think and feel about yourself. You wont know unless you give us a chance.

Besides, youve been working and grinding your ass off since the semester started. You need to slow down and take a break, girl. Ci-Ci said.

Im paying. Zarya added, hoping that was enough to win me over.

I thought about. It was true that I never hung out with them outside of school and I only ever saw them at school or anyway else we agreed to meet up for schoolwork and to be honest, I never intended on building a relationship beyond being classmates with them. I only intended on making my relationship with them solely based on school and nothing more. One friend was enough for me.

But then I went back to what Maren told me. You need to start interacting with people since your line of work requires you to do so.

Okay匈 guess Ill come. I relented.

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