Coffee time with the invigorating Brandi Voth!

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The Power Hat co.

Amber Williams
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Treat yourself to what’s brewing under the brim...

Coffee Time with the Invigorating Brandi Voth!

Treat yourself to what’s brewing under the brim of the founder of ‘The Power Hat Co.’

Twirling thoughts danced in my mind as I walked into the small picturesque coffee shop for my interview w/ Brandi, among which, ‘which table will be best for us?’ ‘Wow! Did I just drift in here by the aroma?’ ‘Combs coffee I see you!’ ‘I can’t wait to try the coffee! Invigorating is what this place is!’ ‘Focus on why you are here Amber!’ ‘Focus, Focus, ahhh yes, The Power Hat Co.’

I love words!

From the land of google Dictionary:


1. making one feel strong, healthy, and full of energy.

Instantly, the setting she chose for us to meet feels very warm, industrial, beautiful in a simple way (p.s. that’s my favorite flavor of beauty!), & safe.

As we continue you will see...

My brain functions much like a squirrel bouncing here or there!!! Hopping, frolicking, yes frolicking is a much better description, wait, can squirrels frolic? Hmm, well I guess mine would, yes, mine certainly would, from one topic-to the next without regard for my perfectly laid out plans, only feeding on what stimulates at the moment. So, you may see a lot of bouncing in this writing but that’s ok. I know I’m a different bird & have always been drawn to other different birds as well. Perhaps that is why I’m so drawn to Brandi & ‘The Power Hat Co.’

As I stand at the counter ordering coffee, hers is black. ‘Simple, strong, warm, straight to the point, no sugary coating, no masking the taste of the coffee, just coffee for what it is, how it is.’ Hmmm...interesting.
Walking back to the table Brandi is diligently at work on her phone. No time wasted for this driven lady. There is a beauty about her as she works. The way she is sitting anchored in her purpose. The way the light beams are cascading down around her. Like Gods most precious daughter.

‘You should take a picture!’ -The feeling whispers from within.

Note to self: take a pic of her while not holding coffee.

Note to self: ask if you can take a pic in the least weird way possible...if there is such a thing!

Note to self: you are doing awesome!

The Brew!

Called to something more

‘I was feeling called to something else & I didn’t know what it was but I knew that it surrounded purpose, & impact, so I was in a place where I had open hands & open heart & I was like, ‘okay God whatever you want me to do I’m gonna do’ & by no means did I think it was going to take this course!’

Leaning into the Call

‘I started leaning into it, & studying & really Being obedient to the call... I knew from the get go that I was called & led to more the restoration side, not the frontline side, helping survivors learn who they are & Whose they are & helping them learn their identity in Christ. Who they were made to be. That even though their journey has been hard & ugly & painful along the way, they were created on purpose for a purpose..’

The Development

‘So that lead to mentorship & volunteering & teaching life & business coaching class & through that class the need for transitional employment arose.’

‘You can help with job skills, interview skills, resume building, but if you have a criminal background there is a lack of credible references, gaps in the resume, lack of marketable business skills.’

From a place of servant hood & wanting to fill a need arose the Hat!

I love hats! I’ve always loved hats! I kind of always had a little idea that I would love to have a hat company & that just got jump started & pushed to the forefront because I needed jobs for the community I was serving.

Pause! Y’all how motivating is this next quote!...

“It’s kind of like a rocket ship! I’m just holding on & letting it go where God takes it!’


“Going into this one it was just: ‘I wanna make hats, sell hats, & provide transitional employment.’

My Goal?

“Where God takes it, that is my goal. It’s my job to basically steward it well.”

‘I want to have a business where I can invest in them & help them grow their businesses’

‘In the implementation piece it looks like forming a team around that will help you achieve what you want to achieve.’

How is the HAT supposed to make the person feel?

“I think you can put the right hat on a woman & her confidence level instantly increases! She becomes a woman who wears a bold hat! I wanted the person who wears the hat to feel powerful in the hat. Not the cocky power, but the power that is at work within us. The leather bands for the hats, there are 30 power words that you choose from & survivors of human trafficking stamp our leather bands so you have someone whose power has been taken from them repeatedly placing your Power Word on your hat.

As was sketching hats, & thinking of ideas, I started thinking how women of the bible had to cover their heads when they entered the temple & when they prayed. When I was younger, I never understood that I was like, ‘does this mean that they are having to be subservient? does it make them less than? A man didn’t have to cover his head & a woman did, what did this mean? But then…

1 Cor 11:10… says:

For this reason, the woman ought to have a symbol of authority on her head, because of the angels.


(Yall!! If you could see the way her whole being lights up as she speaks of this!)

‘Ohhhh that makes total sense that we would have hats be our power covering. You can place a hat on a woman’s head & it’s her literal sign of power from the angels!’

Its just so fun to watch it all be woven together, because when we are in the midst of doing, building, creating, things get super scattered & you don’t understand how they are going to connect or how the pieces are going come together, how the dots are going to be connected, the circles are going to be closed, & so when it just lands & a scripture just lines it out you are just like ‘yeah, that’s why I am creating ‘The Power Hat Co’, you know? That make sense.”

The purchaser gets to know they are making a difference

We had a big shift post covid. People are still spending money but they are impact spenders. They are conscience consumers. They want to make their dollars count. They don’t just want to buy a hat; they want to buy a hat that is providing transitional employment. They wanna buy a hat where the portion of proceeds go to non-profit.

Buy a product that they are going to love, they are going to wear that they are attached to the mission.

Instead of donating, they get to be brought into the mission. All of our customers, all of our followers, all of our friends we call our Power Squad. We don’t have customers we have people who are part of our squad that are creating impact in communities.
They love the hats; they wear them out and people compliment their hats & they are like ‘but Omygosh! Listen to the story behind this! Listen to mission behind it!’

‘We are changing lives! One hat a time!’

‘We are creating a High quality, beautiful product that also has a level of social responsibility to it.’

Social Responsibility! What! Girl tell me more!!

• Our hats themselves are made in Dallas, Texas.
• Our wool is ethically sourced with human treatment of the animals from South Texas & Australia.
• Our bandanas are hand woven from artisans in Guatemala. We are taking a trip to see that there is no middle man, that the artisans are getting a fair wage for their labor.
• Our feathers are echo friendly from the natural molting process.

Every level of these Hat’s will call for people to do more.

Unique in what way?!

“I think that we are not a hand out company, we are a hand up company! It’s necessary that we as entrepreneurs leverage our resources our gifts & our skills to say, ‘let’s give a hand up & lets break cycles, lets break poverty cycles, lets educate, lets provide transitional employment because our business is our platform & everything I do is under the umbrella of vocational stewardship meaning we elevate people that are preachers, teachers, speakers & we think that they are the people who are ministering in the world & serving out missions & we undervalue the fact that WE can serve our purpose with work.”

I came away from our Coffee time, with a beautiful renewed feeling about fierce females, we never stay in the box, in fact I’d say we flip it, to use as a platform!

Writings Brandi inspired:

‘She reminds me of ‘flare & Audacity’ in the best imaginable way.’ – Amber Williams

‘I found myself captivated during the interview by all the gifts & purpose God put inside her in order to galvanize so many others to recognize the same in themselves.’ – Amber Williams
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