Take me as I am

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Chapter two

I rush to class because I am late.My mom had to ruin my morning with all her nonsense.
"You're late" Mrs. George says to me as I stand by the door
"I know that but I'm not usually late.please,can I come in?" I ask her
"It's may and not can" she says
"But,it's September not may" I say and the whole class burst into laughter
She turns red immediately
"Go to the principal's office" she says to me
I don't say anything, I just drag my feet to the principal's office,that's detention for me.
It was a damn mistake, I didn't mean to say that but I was too upset and it slipped out.
I'm the only one there with the principal before Mrs George comes in and narrates the whole story to him.Thankfully,all he asks me to do is help the librarian for a few things.I 'm not too pissed off at that.It's just the second day of school and nothing serious happens in classes.
I get into the library and meet the librarian 'Miss.Rose' in front of her computer,as usual.
"How may I help you?" She asks me in her rough voice
"Detention?" I ask her awkwardly
"Second day of school? Weird" she says
"Well,you should dust those books at the first shelf,they weren't dusted and please the books on the third shelf isn't arranged properly" she adds
"Thanks" I say and get to work
I hate cleaning more than anything. I get done right in time for lunch.
I head down to the cafe to meet Khloe.
"You were so rude earlier" she says to me
"Not my fault.That lady I live with pissed me off" I say
"That lady is your mom" she says to me
"Kinda" I say
* * * *
I'm finishing up my homework when I decide to check my Facebook. James had sent me a text
'Hey,how was your day?'
It was stressing but fine,yours?'
'Fine too'
'Cool then'
'So,you're rude,huh?'
'Sometimes but mainly when I'm upset'
'I heard what you did with a reacher in the morning'
'Wtf!!!how'd you know?'
'Someone told me,I have spies all around you know'
'Hahaha,that's funny'
'So,you gon' be free on Saturday.I'm coming to see ya'
'Yeah,finally wanna see ya'
'Cool,I'll see you on Saturday then'
'Great,my mom's Calling. Text ya some other time'
'Love ya'
I take a few moments before texting back'love you too'
I had met James at the start of summer online. I haven't seen his picture yet,all I know is that he's 18, lives in Georgia,Last year in high school, African American, loves basketball and a few random shits.I'm excited that I would finally meet him and my anxiety is hitting me at the same time.
I call khloe's phone immediately,she picks up
"Hey Claire,wassup" she says
"Nothing much,you?" I ask
"Same,just having a terrible evening. Having a baby brother is tiring.Noel is ruining things for me" she says and sighs
"Sorry,kiss his cute forehead for me" I say
"No,I'm not kissing that boy.I'm upset at him.I may kill him before mom comes back" she says
"He's just a baby. You did worse than him when you were his age"i say
"blah blah blah. You're talking as though you're my mom"she says
"I am your mom"i say
She laughs and sighs
"you're crazy as hell"she says
"I learnt from you. You're my boss"i say
"you talk too much, I have to check on messiah"she says
"I said kiss his forehead on my behalf. Do it!!! "I yell through the phone
"okay okay!! "she says
"Bye, I love you"i say
"I love you too"she says before I hang up
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