Get to know me (a simp)

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Hi get to know me I know it’s not much but it’s all I got Kk

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Chapter 1


My name is Libby and I am new to inkitt I’m usually on watt pad but I thought I would give this a try as wattpad deleted all my stories and I didn’t thing to save them

I know it’s stupid but oh well

So here’s some things about me

My name is Libby

I’m 12 turning 13 in August 2021

I like Harry Potter/horseback riding/books/Percy Jackson series (books not the movies the movies are trash)/I’m in 7th grade

I’m weird and I have a VERY short attention span so you will have to bear with me in writing as I will try t9 update a ✨smut✨ Book I’m working on weekly

I will do both Harry Potter AND Percy Jackson one shot fluff and smut books

I’m a trash writer so please is you don’t like it don’t read it we don’t need any ✨negative Nancy’s✨ Or ✨rude Richard’s✨ Um in here mk

K that’s pretty much it if I think of somthing else I can always add more chapters to this book...right?

Lol ok thank you for reading and I will ...see you next time? Idk I’ll think of something


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