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What would you do if you are different from other humans? What if you can hear other people's mind? For Khali, this was a curse... until her brother died. To uncover the cause of his death and punish the culprits, she needs to use her curse and found out the truth.

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Chapter One

Brady and Rye were at a distance as they watched Khali descend from the glider. One of Khali's favourite sports is Paragliding, which is why she often does it.

"You and that twin of yours are so different, mate. You look more feminine than her. '' Rye said, laughing.

“I don't know, I don't want to think that she wants to die right away. There are so many sports out there, but she enjoys sports that put her life at risk. ” Brady said

Brady turned to his friend, and Rye suddenly became quiet. He looked at what Rye was looking at, Khali walking towards them as the wind danced her long wavy hair even though it was in ponytails.

Brady smiles at Rye's look.

"Are you sure you're not in love with my sister?" Brady asked.

He turned towards Brady. “Yes! Your sister's such a snob, she won't even pay attention to me. Sometimes I wonder whether I'm still alive or not because she only sees you and I'm sort of invisible with her,” Rye said.

Brady laughed about what Rye said

"I thought you were late?" Khali asked when she got near them.

She just glanced at Rye beside Brady. Rye smiles lightly, but she ignores him.

“Our practice finished up early. Are you finished wasting your time? ” Brady asked

“Going to extreme sports is not a waste of time, but yes, it's over. And I'm starving, feed me!” Khali said to Brady with a sweet smile.

“Seriously? You made me your driver and you want me to feed you? How lucky for you! ” Said, Brady

"You are stingy, indeed!" Khali said. "I'll just take my bag."

Khali turned and left them in front of the paraglider's office.

"Let's have dinner, I'll pay for it,” Rye said all of a sudden.

Brady looked towards him. "Do you mean it? Khali is a ravenous monster, your allowance will likely run out for her. ”

Rye smiled. "It's OK, it's only once."

"You're willing to sacrifice two months' worth of pocket money just to feed my monstrous sister." Brady laughs at Rye.

Rye gazed at Khali as she approached with her bag.

"Don't tell her anything!" Rye begs Brady.

Brady gave Rye a foolish smile.

"Let's go!" Khali invited the two guys to leave


They're heading home now. Brady was driving the car, Rye was by his side, and Khali was in the back seat.

"So, where can we go for dinner?" Khali suddenly asked that their car went through the toll gate.

"Where would you like?" said Brady.

Khali smiled. "Anywhere I can find satisfaction."

"The place is not a problem for you because you are always pleased with the food you eat," Brady says with a laugh. "It's a good thing you're not gaining weight, no matter how greedy you are."

"That's really what happens in extreme sports. Try to join me, you'll enjoy my next adventure. ” Khali said, smiling

"What's the next adventure for you?" Brady said.

“Sky diving! It would be more fun if you could be with me while we're out in the air, twin brother! ” Said Khali

“Why are you fond of that life risk sports? There are so many sports you can take part in, ” Said, Brady

"Female sports are boring, I don't want to be like you, ball-playing is the only sport you know. You should try to be a little more adventurous,” Khali said and pouted.

Brady turned to Rye, who was smiling as he heard their conversation. Brady glared at Rye. He laughed a lot more at Brady's reaction.


At a recent Spanish gourmet restaurant, the new Waze mobile app brought them there. There weren't many people at the diner. The atmosphere inside the restaurant is quite stylish and sophisticated. Brady even laughed when he noticed their clothes in comparison to other customers who ate there.

They're all dressed in jeans and sneakers. Brady is wearing a light blue polo while Rye and Khali are wearing a white printed T-shirt with an anime girl and an anime boy. Rye and Khali will be wrong as a couple due to their blouses while Brady is their chaperone.

Despite this, the waiter assisted them until they were seated in the best place. Rye and Brady seated side by side, on the other side of the table Khali seated in front of Rye.

"Very nice location here, are you sure we're going to eat here?" Khali asked.

Khali never looked at the two men when she spoke. She looks outside the glass window where the bright city could be seen in the distance due to the lights of houses, commercial establishment, vehicles and street lights.

This place is kind of romantic for Khali. Dining with her two knights is one of her happy memories with them, although she ignores Rye, this does not mean that she did not like him. Rye's been her crush since first grade.

Rye looked at Brady, elbowed him a bit.

"What?" Brady asked silently.

Rye pouted his lips pointing at Khali. Brady laughed. Khali turned to her sibling.

"You sound happy, twin brother," Khali said.

"I've just noticed you both wear the same outfit. Couple shirts, that's the right word,” Brady said.

Khali and Rye look at each other's clothes. Khali's face turns red all of a sudden and Rye's ear turns reddish. Looking at the two Brady laughed at them as if something was happening in his mind.

"You two make me feel like a chaperone." Said Brady. "And quite frankly, you guys look good together."

"Don't tease us, grumpy brother! Your joke isn't funny! " Khali said while secretly looking at Rye.

"I'm just saying you're a perfect match." Brady continued. "Dude, isn't my twin sister a beauty?"

Rye stared at Brady and was about to respond when Khali spoke again.

"Would you like me to have a boyfriend?" Khali asked Brady.

"Yes, if he is my best friend, why not?" said Brady, staring at Rye.

"He doesn't interest me," said Khali.

"Why?" asked Brady. Rye's looking at Khali.

"I have no interest in having relations with boys." Khali lied.

Brady frowned. "Hey, are you lesbian?"

Khali didn't answer Brady's question till the server got closer and gave them the menu.

"Are you sure about this?" Khali asked again

Rye and Brady were looking at each other, not knowing which one of them Khali was asking for.

"Wow, the paella looks nice!" said Khali.

"Paella Black Seafood is one of the most popular dishes we offer. We used squid ink to dye." Said the server.

"Oh really? Isn't it the black ink sticking to the teeth? " Asked Khali.

Rye and Brady chuckled. "It would Ma'am, but it can be removed by a toothbrush." the waiter said.

"I like paella, but I like that one better. I don't want a black stain on my teeth. " Khali said

"Okay, Ma'am. How about a drink? " Asked the server.

"I'll have orange juice, please. ” Khali told the waiter.

“Paella? Is this all you ordered? ” Brady asked Khali with disbelief

“Yes, why? Is this an issue?” Khali asked Brady.

"Well, yes. Knowing you, paella is not enough to satisfy your monstrous intestines. ” Brady said he was mocking her.

Khali takes a peek at Rye and the waiter and returns to Brady.

"Paella offers balanced nutrition. It contains a large amount of protein as well as an average amount of fibre. These nutrients help to create fullness in the stomach as well. So yes, that's what I want to eat. " Khali explained

Khali's twin scratched his head and turned his eyes back to the menu. Khali looked up at Rye and was busy choosing the menu. She smiled slightly.


After dinner, they went home. Khali went straight to the kitchen to say hello to their Nanay Remy, their nanny as they were only three years old. Brady and Rye went straight to the sofa and sat there. Brady switched on the television.

After seeing her nanny, she left the dining room and decided to rest. Before climbing the final five steps of the stairs, Khali turned towards the two men sitting on the couch.

"About your question a little while ago, twin brother..." Khali said.

Rye and Brady looked at Khali halfway up the stairs.

"I’m not a lesbian. I just don't want to be teased by someone who has no interest in me. This is insulting to me. ” Khali explains.

The two young men looked at one another.

“By the way, thank you for dinner! I enjoyed it! " Khali said then quickly climbed the stairs and went directly to her room.

Brady laughs at everything he's heard from his sister.

"That annoying woman almost makes me nervous. I almost think she was a lesbian. Thank God she's not. ” Says Brady.

Rye said nothing, but his smile nearly hit his ear.

Brady looked at Rye. "You have a shot, dude!"

Rye turned to Brady, who was grinning. Rye didn't say anything, he just smiled at Brady.


When Khali walked into her room, she lay in bed. She closed her eyes not to sleep, but to relax. She's been controlling her mind the whole time.

After a few minutes, she had just walked out of the bathroom when someone knocked on the door of her room. She had a clue who it was.

"Come in, twin brother!" Khali shouted.

She was busy combing her hair when the door opened and Brady walks into her room. He had a book and a notebook in his hand.

"How did you know it was me who knocked?" asked Brady with astonishment.

“I'm good at guessing, aren't I?” Khali said, smiling.

Khali gazed at Brady's reflection in the mirror. He was sitting at the side of her bed.

"Hey, sissy, can you give me a hand with this?" asked Brady.

"Integral Calculus," Khali said suddenly

Brady looked towards her. "Geez, you're good at guessing. I wondered how you knew what book I was holding right now."

She was staring into Brady's reflection in the mirror. He kept his book upside down and the title of the book is not visible. It made her feel nervous.

"If I didn't know you, I'd think you had a superpower," Brady said to her.

Khali laughed. She looked at Brady.

“What? What did you say? Superpower?” Khali laughed back.

"Yes, you know everything as though you could read our minds," said Brady.

“That's complimentary, twin brother,” Khali said. "Do I look like Wonder Woman? Or can I be just as powerful as Professor X?"

"You're bald like Professor X." Brady was kidding.

Khali laughed and stood up, she walked closer to her study table then sat there. She turned to Brady and reached out for her brother's book and notebook. Brady got up and went straight to his sister.

Brady gave Khali his book and notebook. She first browsed the entire page before answering it. While busy completing the activity, Brady was looking at Khali.

"Stop staring, if you got something to say, knock it over," Khali said without even looking at Brady.

“How did you know that Rye paid for our dinner earlier?” Brady asked

Khali raised her eyebrows against her brother.

“How? That's so obvious, twin brother. You're not paying too much for my food.” Khali said plainly.

Brady never said a word, he was still staring at Khali. She looked away at his brother's looks, instead of focusing on answering the activity in the book.

"We're twins..." said Brady.

“Oh, indeed we are. Since birth, in fact. ” Khali laughed.

"I know you're hiding something." Brady went on to say.

"Are you telling me I'm hiding something from you?" Khali asked.

"Yes. I know you're hiding something. " Brady said

Khali glared her brother in the face. She knew how strong Brady's intuition was. If he were a killer like the films she was watching, he'd probably be famous. Brady looked at her as though she was examining her face.

"I was just thinking, what did Rye like about you?" said Brady all of a sudden.

Khali stared at her brother. "What do you mean by that? Rye's got a crush on me?"

Khali has become excited. Her heart's beating faster than it usually does.

"I'm kidding!" Brady chuckled.

Khali frowned and pouted her lips.

“It's the face of disappointment! Are you in love with him? " Asked Brady.

Khalis never said anything. Brady left her, jumped into bed, lying down and turned on the TV. Brady was somewhat surprised to see the contents of Khali's USB stuck on her television.

"Why do you enjoy watching films about investigations and crime? I thought you weren't interested in being a cop? ” Brady asked

He went through all the movies on the USB, but they were pure investigation, crime and mystery movies.

“Those are educational programs. Watch that for yourself. ” Khali added

"How can you get a boyfriend if you're like Inspector Shinichi Kudo," says Brady.

Khali laughed and never said a word. She stood up and handed Brady his notebook and book. Brady got up off the bed.

“How about you? Is Cassy your girl now? ” Khali asked.

"Cassy's got a boyfriend." Brady merely said.

Brady smiled slightly and started walking out of her room.

“I thought, you and Cassy are doing well? What happened? ” Khali asked

Brady stared at her and unintentionally she can read his thoughts.

“Thank you to do this! You truly are the best, twin sister! ” Brady said with a grin.

Brady never answered her question, he left her room.

Khali was uneasy. There was something her brother wasn't telling her. She immediately took her laptop.

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