Finding Willow

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Outcasted and lost Willow Addison has no idea what to do. Unable to go home she finds herself in the middle of the forest and confused about how she got there. She is blocking a deep dark secret that could mean her life. Luke Ashton is young, charming and extremely gorgeous. When Willow first comes in to his families land he feels an immediate pull to her. He feels everything she is feeling and immediately wants nothing but to help her and be near her. But when an ancient enemy threatens everything he will fight to keep her safe. The only problem is she knows nothing about her true heritage and how special she really is. Can he help her find herself before it is to late? Is she meant for him or is he just a stepping stone for her to reach her greatness? Join Luke and Willow in their journey against this ancient enemy and to finding Willow's true place.

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Chapter 1

My alarm was going off so I rolled over and turned it off. I heard my mother hollering from down the stairs. "Willow get up. Your going to be late." I pulled the blanket over my head and yawned. I knew I should've went to bed earlier but I was just starting to get into a really good book and I just couldn't put it down.

My name is Willow Addison. I am sixteen and starting my junior year in high school. I have always been a bookworm I guess you can say. Not that I didn't have friends but I have just always been into my studies. I kept impecable grades and stayed out of trouble.

"Willow Marie Addison don't make me come up there." My mother's voice rang out.

"I'm up!" I yelled back. I slowly rolled out of bed and made my way to the shower. I was actually excited to get back to school I was just slow this morning. I took a quick shower and picked out my outfit for the day. My mother had of course gone overboard on me again this year. We always went shopping the week before school started.

She always went overboard but I think it's just because she wanted me to have everything. It has always been just me and her. My father had been some one night stand. I didn't even think he knew about me. My mother never talked about him mostly because she didn't know much about him. I think there may have been more than she tells me but I don't push.

Once I had found my outfit I finished getting my makeup on and I pulled my hair into a side braid. My hair was down to my ass this year. Usually I cut it before school but this year I decided not to. It was a dark brown except I had this one part that was white. I have always had it and I don't know why. Everyone always said it made me unique. I didn't want to be different but I couldn't get rid of it no matter what I tried.

I grabbed my backpack and headed downstairs. I walked into the kitchen and my mother had a huge breakfast made. I sighed. She always does this.

"Eat your breakfast Willow. Breakfast is the most.."

"Important part of the day. I know mom. I wish you wouldn't fuss so much over me. I am sixteen now. I can make my own breakfast." She smiled at me as she placed a big plate of food in front of me.

"I know but then what would I do with my mornings if I didn't fuss over you. Now hurry up and eat or you will be late." I just smiled at her and started eating. The school was only about a five minute walk for me so I knew I had time.

Once I was finished eating I took off kissing my mom goodbye. "I have to work tonight so don't mess around after school." She yelled out as I started walking down the street.

"Okay." I hollered back and kept walking. The school wasn't big. There was only about five hundred students but then again Yreka was a small town. It was finally starting to cool off and I loved it. This was always my favorite time of year around here.

I started walking up the steps of the school when I heard someone yell my name. "Willow." I turned to see my bestie running up behind me.

"Hey Beth. How was your summer?" Beth and I had been locked at the hip since we were six. She ran up and damn near knocked me over when she locked arms with me. She had a smirk on her face and I just knew she had some juicy gossip.

"Summer was amazing as always. You will never guess who I ran into the other day." I eyed her as we continued to our first class.

"Well are you going to tell me or just leave me in suspense?" We both laughed.

"Oh only Jesse. You know the hot varsity quarterback. Who just so happened to be asking about you." I stopped and stared at her. She knew that I had been crushing on Jesse since the ninth grade. She winked at me.

"But isn't he with Courtney?" She shook her head.

"Word is that they had a huge fight at the end of summer party because he caught her kissing on another guy. So he is single and asking about you." We had made it to our first class and I was in shock. Jesse was the only guy who had caught my attention. We had been in the same classes all freshman year and he was always a sweet guy.

Then he hooked up with Courtney and he just changed. I knew that he didn't like who he was but he was in with the popular crowd and didn't want to mess it up. He never did change completely though. He was still nice to me even when Courtney and her group of bitches weren't.

I felt eyes on me and when I looked up to open the classroom door there he was. He held the door for us and smiled at me as we walked by. "Hey Willow. I guess we will be sharing the same home room again."

"I guess so." I said while trying not to blush. Beth pulled me to a couple of seats in the back smiling like a dumb ass the whole time. I was going to kill her. I just know she had to have said something to him about me.

"What?" She questioned trying to act innocent.

"Don't play dumb with me Beth Ann Cross. What did you say to him? He won't stop looking at me." I said as I quickly pointed at him from behind my book.

"Nothing. I swear. Except maybe that if he wanted to get to know you he should ask you out." My jaw dropped.

"Damn it Beth. Now what am I supposed to do when he does ask me out?" She laughed.

"Well first off keep your cool. Then say yes."

"But I ..." I started to protest and she stopped me.

"Willow you like him and he obviously likes you to. Just see what happens. What's the worst that can happen? You guys find out your better off as friends." I guess she was right. One date wouldn't hurt. As luck would have it Jesse was waiting for me as we walked out of the class.

He was probably my favorite person to stare at. Okay so he was the only person I stared at. Jesse towered over me at six-two. He had the most incredible green eyes and the perfect jet black hair. His abs and arm muscles showed nicely in the tight shirt he wore. I realized I was staring and quickly looked away.

"Hey Willow. I was wondering if you wanted to grab a bite to eat after practice tonight?"

"I can't.." I started to say no but Beth elbowed me.

"She would love to. She will meet you in the bleachers after practice." Beth quickly answered for me and then pulled me away.

"Beth I really can't. I promised mom I would go straight home."

"Really Willow? Live on the wild side for once. You know that your mom won't be home until late. You have plenty of time to hang out with Jesse and make it home before her." She wasn't wrong. My mom trust me so she won't call to check on me and even if she did I had my cell with me. I fought with myself for a minute and then agreed.

"Fine but if I get busted I'm blaming you." She laughed and we took off in separate directions. I wouldn't see her until lunch now. I made a mental note to kick her butt when I did. I couldn't believe that I had finally scored a date with Jesse. This was going to be interesting.

At lunch Beth only made a quick appearance. She had to go to the drama room for additions after school and was going to run lines with one of her classmates. I scrunched my nose at her as she hugged me.

"I want to know all the details after you get home." She said as she quickly grabbed her lunch and made a b-line to the drama room. I barely ate because I was actually a little nervous. As the day grew closer to an end I could feel my anxiety hightened. This must be what it feels like to have butterflies in your stomach because mine was in knots.

The final bell rang and I made my way to the football field. I made a quick stop at my locker and then the bathroom to freshen up my makeup. I made it to the bleachers just as the team was starting to come out on the field. I saw Jesse the moment he stepped out on the field. He was number thirty-two but I would recognize him without the number.

Practice was about an hour long but I was enjoying every minute of it. Every once in a while Jesse would look up at me and smile. I would just smile and wave at him. At the end of practice Jesse came up to me.

"I'm glad you came. Meet me in the hallway by the locker room. I'm going to shower and then I will be out." I nodded and then walked off twords the locker room. The hallway was quite except for the muffled sounds coming from the locker room. I stood waiting for Jesse reading my book.

"Well, well, what do we have here? Aren't you a pretty little thing." I looked up into the eyes of a stranger. I knew just about everyone in the school but I didn't recognize this face.

"I'm sorry. Am I in your way?" The young man smirked just a little. He was giving me a very weird feeling. He just had a dark demeanor about him. He moved in front of me pushing me back into the lockers.

"Oh no your not in my way. In fact you are right where I want you." He licked his lips and I tried to push past him. He pushed me hard against the lockers and I let out a scream as he started to run his fingers against my cheek.

"Hey Hathaway, what the fuck are you doing?" I heard Jesse's voice from behind the man. The guy seemed irritated as he turned away from me and faced Jesse.

"I was just introducing myself to this pretty girl. I didn't hurt you sweetheart did I?" I shook my head but Jesse could see the fear in my eyes.

"Willow come on. Let's go." He held his hand out at me and I practically ran to him. "Willow is with me so if I ever see you near her again I will fuck your world up." The guy just stared at us as we walked past him.

"Who is that creep?" I asked Jesse as we made our way out to his Jeep.

"He is a new student. He just transferred from some school in like Russia or something. But he is one of the best running backs we have seen in a long time. Don't worry I won't let him mess with you."

I smiled at him as he held the car door open for me. I climbed in and then we were off. Jesse was everything that I thought he would be. We talked for hours while we ate dinner. Even though we had been around each other since freshman year I never had a chance to get to know him. Before I knew it my cellphone was ringing and it was my mom.

"Oh shit." Jesse looked at me as I answered the phone. "Hi mom."

"Where are you? It is after eleven o'clock on a school night." She didn't sound overly upset but she was a little bit mad.

"I'm sorry mom. A friend asked me out to dinner and we have just been talking and I lost track of time."

"Well get home and we will talk about it when you get here." I hung up and told Jesse I needed to go. He nodded and went to pay the bill. We walked out into the crisp air and made our way to my house. We pulled up outside my house and I started to get out.

"I had a great time Jesse thank you." He looked at me and then pushed a hair out of my face tucking it behind my ear. His touch made me shiver. He then leaned in and placed his lips softly on mine. I had dreamed of this from the first time I had laid eyes on him. It was perfect in all ways.

He pulled away and smiled. "I had a great time to. I'll see you tomorrow." I nodded and then got out of the car and walked into the house. His kiss still fresh on my lips. I don't think anything could ruin this moment.
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