Freeing Frankie

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Will Frankie ever be free from her past?

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Chapter one

Another one was on the way in, I could hear the commotion. You see that is the thing about being in a secure unit, the atmosphere changes I mean everyone is a little crazy here but when someone new is on the way they get worse. It's like the calm before the storm. I always try to guess what that person will be like but in places like this, you never really know. Take me for an example if the other 'patients' as they like to call them (I don't I call them prisoners) knew why I was really here I don't think any one of them would want to know me.
I could hear the kicking against the main security door of the unit, not what the person was saying but I could tell it was a girl. There was more movement outside my room, the shadows of nurses and doctors went past the window and all I wanted was some peace to continue my drawing. Drawing soothed me, it helps me keep my anger locked away, drawing was my release. My god why won't they just shut her up! Ugh I'm going to have to get up and go tell them myself to shut her up. I'm so close to finishing this drawing too, just the shading to do but as usual this place never lets you do anything, I suppose it is a secure unit. I lay my pencil, on my sketch pad and head towards the door, just as I get to the door to open it, the door opens and it's my therapist, well child psychologist, Dr Gabrielle Jordan. "Hey, everything okay?" As her eyes dart around my room as normal. I raise my eyebrow and try to look past her, she closes the door a little more and I say "well I would be if you could shut the noise up, I'm almost done with my drawing, the noise doesn't help" she smiles gently at me and replied " Frankie you know how daunting it can be when you first come here, she's just afraid of the unknown just like you were just have a little patience and understanding." I rolled my eyes, I'm not really the most understanding person. I just want the peace and quiet. "Can you not just give her a shot, just while I finish" Gabrielle just turned her head slightly sideways and looked at me then closed my door. I guess that was a resounding no then.
I turned back around facing my room, this room had become my safe haven, my own personal space something that I had never had before now. Even though the whole room was hospital white colour but that didn't matter to me as that meant it was clean, pure sort of thing. I could still hear the muffled shouting but it seemed as if it was further down the hall now so it was much easier for me to deal with. I wondered if I should continue my drawing but I just stared at my sketch pad. My mind started to wonder.
It was always so cold so dark, I tired to move over just a bit as my leg was numb from being in the same place. My arm hit the bar with a clang as metal and metal touched.
My room door opened which drew my mind back into the present. "Lunch in five minutes" the nurse smiled. The door closed.
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