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Love isn't what it seems. We never choose who we fall for. We just fall for the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time. Love isn't just a bed of roses. It isn't kisses, hugs and flowers. It's fights, flaws, differences but above all... It's compromise and patience. I had to learn that the hard way.

Frances Pride
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Chapter one

It's annoying when you have that friend who's always late for everything (except parties).Khloe told me she'd meet me by 7 and it's already 7:34.I'm about to get into the hall when I hear my name,I turn around to see her running towards me with a big smile across her face.She gives me a really tight hug,I can't even breathe properly.
"ouch" I say and hold my arms together
"Don't you miss me?" She asks
"I did but I'm upset" I say and frown at her
"I'm just a few minutes late" she says
"A few minutes?you're fucking dumb" I say to her and hit her shoulders
We get into the hall and sit together
"How was your summer?" She asks me
"The usual" I say
"You didn't do anything?" She asks
"Nope" I say
"You never change" she says and rolls her eyes
"How was Kenya?" I ask her
"Kenya is so beautiful. The wildlife, food,culture,people,everything was so lit"she says
" Thank God this time you're not talking of a new boyfriend "I say and laugh at her
" not funny but you're kinda right.No new guy,but the guys there are so cute"she says and gives a dreamy face
"You're insane" I say and roll my eyes
"How's that dude you told me 'bout?the one from Facebook"she says
" James?he's cool.We texted this morning, he's also going to school this morning "I say
" Cool,so you two dating already?"she asks me
"Not yet" I answered her
The principal comes in and says his usual shit of how to behave ,new exchange students and stuffs

* * * *
We're picking our sitting arrangements by ourselves.we have to do it real fast because if the teacher comes in and sees us disorganized, she'll decide to arrange us according to her taste and that isn't nice.Khloe is seated behind me because she enjoys whispering to me and kicking my chair.Cole is beside me mainly because when we sat according to our register numbers last session,he was beside me and I was the only one willing to help him out in tests.Jaylen sits on Cole's desk
"Let's switch seats" Jaylen says
"Why?" Cole asks him
"Just tired of sitting behind and hey bruh,I heard your birthday party is in two weeks.I'll come perform a song there,no payments" he says
Cole hesitates for a few moments before speaking,"you're not gonna go back on your word,are you?"
"I wouldn't lie to you nigga" Jaylen says to him
I scoff,Cole is a white boy and we all know the 'n' word is for black kids.
"Okay" Cole says and picks up his bag and goes to sit behind
Jaylen sits and sighs
"Sup" he says to me
"Cool,you?" I ask
"Cool too" he says and we both keep shut.
I'm on the grass on the football field while I have my lunch in peace.Khloe is with a few of her other friends .Jaylen shows up and sits beside me with his lunch.
"Uhhhh...what you doin' here?" I ask him
"I came to eat" he says
"This isn't the cafeteria" I tell him
"I know,you're also eating here" he say
I don't say a word to him again, I eat my lunch and he does same.
I want to leave but if I do,it'll seem rude, so I just sit there.There is an awkward silence and for the first time,I decide to be social
"Happy belated birthday, I know it's a week late but yeah,I didn't know" I say to him
"Thanks" he say
"I had no idea it was your birthday.I Logged in Facebook and I saw some of your fans posting on your page.It's weird that I don't even know your birthday and we've been in the same class for 3 years" I say
"I don't even know yours,so I'd say we're equal" he says
"Yeah,I'm going to class" I say and get up
He gets up to and we begin to walk back to class.
I keep myself from rolling my eyes and being rude because damn!!!he's arrogant as hell

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