A Life Worth Living

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Lia is a very bright girl with dark,scary past. Battling depression, self harm and an eating disorder, she tries to stay strong for her friends and family, but she sometime fails to recognize her worth.

Fairy of sun
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Chapter 1- An intro

"Lia wake up, you're going to be late!" her mom shouted.
"Five more minutes mom.." she said still in a sleepy state.
"You have to attend the school's function today, you said you were going with your friends," she said as she walked up the stairs.
She looks for Lia only to find her in the bathroom already dressed and brushing her hair. Lia looks up and says, "Mom, can you give me a hand?"
Her mom chuckles, and takes the brush. She puts her hair in a ponytail and turns her around. She speaks, "You should wear skirts more often you look so cute in this blue one."
"Mom, don't push your luck," she says letting out a sigh. She looks down at her phone and sees 7:40. She's needs to be there at 8. She runs downstairs with her purse and grabs a cereal bar for herself. "See you later, mom" she said as she opened the door.
"Bye sweetie," her mom exclaimed.
As she gets out, she takes a shortcut and passes next to an alley where there is a room with a rusty looking door, she puts the cereal bar in front of the door and walks away. Lia runs to the school where she is supoosed to meet her friends, but she soon becomes angry when she sees...
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