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We were in the kitchen seated at the kitchen island having our hot beverages while I waited for my clothes to dry. We hadnt said a word to each other.

We didnt look at each other though Matthew would spare some glances to see how I was holding up.

We just sat in silence, listening to the rain shower and occasional thunder outside with the tension consuming the air around us like a blackhole.

I looked up from the mug I was drinking from and gazed at him. He looked conflicted from the way his forehead was creased, the way he furrowed his eyebrows and the way he was tapping his finger against his mug and chewing his lip. It was almost as if he was internally debating on whether he should say something or do nothing about the tense silence between us.

He looked up and met my gaze, to which I quickly responded by looking back at the mug and continued sitting in silence.


Mhm. I answered, my gaze still fixed on the mug.

Can you look at me?

I hesitated, biting my lip.

Please. He replied, imploring with me.

Swallowing the lump in my throat, I reluctantly lifted my eyes to meet his.

Why are you avoiding me?

There it was. The question I was dreading to be asked by him. The same question that forced me to think back on what happened back in Eaglesvale.

I dont want to talk about it. I answered, avoiding his eyes.

When are you going to? You cant avoid this forever, you know. He said.

I know. Just not now.

Why not?

Because its complicated.

He let out a scoff of disbelief. Is it really complicated or are you just saying that so I dont ask you again?

I looked up, giving him a hard look. You dont know me, Matthew. Dont act like you do.

I may not know you, but I know bullshit when I see it. He countered.

Since you seem to know so much, then why am I avoiding you?

I dont know! he threw his hands frustrated. If I did, I wouldnt be asking nor wouldnt we be having this conversation.

I told you I dont want to talk about it.

And I told you that you cant avoid this forever, Beverley.

I think my clothes are dry now. I stood up. I appreciate your hospitality but I should get going.

It all happened so fast. I was on my way to the laundry room to go fetch my clothes, then next thing I felt a tug on my wrist stopping in my tracks and I was pushed against the wall by Matthew, hands on either side, trapping me in the process.

What are you

I am not letting you leave until you tell me what the fuck I did that made you like this. He said.

Theres nothing to talk about.

Yes there is! he exclaimed exasperated. There is plenty to talk about and you know it but youre too scared to say it to my face! I asked you if you were mad about me sleeping with you; you denied it but still refused to tell me the real reason.

Do you have any idea how scared I was thinking that I forced myself on you that night! The very idea was bad enough to torment me for weeks after it happened! He yelled. What was it about what happened in Eaglesvale that made you like this?!


There was on sound in the apartment, no movement, and no talking except the thunder that roared outside. I watched his eyes slowly widen with realisation after telling him the reason followed by guilt that glimmered in his hazel grey irises.

Thats here name, right? I asked. The person who you talked about back in Eaglesvale. The same person who left you for no reason. The one you were thinking about when you slept with me.

Beverley, I

Dont even say that you werent thinking straight when you said her name while you were kissing me, Matthew. I hissed; my tone cold as ice. You were sober and thats the worst of it.

The loud silence returned only to be broken by me shortly after.

I gave myself to you. I let myself be vulnerable around you. I said, jabbing his chest, glaring at him. I trusted you with my body and made me feel things I never thought I would be embarrassed to feel but still like it anyway because you made me feel that way.

And you expect tell me to act like I never opened up about things I never had the courage to tell my family and my best friend, like I show you a side of myself I always kept hidden from them, like you werent my first, only to be called by you exs name right after we fucked?!

I feel used. I feel stupid. I feel like a whore every time I think about it and I hate it. I hate it so much and you dont even care

I was cut short when he smashed his lips against mine. Instinctively, I kissed him back with the same neediness he had, moving my lips in synch with him until my mouth matched his rhythm. I threw my arms around his neck pulling him closer as his big hands cupped my face, pushing me further against the wall as he deepened the kiss.

His kiss was rough but passionate. I felt like a torch that was flaming out of control. I didnt know how much I missed the feeling of his lips against mine until he kissed. He still had the same musky scent he had back in Eaglesvale. Maybe it was because despite being torment by the memory of being called by his exs name, deep down I wanted to relive our intimate night. Relive every kiss, every touch, every emotion.

We kissed and kissed and kissed until our lungs screamed for air, forcing us apart. We were breathing hard and heavily as though we swam up to the surface after being underwater for a long time. We looked at each other. My arms were still secured around his neck while his hands still cupped my face. Our bodied were pressed against each other.

You shouldnt have kissed me. I broke the silence.

I know. He answered.

I shouldnt have kissed you back.

I know.

This is going to make things complicated.

Do you want me to stop?

I blinked as his thumb softly caressed my cheek. I dont know色 I looked down, avoiding his eyes. This feels wrong. I dont know where you stand with Lenore and Id hate

Beverley, he gently lifted my chin so I could look at him. This isnt about me or Lenore. This is about you. Do you want me to stop?

I stared into his hazel grey orbs. There was no denying that there was no coming back from what we were about to do and that thought alone frightened me. The obvious answer would have been no but the thing was, I didnt want him to stop. I wanted him to do whatever he wanted to me. Be vulnerable around him. Feel safe around him.

No. I answered in a whisper.

Are you sure? he asked, look for any sign of hesitation.

Uh huh. I nodded feebly.

Without a word not any hesitation, he leaned in and pecked my lips so slowly, lightly, and sensually. I closed my eyes as he pecked my lips again and again and again. He continued showering my lips with light kisses until his lips touched mine into a long kiss. Unable to resist the temptation, I shivered and melted into the kiss, raking my fingers through his curly locks.

His hands moved down to my legs, lifting me from the ground and wrapped them around his waist, carrying me to his room. He opened the door then closed it when he pushed me against it. His lips left mine and started nibbling my neck. I threw my head back giving him more room and access.

We were now on his bed naked. Our breathes became more rushed and heavier. His mouth travelled from my neck, my shoulder and stomach until he reached my throbbing womanhood. A loud moan left my mouth, arching my back when he took my clit between his lips and gently sucked on it. His large hands gently squeezed my thighs while I gripped the sheets of his bed.

He continued suck on my womanhood until I felt myself getting closer to my climax. He pulled way right before I was about to cum and I couldnt help but feel frustrated that he teased me like that. I felt his hands move underneath my back, pulling me to sit on his lap, feeling his crotch rub against my moist core. He gently pecked my lips as he lined his crotch to my core and went inside me. I gasped feeling the familiar pain and pleasure radiating inside me.

You okay? he asked.

Mhm. I nodded vigorously, wrapping my arms around his heck for balance. You can move now.

And so he did slowly and gently until he slowly quicken his pace. I leaned my forehead against his, letting out soft but vocal moans as I grinded my hips against his. His arm was wrapped around my waist as he gripped my ass while the other caressed my back. He devoured my lips into a hungry kiss, swallowing my moans while emitting his own.

He moved his tongue teasingly at the bottom of my lip before slowly asking me for access, which I responded by opening my mouth allowing his tongue to explore . Our bodies continued moving against each other. Feeling each other. Being in sync with one another.

I let out a small gasp when he flipped over and pressed me into the mattress, kissing me harder and growling into the kiss causing me to whimper with pleasure. His soft lips, his light touches, his slow but gentle thrusts blinded my vision with stars and the most euphoric of sensations.

Matthew. I cried letting out a gasp as I was reaching my high and I could feel that he was reaching his too. With one final thrust, our bodies jerked as we both climaxed together.

We stayed in that position, catching our breaths. Our bodies were covered in sweat. His face was buried in my neck. I was staring at the ceiling with hooded eyes and flushed cheeks.

He pulled away and stared down at me, pushing my hair back. He leaned in and kissed me softly and tenderly.

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