The Mind Reader

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Chapter Two

The following day, Khali awoke early to get ready for school. When she walked into the dining room to have breakfast, Rye was there, their eyes met within seconds, but Khali was also the first one to avoid it as if she did not notice him.

"Hello everyone!" Khali said, smiling

With a smile, Nanay Remy approached her and gave her milk.

"Have you spoken with your Mommy, Khali?" Nay Remy asked.

“Not yet, Nay. Why? ” Khali asked

"They look as if they're taking you to Singapore," said Brady.

"What?" replied Khali and Rye at the same time.

Rye and Khali stared at one another for a second. Nay Remy and Brady laughed but never said a word.

“Why? Did you tell them something again? ” Khali asked Brady

"Not at all!" said Brady. "What do you want me to say? Your Paragliding trips and skydiving plans next week? ”

Khali frowned. Brady laughed as Rye watched the siblings.

"What did Mommy say, Brady?" asked Khali, irritated.

“They will take you to Singapore,” said Brady. "Well, why don't you ask Nay Remy?"

Khali and Rye turned to Nay Remy and agreed with what Brady had told them.


Brady and Rye are in the garage. They waited for Khali who then re-entered the house.

"Are you serious about what you said earlier, dude?" Rye asked his friend

“Which one? Is Khali going to Singapore? ” Brady asked

“Yes. Is that serious? ” Rye asked

Brady looked at his friend then laughed slightly.

"Why do you want to know?" Brady asked Rye

Brady got inside the car and so did Rye.

"Nothing. I just asked. ” Rye said

"Dude, it's okay with me." Said Brady

Rye turned to Brady. He smiled at him.

"What's okay with you?" Rye asked softly

"That you're in love with my annoying sister." Said Brady

Rye could not speak because Khali had already gotten into the car and sat in the back.

"I'm sorry, I didn't see my headset right away." Said Khali


Rye was the driver that day. They went through a bit of traffic because of the road being built. Khali looked at the jeep opposite and next to them. There were two students sitting side by side there and talking happily.

"That guy has a thick face, he's good at lying." Said Khali

Brady and Rye looked at her.

"What are you saying?" Brady asked

"That guy in the jeep, he's got two women in the same relationship, the thickness of his face." Said, Khali.

Brady smirked as he glanced at Khali's alleged man.

"How did you find out this guy's got, two girlfriends?" Brady asked.

"Because I overheard..." said Khali a little surprised.

"You heard? How? ” Brady asked

The cars started moving again so Rye looked at the road again.

"I mean, the guys are all the same, you look at the women as a spare, right? You can't just settle for a woman, you always want a reserve. ” Said, Khali

"Not all men are like that," Rye replied out of the blue. “It also applies to women. If you are happy and in love with the relationship you have, there's no reason to have a spare or reserve. The majority of women and men, you can say, but not all!”

Khali glanced at Rye and their eyes met in a few seconds, but Khali immediately looked away.

"I've seen Cassy's profile, she's still single on social media accounts." Said, Khali.

Brady kept quiet, Rye turned to Brady.

"Perhaps Cassy is joking about having a boyfriend. Aren't you the one he wants? ” Khali added

"She's already got a boyfriend, Khali," said Brady.

"You know who he is?" asked Rye.

Brady left Rye's question unanswered. Khali looked at her brother.


When they arrived at the university, Khali immediately puts on her headset. All three of them came out of the car together.

“Why are you using headphones? Hasn't your teacher reprimanded you? ” Brady asked

"It's so loud here at the university. This is stressing me out! ” Khali just said

Rye set his sights on Khali, which Brady noticed.

"Hrm, she might melt," Brady said suddenly

Khali and Rye turned to Brady. Brady laughed at the way Rye reacted. Khali's eyes were fixed upon the distance. She knew the lady who came down from the orange Ford SUV.

"I told you that she had a boyfriend," Brady told Khali.

Khali turned to her sibling. She did not know that he was looking there.

"Maybe you're not meant to be together," Khali said clearly.

Brady hasn't said a word. He just slightly pounded on his sister's shoulder, then turned around and left with Rye.

Khali watched the two men at a distance.


Khali walked as fast as he could to catch Cassy. Like her, Cassy was also an engineering student. As Khali approached her, Khali was already able to hear what she was thinking, so she approached Cassy slowly.

‘I’m having a hard time! What am I supposed to do? '

Khali saw Cassy stop walking, staring at the distance where Brady and Rye were walking.


Khali looked back at Cassy again.

‘I’m sorry!’

Khali frowned. She couldn't stop herself from talking to Cassy.

Like Rye, they know Cassy from way back. They are schoolmates since primary school. Though she wasn't a friend to her, Brady and Rye are close to her. She knew that Cassy was Brady's, first love.

Khali was walking straight to Cassy. The woman never even realized that they were walking together.

"Cassy." Said Khali

Cassy was a little shocked to see Khali.

"Why do you stand here? Come on, we're going upstairs together. ” Said, Khali

Cassy nodded slightly. They all went up the stairs together. They are regular students, but their timetable is different. In Khali's subject, they have the same time and her classroom is just next to her. While walking, Cassy has been just quiet, Khali keeps staring at the woman next to her.

"How do you get along with Brady?" She suddenly asked.

Cassy turned to her and even got a little caught up.

"Is he your boyfriend now?" Khali asked once more.

Cassy shook her head and looked away from Khali. Later on, they were approached by a woman who walked with them.

"Cassy, what are you feeling? Is everything all right now? ” The woman asked

"I'm all right now, thanks for yesterday, Jenny." Cassy just said.

"I told you to see a doctor, maybe..." the woman stopped talking and looked at Khali.

Khali knew what those eyes meant. Jenny, Cassy's friend has something to say, but she can't because Khali was there. Thank God Khali's classroom is behind her.

"I should go, my room is here. I'm happy to walk you, Cassy! ” Khali said plainly

Cassy smiled a bit and Khali went into her room.


When she entered the room, Khali immediately sat down in her chair. She couldn't be bothered with what Cassy's friend had said. Khali looked around first, she then removed the pair of headsets from both ears.

Thoughts came to Khali's mind like a storm. She closes her eyes and cupped both hands. She had to endure the headache. She was looking for Cassy's thoughts. With so many different people at the university, Khali will have a hard time controlling her ability.

She started to feel the veins of her forehead, her face was sweating, she was looking for Cassy's thought. Her fingernails are all but buried in her palms. Her head hurt like a migraine, but she needs to endure it.

She smiled a little bit after a while, she'd already found Cassy's thoughts.

'Oh my goodness!'

'I'm not sure what to do, Jenny!'

'Cassy, I don't know what to say either. Why don't you tell him? ’

‘I’m scared, Jenny. He will not accept this! ’

‘How many months did the doctor say?’

‘Twelve weeks.’

"Hello there, fellas!"

Khali stopped listening when the professor started talking. She felt something flowing from her nose. She took her handkerchief and wiped the liquid on her nose and was a bit surprised to see it was blood.

Khali is no ordinary college girl. She can read or hear what everyone else is thinking. She can also manipulate humans with her ability. She has telepathy. And that's how her story begins.

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