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What would you do if you are different from other humans? What if you can hear other people's mind? For Khali, this was a curse... until her brother died. To uncover the cause of his death and punish the culprits, she needs to use her curse and found out the truth.

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Chapter One

As Khali descended from the glider, Brady and Rye watched from a safe distance. Khali enjoys several activities, but one of her favorites is paragliding.

“That other twin of yours is nothing like you. You exude a more feminine air compared to her.” Rye said, laughing.

“I honestly don’t know. I’d rather not assume that my sister is desperate to end her life right now. Though she likes a wide variety of sports, her favorites are the ones that put her life in danger,” Brady said.

Brady turned to his friend, and Rye was suddenly very quiet. He took a peek at what Rye was taking in: Khali approaching them, the wind twirling her long, wavy hair even though she had pulled it back into ponytails.

Brady laughs at the way Rye is looking at her sister.

“Are you sure you don’t have feelings for my sister?” Brady asked.

Rye turned toward Brady. “Yes! Your sister is such a snob. She’s ignoring me completely. She just sees you, and I feel like I may as well not exist in her eyes.” Rye said.

Brady laughed at what Rye said.

“I thought you’d be late?” Khali asked when she approached them.

She just glanced at Rye standing next to Brady. Rye gives her a small smile, but she just ignores him.

“We finished practice early. Have you had enough of wasting time?” Brady asked.

“Extreme sports aren’t a waste of time, but I’m all done now. And I’m starving. You should feed your little sister !” Khali said with a sweet smile to Brady.

“Seriously? You made me your driver, and now you want me to feed you? How fortunate you are! “Brady said.

“Incredibly tight purse strings, you are!” Khali said. “I’ll just take my bag.”

Khali turned around and left them in front of the paraglider’s office.

“Let’s have dinner. I’ll pay for it,” Rye said suddenly.

Brady turned his head toward him. “Are you being serious? Khali is a monster who is always hungry, so your allowance will probably run out for her.”

Rye smiled. “It’s okay. It only happens once.”

“You’re willing to give up two months’ worth of pocket money just to feed my horrible sister.” Brady chuckles at Rye.

Rye watched Khali as she walked up to her with her bag.

“Do not tell her anything!” Rye begged Brady.

Brady gave Rye a goofy smile.

“Let’s go!” Khali asked the two guys to leave.


Currently, they are on their way back to their house. Khali was seated in the car’s rear seat, while Brady and Rye were in the front seats. Brady was driving.

“So, where do you suggest we go for dinner?” Khali suddenly asked as their car went through the toll booth.

“Where would you like?” said Brady.

Khali smiled. “I can find happiness anywhere.”

“The place isn’t a problem for you. The only thing that makes you happy is food, “Brady says with a laugh. Fortunately, you’re not putting on weight, no matter how greedy.”

“That’s what happens in extreme sports. Try to join me. You’ll enjoy my next adventure.” Khali said, smiling.

“What’s the next big thing you want to do?” Brady said.

“Skydiving! It would be more fun if you could fly with me, twin brother! “said Khali.

“Why do you like doing those dangerous sports? There’s a wide variety of sports to choose from, “said Brady.

“Women’s sports are boring. I don’t want to be like you. You have only ever played basketball, and you know nothing else. It would be best if you went out of your comfort zone more often,” Khali said, pouting.

Brady turned to Rye, smiling as he listened to what they were saying. Brady gave Rye a mean look. He laughed even more at Brady’s reaction.


At a recent Spanish gourmet restaurant, they got there using the new Waze app on their phones. There weren’t many people in the restaurant. The restaurant itself has an air of refined elegance. When Brady saw their attire and contrasted it to the other diners, he couldn’t help but crack up.

They are all dressed in jeans and sneakers. Brady is wearing a light blue polo shirt, while Rye and Khali are wearing a white T-shirts with an anime girl and boy. Since Brady acted as their chaperone, Rye and Khali’s outfits would make them mistaken as a couple.

Still, the waitress was kind and ensured they got the most exemplary table possible. Over on the opposite side of the table, Rye and Brady are seated next to each other. Khali is sitting on the opposite side of the table from Rye.

“Lovely setting. Are you sure that this is where we are going to eat?” Khali asked.

Khali never looked at the two men while she spoke. She gazed out the clear window at the distant metropolis, illuminated by the lights of homes, stores, cars, and streets.

Khali felt a romantic connection to that spot. One of her favorite memories was a meal with her two knights, but she usually paid little attention to Rye. But it doesn’t mean that she had no interest in him. Rye has been her crush since first grade.

Rye looked at Brady and gave him a little push with his elbow.

“What?” Brady asked in a low voice.

Rye pouted as he pointed his lips at Khali. Brady chuckled. Khali looked at her sibling.

“You sound happy, my twin brother,” Khali said.

“I’ve just noticed that you both wear the same clothes. I forgot the right word, ah, a couple of shirts. “Brady said.

Both Khali and Rye take a glance at one another’s clothes. Khali’s face turns red suddenly, and Rye’s ear turns red. Brady looked at the two of them and laughed as if something were happening in his mind.

“You two make me feel like a chaperone,” Brady said. “And honestly, you guys look good together.”

“Don’t be a tease, big brother, okay? There’s no humor in your joke.” Khali said, secretly looking at Rye.

“All I’m saying is that you two are a great match,” Brady said. “Bro, isn’t my twin sister a beauty?”

Rye stared at Brady and was about to speak when Khali spoke again.

“Would you like for me to have a boyfriend?” Khali asked Brady.

“Yes, why not? Why not if he’s my best friend?” said Brady, staring at Rye.

“He does not excite my interest,” Khali said.

“Why?” Brady asked. Rye has his eyes on Khali.

Khali averted her eyes from them. “I have no interest in having relationships with boys.” Khali lied.

Brady frowned. “Hey, are you a lesbian?”

Khali didn’t answer Brady’s question until the server got closer and gave them the menu. When they saw the menu and its price Khali’s eyes widened.

“Are you sure about this?” Khali asked again. “The food is much more pricey than we had last week.”

Rye and Brady exchanged glances, perplexed as to which of them Khali was referring.

“Wow, the paella looks good!” said Khali.

“The Paella Black Seafood is one of our most popular dishes. We used natural squid ink to make dye,” the server told them.

“Is that so? Isn’t the black ink sticking to the teeth?” asked Khali.

Rye and Brady both chuckled. “It would, Ma’am, but a toothbrush can get rid of it,” the server said.

“If I had to choose between paella and that one, I’d go with that one. I don’t want my teeth to get stained black.” Khali said.

“Okay, Ma’am. How about a drink?” the server asked.

“I’d like orange juice, please,” Khali told the server.

“Paella? Is this all you wanted?” Brady asked Khali in disbelief.

“Yes, why? Is that a problem?” Khali asked Brady.

“Well, yeah. Paella won’t be enough to fill your monster stomach.” Brady said he was teasing her.

Khali peeks at Rye and the server and then returns to Brady.

“Paella gives you a well-rounded diet. It has a large amount of protein and an average amount of fiber. These nutrients also help fill up the stomach. So yes, that is what I want to eat.” Khali explained.

Khali’s twin scratched his head and turned his attention to the menu. Khali glanced up at Rye as he perused the menu. She gave a slight smile.


After dinner, they all went home. Khali went to the kitchen to say hello to their nanny, Nanay Remy. When they entered, Brady and Rye walked directly to the couch. Brady turned on the television.

After seeing her nanny, she left the dining room to rest. Khali glanced toward the two guys on the sofa as she climbed the last five steps.

“About your question from earlier, twin brother...” Khali said.

Halfway up the stairs, Rye and Brady both glanced at Khali.

“I’m not a lesbian. It’s just that I don’t want to be someone’s cruel jokes if they’re not interested in me. It hurts my feelings.” Khali explains.

The two boys looked at each other.

“Thanks for dinner, by the way. I enjoyed it!” Khali said, then quickly climbed the stairs and went straight to her room.

Brady laughs at everything he has heard from his sister.

“That woman makes me nearly nervous. I almost think that she was a lesbian. Thank God, she’s not.” says Brady.

Rye didn’t say a word, but his grin almost reached his ear.

Brady glanced at Rye. “You might have a chance, man!”

Rye looked at Brady, who was grinning and nodded. Rye said nothing. He smiled at Brady.


When Khali walked into her room, she lay in bed. She closed her eyes, not to fall asleep but to relax. She has been in control of her mind the whole time.

After a few minutes, she had just come out of the bathroom. Then someone knocked on the door of her room. She figured out who it was.

“Twin brother, come in!” Khali called out.

While she was in the middle of brushing her hair, Brady strolled in. He was holding a book as well as a notepad in his hand.

“How did you know it was me who knocked?” Brady asked, surprised.

“I’m good at guessing, don’t I?” Khali said, smiling.

Khali stared at Brady’s reflection in the mirror. He was sitting at her bedside.

“Hey, little sister, can you give me a hand with this?” asked Brady.

“Integral Calculus,” Khali said suddenly.

Brady turned his head toward her. “Jeez, you’re good at guessing. I wondered how you knew what book I was holding.”

She was staring at Brady’s reflection in the mirror. He kept his book on its back, so the title was not visible. It made her feel nervous.

“If I didn’t know you, I’d assume you had a superpower,” Brady told her.

Khali laughed. She cast her gaze at Brady.

“What? What did you say? Superpower?” Khali chuckled back.

“Yes, you know everything, almost as if you could read our minds,” Brady said.

“That’s a compliment, twin brother,” Khali said. “Should I be asking whether I resemble Wonder woman? Or can I be as powerful as Professor X?”

“You have a bald head, much like Professor X.” Brady was joking.

Khali chuckled and stood up. She approached her desk and eventually sat down at it. She then leaned over to Brady and grabbed his book and notepad. Brady got up and went right to his sister.

Brady gave his book and notebook to Khali. She first read the whole page before answering it. While doing the activity, Brady was looking at Khali.

“Stop staring. If you’ve got something to say, say it, “Khali said, but he didn’t even look at Brady.

“How did you know Rye had already paid for our dinner?” Brady asked.

Khali looked at her brother with her eyebrows raised.

“How? That is so obvious, twin brother. You are not paying too much for my food,” Khali said plainly.

Brady never said any words. He kept looking at Khali. She ignored the activity in the book because she was distracted by how her brother looked at her.

“We’re twins,” Brady said.

“Oh, indeed we are. In fact, since birth,” Khali laughed.

“I know you are hiding something,” Brady said.

“Are you saying I’m hiding something from you?” Khali asked.

“Yes. I know you are hiding something.” Brady said.

Khali looked her brother in the eyes and gave him a mean look. She knew how good Brady’s intuition was. If Brady were a detective like the ones in the movies Khali was watching, he’d probably be famous. Brady looked at her like she was examining her face.

“Stop staring...” Khali said.

“I was just thinking, what did Rye like about you?” Brady asked suddenly.

Khali looked at her brother. “What did you mean by that? Rye has a crush on me?”

Khali is getting pumped up. Her heart is beating faster than it usually does.

“I’m kidding!” Brady chuckled.

Khali frowned and puckered her lips.

“It’s the look of disappointment! Do you have feelings for him?” asked Brady.

Khalis said nothing. Brady left her, jumped into bed, laid on his back, and turned on the TV. Brady was surprised to see what was on Khali’s USB stuck to her TV.

“Why do you like watching movies about investigations and crimes? I thought you weren’t interested in becoming a cop?” Brady asked.

All he found on the USB were crime, mystery, and investigation films, but he watched them all.

“All those are educational programs. Watch it for yourself.” Khali added.

“How can you get a boyfriend if you’re like Inspector Shinichi Kudo?” asks Brady.

Khali laughed but never said a word. Khali gave Brady his notebook and book and got off the bed.

“So, what about you? Is Cassy your girlfriend?” Khali asked.

“Cassy has a boyfriend,” Brady merely said.

Brady smiled a little and started to walk out of her room.

“I thought you and Cassy were getting along fine? So what happened?” Khali asked.

Brady stared at her, and she didn’t mean to, but she could tell what was on his mind.

“I appreciate you doing this! You are the best twin sister in the world!” Brady said with a grin.

Brady didn’t answer her question. He left her room.

Khali felt uneasy. There was something her brother was not telling her. She immediately grabbed her laptop.

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