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words I clicked into my notes, wondering if these can tone down the voices in my head.

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Like bubbles, pop me now.

I am damned. Stucked. Unmoving. I have been like that for long. Despite my immortal efforts to access my brain, I don’t seem to get the upperhand of my own sanity. I am behind, still watching how fuck up I can get. I am sober but not in myself. I am aware but I don’t intend to do anything. I will try to tell people to keep moving despite the circumstances. “Break that damned wall”, I’d say.

I am the masochist of my own decisions, I know I can but I’m too scared to do the toss instead I’d rather welcome the downs of my impulsive decisions. I am uncertain—too unsure but too ambitious. I’ve got a long list of paths but I stopped scanning through it long time ago—again, I am uncertain—I don’t know where my core went off. I have gone scared of people who never stopped going forward, I am ashamed— I just want to disappear.
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